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Sigma 105mm f2.8 DG Macro lense

Mike Gray 17 382 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:16AM
I purchased this lens a couple of weeks ago. Im sorry to say i find it very poor quality.
1. it hunts in and out to try to lock onto and image.
2. once image taken looks good on preview, but once on my computer i find it very soft, out of focus and lacking colour.
3. it not quick at all.

Has any body else had this problem as i have allways used the canon lenses for my 10D.

Thanks in advance
Doclassie 16 1.1k England
2 Sep 2005 11:18AM
I've seen good results from this lens.

What are you shooting?

What settings you using?
Mike Gray 17 382 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:22AM
Hi Andrew.
I was told this is a good lense for getting close to flowers etc, and also good for portrait images which i now want to try with some light stuff i have.

Settings i have gone through a few
IE iso 100 F2.8, F9 but what ever i do most shoots are poor
grom 17 239
2 Sep 2005 11:24AM
have the lense,if your shooting at f2.8 then depth of field will be minimum with only a small part focused at close range (dinner ready now! will call back shortly)
Mike Gray 17 382 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:28AM
At any range there should be something nice and sharp.
Just lacks sharpness, colour and any kind of punch to the image
User_Removed 17 1.4k United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:33AM
I'll give ya a tenner for it Wink
cambirder 17 7.2k England
2 Sep 2005 11:45AM
Try manual focus and a tripod. Macro work requires practice and you are almost certainly blaming the lens when the problem is down to poor technique. My Canon 100mm has the best AF of just about any macro lens, however mine stays on MF 100% of the time.
Mike Gray 17 382 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 11:50AM
Thanks for the tip Paul, will try manual focus, but i ways use a tripod
akh Plus
17 1.2k 5 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 12:48PM
I use this lens a lot on my D70 and find the results are excellent. In fact I have used it more than the kit lens that came with the camera. It can tend to hunt for focus at times usually when getting in close and then I just switch the lens to limit which cuts down the range the lens will go through to achieve focus but am also tending to use maual focusing more. I always have the camera supported either on a tripod or monopod. The latter is quite useful with manual focus as I can always rock backwards and forwards to refine the focusing.
User_Removed 16 279
2 Sep 2005 1:35PM
Quite right Tony. I've hardly had to do any macro work, but when I have, I've been more than happy with its performance.

Yes it can hunt, but in the studio its never given me any problems - in the field, I've always tried to use it in bright conditions and its performed very well.

The rare occasions I've used it for portraiture, its been very good (hand-held too).

The tips about manual focus are good ones. I wouldn'nt trust any macro for fine-tuned autofocus unless you have to be really quick. At f/2.8 it's terrific (which is the main attraction for me). I keep it in my arsenal of lenses after seeing some amazing BBC Wildlife photos taken on it when it was first released.
KatzEye 16 1
12 Sep 2005 2:03AM
I've just bought this lens for my 20D based on recommendations from forum, i'm not a pro but i find it superb. The autofocus really cant be used in macro photography but will work perfectly well in portrait work.

Check out this guy's photos :

He uses a sigma 105 DG macro on a 300D with a 420EX flash and a softbox!!
akh Plus
17 1.2k 5 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 10:14AM

Quote:The autofocus really can't be used in macro photography ....

I use mine on autofocus about 95% of the time when doing macro work and only change to manual if it has problems in finding focus.
bentspace 17 31
16 Sep 2005 9:51PM
I have great results with this lens Smile
agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
16 Sep 2005 11:56PM
Someone has three shots in Outdoor Photography using this lens, and they look good, certainly sharp enough.
justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
17 Sep 2005 12:33AM

Perhaps you've been unlucky and have just landed a poor example of that lens.
I've heard many times that Sigma's quality control isn't always the greatest.
If it's only a couple of weeks old,perhaps you could return it for an exchange.
I can VERY highly recommend the Tamron 90mm Macro lens,the quality is excellent.

Stunning portfolio,btw.

Good luck.


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