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Sigma 105mm vs Tamron 90 mm Macro

bentspace 17 31
28 Feb 2005 3:46PM

Has anyone here had the oppurtunity to compare the Sigma 105mm Macro EX DG and the Tamron 90mm Di lens's on a D70? Which of these will provide the best clarity, versitility and value for money?


StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
28 Feb 2005 3:52PM
I would also like to know. Right now, with the bit I've been able to find, I'm leaning towards the sigma.
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2005 3:57PM
Just an opinion but just tried the 105mm and 150mm Sigmas at Focus and I thought both the 105 and the 150 (f/2.8) where superb. The 150mm especially so. All are built like tanks.

There are also several shots on this site from Tamron 90mm which are very impresive. Build seems a bit plastic though.
mark a. 17 920 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2005 4:12PM
I haven't used it on a D70, and I haven't done a full lens-test comparison, but I went for the Tamron over the Sigma. Various reviews seemed to suggest that the Tamron has the edge in terms of picture quality, but it's all fairly similar. What swung it for me was that, on my Canon at least (I think it's the same for Nikon), to switch from AF to MF you had to switch 2 switches, whereas on the Tamron you just pull the collar back and you're done. Much easier.

I preferred the look and feel of the Tamron as well. I must admit as well that as far as I can tell the performance of the lens is first rate too. AP magazine reviewed it recently and gave it very high praise too.
1 Mar 2005 4:16AM
Ive tried them both on Canon Digital (not that this should matter), I feel the Tamron is better optically, despite not feeling quite as robust as the sigma. I opted to stick with the 180mm Sigma Macro, which I found comparatively sharper, especially wide open...A close second would be the 150mm Sigma, but its too close to the 180 and optically very little difference. Thats just my few cents for what its worth.
RichL 19 66 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2005 4:59AM
I was thinking of getting a Tamron lens for my EOS system but in the end opted for a Canon lens. However, all the expansive research that I did beforehand suggested that the Tamron had it, just, over the Sigma in terms of image quality - and it is also designed to be used on a film as well as a digital platform. More importantly, the Tamron has much better reverse engineering, meaning that it speaks to the EOS mounts much better than the Sigma, which often has to sent back to the manufacturer for rechipping. I, too, was at Focus and while there I tried the Sigma, Tamron and Canon. The Sigma was horrible, not optically, but how it "felt" on my EOS and it hunted a lot. The Tamron was much better, but I got a bargain in the Canon, so I bought it. Had it not been for the good deal I got on the Canon, I would have gone for the Tamron.
triplesub 16 15
1 Mar 2005 6:58AM
I don't profess to know enough to compare different lenses, but I was recently trying to make a similar choice (between the Sigma and the Tamron), until I realised the Nikkor 105mm macro was available on ebay for not much more money.

Might be worth investigating - I paid less than half the UK retail price for my lens, and it hasn't been off my D70 since it arrived.

tepot 17 4.4k United Kingdom
1 Mar 2005 7:38AM
i was discussing the differences between the Tamron and sigma 105's only yesterday with my photographic dealer and he told me the Sigma was the better choice for build quality, i have also seen some very impressive pics in the gallery with the sigma 105, when i get one it'll be sigma for me especially seeing the price difference between that and the Nikon version.

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