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Sigma 150 - 500mm zoom

Mick_Clayton 14 52 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 11:03AM
Sigma 150 - 500mm zoom will it work with ether 1.4 and 2x converter on in auto focus?
Reading on the web site using Sigma convertors the lens only work in manual is there any other make that will work?

This is for Canon eos fit
llareggub 11 825 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 11:15AM
It depends what you shoot with there have been some firmware upgrades for cameras like the 5dMkIII and others that allow the cameras to auto focus at f8... You could also Google "taping pins autofocus", I have never tried it but can work in good light I understand.
Mick_Clayton 14 52 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 11:29AM
Having looked at WEX dose the Kenko Teleplus pro300 dgx 1.4 convertor work with this lens and retain auto focus?
llareggub 11 825 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 11:40AM
It depends on what camera you are shooting with, looking at your portfolio (the only picture I clicked on) says a Canon 400D... Which essentially means that no Tele-Converter will work with this lens and your camera unless you try the "taping pins trick" which I have never done but have come across on numerous forums.
Mick_Clayton 14 52 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 1:58PM
That is my old camera it is now with a 5D mk11.
Willpower 10 508 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 4:50PM
If it's of any use, I have a Sigma 50-500 and a Sigma 2X APO Tele Converter. (Effectively giving me 100-1000) Used with my Canon 40D, autofocus is fully functional. I'd be surprised if the 150-500 is not the same.
Mick_Clayton 14 52 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 6:39PM
But my question is will the lens work with a converter on
llareggub 11 825 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 7:37PM
I have no experience, but all of the information available says no!

5D MkII will only autofocus a lens with a max aperture of f5.6 adding a teleconverter to f5 takes you beyond that so it should not work, however there is a chap above who says it will in his 40D. I would be interested to see the results and could be tempted if they are good, however I have not heard of it working out of the box on any other forum I visit (and that is more than a few).
Mick_Clayton 14 52 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2013 9:17PM
Thanks you have come up with the same answer as i through just needed to see if anyone has tried it out not looking good.
fcast 8 10
14 Jul 2013 11:50PM
You might be able to get af on the short zoom but no chance as you zoom in, with your lens i think its 5.6 to 6.3 (correct me if im wrong)
with the 1.4 converter you lose 1 full stop of light making your lens a f8 on the short focal size to about a f9 or more so its gonna be manual all the way
saying all that i expected having to manual focus on my 100 to 400 l canon lens and with the kenko 1.4 converter i have just got,
its great af all the time it might be a tad slower but not too much to cause a problem

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