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Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM Lens - Canon Fit

Mynett 11 142 6 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2010 7:52PM
I have today been looking at this lens, and reading reviews think it may be soft on 500mm -can anyone offer advise on this or any alternative suggestions for a similar price range better optical quality. I am finding it really hard to select the best for my budget.

My interest would be for wildlife and landscape



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cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
30 Dec 2010 8:14PM
What makes you think its soft at the 500mm end.......Smile

Personally for what this lens costs, Its absolutely fantastic ( Well it is on my Nikon cameras Grin )

A wildlife shooting pal of mine came over with his Nikon D90, Tried my Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM, The day in question was absolutely horrible, Dull overcast rain on and off, Despite that he got some superb shots of very small birds ( Finch types ) at some silly ranges, Well he was so impressed he drove straight from my place to " Warehouse Express " ( 25 miles up the road ) Where he bought himself one......!!!

Don't believe everything you read in reviews, Many blame the lens for this and that, But its often " User Error " thats to blame.....Wink

The reviews moaning about noisy " OS " for example.....What Noise, The OS on mine is virtually silent, So is the OS on the one my pal bought from W/E.

Lets be honest here, Where are you gonna get a zoom lens with this range " Optical Stabilizing " Lens hood and tripod mount, Plus a decent bag to keep it in, For the same price.


Quote:My interest would be for wildlife and landscape

LOL....Well for wildlife on a budget, It would be my first choice, Not sure I'd choose it for landscape though, That said I have done some landscape with it no problems, Though I generally prefer something a bit wider for pretty landscapes....Smile
Mynett 11 142 6 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2010 8:18PM
fair comment, thank you Smile
cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
30 Dec 2010 8:25PM
Seriously though Linda, At the price you really can't go wrong, I have been well impressed with mine....Smile

If you do decide to buy one, Get it from a good reliable source known for fantastic customer after sales care, Like Warehouse Express ....Grin

Then if you do have an issue you can get it sorted or exchanged without any grief....Wink
Mynett 11 142 6 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2010 8:28PM
thanks I have used them before Smile
cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
30 Dec 2010 8:32PM
Oh! One thing I furgot to mention, Its a bit on the heavy side.....But then lens of this type and range are all gonna be a tad heavy, Best used on a monopod or tripod, I like mine mounted on a ball head when I'm using it for hours on end, That said the OS is so good as you can see by my " Aeroplane " shot, It is possible to use it hand held too, Kinda depends on how much " Wheatabix " you eat ......Smile

Good luck whatever & a Happy New Year too......Wink
Fatsclark 9 3 United States
30 Dec 2010 10:45PM
Well the last one did not take. Warehouse Express where are they located?
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2010 11:42PM
They are in the Uk so I doubt their prices are good for USA.
colin beeley 17 1.2k 10 England
31 Dec 2010 6:41AM
your a canon user get a canon 100/400 L IS
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
31 Dec 2010 6:59AM

Quote:Your a canon user get a canon 100/400 L IS

Doubtless a cracking lens, although at a full 500 dearer than the sigma Id hazard a guess its not really relevant in this case
Doglet 13 62 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2010 7:30AM
For the money it's a great lens. Here is one I took with mine at 500.

fatherpie 11 18 12 England
31 Dec 2010 8:24AM
Hi Linda, all my bird shots (Nutties, Tits etc) are taken with the 150-500 on either a 40D or 5D MkII. You do need to use it with care but I have been more than pleased with the quality from it.

Mynett 11 142 6 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2010 9:48AM
thank you all,

the canon one- I have done the comparison and I agree the quality is amazing, but I am not sure about the extra cost involved,

the image shows a good quality at 500 thank you for that too.

Dave when you say (use it with care...... ) what do you mean by that?

Also some of the images on site using the sigma - seem to have a vignette round the edges, not sure is this is something which it produces or if they have been applied in processing, is this something you have encountered?

strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2010 9:50AM
As a Canon user you could think of some 2nd hand Canon L choices, the 100-400, the 400 f5.6 and the 300 F4 plus a 1.4x converter.

I found the view captured by the 100-400 about the same as the sigma (despite the numbers) but the Canon is better wide open, though both benefit from stopping down to F8. Mainly with the 100-400 I find contrast drops wide open wile the 150-500 I tried looked to have a loss of contrast and more softness. also the other differences are the IS settling time was longer on the Sigma and it is longer and heavier. Having said that I think the newer Sigma offers more stops of stabilisation.

Canon's 400mm lens is a cracker excellent at all setting but no zoom and no IS. The 300 F4 is also a good lens and gives an equal optical performance to the 100-400 on a 1.4x converter and superior @ 300mm but it may not be what you want.

When getting one of these lenses 2nd hand I would either get one from a reputable dealer (often its not much more than Fleabay) or if you buy one with an un-known history it may be wise to factor in a service. A friend had his serviced at he end of last year, it was only 120 but it smoothed out a rough zoom and improved focusing accuracy.

I was lucky, I bought my 100-400 when Canon were doing a cashback and it only cost @ 70 more than the sigma and my local dealer had a Canon even on. The sigma is not bad at all and the best value lens at its price.

With these lenses I found using a hood helps as the front elements do project and any side light into the lens just reduces contrast more and I also found that they often just do not like have a filter on the front. Also do not expect miracles from the IS, I used to have the older Sigma 170-500 and I used to find it had better be used at 1/1000 or faster hand held, so if you find that just under 1/200 you get camera shake it is probably still doing a great job.

also some of the experienced EPZ hands with top notch systems still use tripods for a lot of their wildlife work as the camera gets dammed heavy, there is no substitute for a stable camera, and if you can run an ISO stop or two lower it is worth it.

I hope this post gives you options and does not put you off. The sigma is far from a lemon and so superior to the 170-500 they used to offer and for the price is excellent value for money. So if you go for the Sigma just ignore my comments on the Canon lenses and enjoy the fact you have a new lens with warranty etc and I hope the use tips help.
Mynett 11 142 6 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2010 10:20AM
that is a good advise - I will consider second hand - I have even looked now at the 28-300 canon as a good all rounder, but the price is even higher..... so probably not an option unless second hand.


A lot more work to do before I decide, but I want to beat the price increases


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