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sigma 105 macro lens

Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2011 12:22PM
My macro lens has started making a grinding noise when trying to zoom in and out anyone any idea what it could be or how I can make it better it is my fave lens
Thanks Kat
Steamdreamer 11 10
30 Aug 2011 1:23PM
Sounds like a job for the experts if you can't clear the problem with a blower. Not likely to be cheap though!
Carrera_c 12 273 3 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2011 2:41PM
Just a minute, isn't this lens a fixed 105mm? No wonder it's grinding when your trying to zoom!

Assume you mean when focusing, was it dropped recently? Sounds like a cog or something's fell out of alignment or been damaged. Definitely one for the repair department.
User_Removed 17 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2011 3:48PM
Kat, the grinding noise you can hear is from the focussing mechanism, if you want to focus manually you need to put the lens into manual focus (the focus ring slides into a different position).


To enable manual focus mode, the focus ring needs to be slid backwards and clicks into position. The reverse is required to enable AF to operate again
Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2011 7:09AM
Thank you everyone better put a new one on my Xmas prezzie list Wink
phillips 15 69 2 Scotland
9 Sep 2011 7:52AM
Hold the bus , I think there's some confusion here.

On Nikon D300 you are using, to use the Sigma 105 in manual focus, autofocus is decoupled using the lever to the bottom right of the lens throat (as you look at it) on the camera body. The clutch mechanism on the lens, others are describing, where the focusing ring is pulled back, is to disable focus movement and lock it at a given point.

Turning the focus ring without selecting manual focus on the camera body will give you nasty grinding noises. Some lenses do allow you to override the camera body and focus with the focus ring while autofocus is selected but not the Sigma 105.

scotty94 16 13 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2011 8:48PM
I had this same issue with my Sigma 105 on a Sony body, whereby it was making the same noises whilst trying to focus in autofocus mode. It would be fine until it reached the upper limits of the AF and the would grind.

Mine was a case of it shearing the focussing gears inside the lens which upon a bit of searching is 'apparently' a common fault with the Sigma on Sony bodies, combined with having the lens showing in Manual and the body in AF which the lens doesn't like apparently.

All I did when this happened with mine was as Chris_L suggests, use it in Manual mode, I did this and didn't see any detrimental affects on picture quality.

Was also an excuse to upgrade to a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR which is stunning!
User_Removed 11 4.6k 1 Scotland
25 Sep 2011 10:33PM


Was also an excuse to upgrade to a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR which is stunning!

Got it in one!
User_Removed 11 4.6k 1 Scotland
25 Sep 2011 10:34PM
.....but the Siggy equivalent should be OK as long as you don't try to "zoom" it. Any AF lens will hunt a bit at very short distances, as is the norm for macro.
scotty94 16 13 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2011 11:00PM
Exactly, leave the siggy on manual and all will be fine Smile

Deffo agree with above, my siggy used to hunt like mad on some occasions, and to some degree the Nikon does with it's 'breathing' both cracking lenses though when they hit the focus.

Main point is, to Kool_Kat, please don't bin this lens because it won't auto focus, try it in Manual, the benefits are more than worthwhile and is great experience, I only upgraded as was already looking for a replacement body for my Sony A100 and only switched brands due to my siggy failing and being disillusioned with Sonys offerings in bodies and accessories at the time.

My humble recordings of both lenses and bodies can be seen here....

Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2011 6:45PM
Thank you everyone I have sent it back to Sigma cost 89 (ouch) + 7.50 special delivery Jacobs told me it would cost 20 for them to post it and may cost from 100 to 150 to repair so I have saved a bit I have checked out the Nikon 105 VR ( want one ) Smile cant wait to get it back

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