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Sigma 150-600 contemporary lens

stenojj 3 4
7 Oct 2016 4:54PM
I have had my Sigma 150-600 contemporary lens now since May. A photographer friend of mine borrowed the lens to see if he would like to buy one. He told me the stabilization wasn't working. I sent the lens back to Sigma. They calibrated the AF and did a firmware update. I got the lens back yesterday so my friend came over today to get it and try it again. He said it still isn't working. I called Sigma and they told me that the new OS is different than in older models. My understanding is that when you are shaky in holding the lens, you depress the shutter 1/2 way the stabilization is supposed to lock your focus somewhat. Well, it doesn't do that and Sigma says you won't see it working through the viewfinder, only on your image when you look at it. On my 70-300, you can see my image stabilize when half pressing the shutter button. Does anybody else have this issue?

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Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
7 Oct 2016 6:03PM
Firstly the 'stupid' question... OS is turned on?

Can you hear the OS kick in, the giro makes a slight noise and a faint 'clunk' when it starts.

Stabilisation has nothing to do with focus, it is all about eliminating a modicum of unsteadiness of the camera/lens, it can be difficult to observe the effects of OS through the viewfinder.

Quote:They calibrated the AF and did a firmware update
No mention of the OS here... Did you try the lens before sending it to Sigma?

stenojj 3 4
7 Oct 2016 6:10PM
Yes, OS is turned on. And yes, I can hear a noise when it "focuses." My photographer friend, who was here today, brought his Sigma 50-500 with to show me what the 150-600 isn't doing. When I held his 50-500, I could see through the viewfinder my unsteadiness holding the lens. As soon as I held the shutter half way, the shakiness stabilized and locked on the subject I was focusing on. When I let go of the shutter button, the image was shaky again. When we put the 150-600 lens on and locked in on the exposure, the shakiness never settled down. Does that make sense?
stenojj 3 4
7 Oct 2016 6:12PM
My friend tried the lens and it was because of him, I sent the lens back to Sigma. When I called Sigma today, they said "that" lens has OS but you can't see it working through the viewfinder like you can with other lenses.
Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
7 Oct 2016 6:32PM
Yes I think you are making sense, it does sound like there is a fault which Sigma have not addressed...

Quote:has OS but you can't see it working through the viewfinder like you can with other lenses
That sounds like a poor excuse from Sigma, in my experience OS/IS is always visible, although very subtly, through the viewfinder....
stenojj 3 4
7 Oct 2016 6:38PM
I just don't what else I can ask Sigma when I call. I wonder if it is worth buying a dock. This is what I read on a page with a review. If Sigma new I was having an OS problem, I certainly would have thought they would have set the mode to something different than "Standard" or even called me to ask what I would prefer.

As is common for stabilized telephoto lenses, the Sigma 150-600 features mode 1 (normal) and mode 2 (panning) options. Using the Sigma Dock, this lens' OS can be further configured to one of three settings described by Sigma as:

Dynamic View Mode This mode offers a recognizable OS effect to the image in the viewfinder. This helps to ensure the composition of images quickly.

Standard This is the default setting. The OS effect is well-balanced and suitable for various scenes.

Moderate View Mode This mode offers an excellent compensation of camera shake, and achieves very smooth transition of the image in the viewfinder. The composition of the image remains natural even when the angle of view keeps changing.

The lens comes with "Standard" selected by default. I primarily used Standard mode for my testing (and off while shooting sports), but I prefer Dynamic View Mode for subjects that are not moving quickly.

Some clicks are heard at OS startup and shutdown, but the operational hum is quiet. There is sometimes a small amount of jumping seen at OS startup and shutdown and subject framing drifts a small amount during OS operation (turn off OS when using a tripod). The end results from this lens' stabilizer are good OS is an important feature for this handholdable long lens
davet2 14 8 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2016 7:43PM
I have this lens and there is a big difference between OS on and OS off.... Maybe a friendly retailer will let you try an identical lens side by side in the shop premises ? regards Dave
stenojj 3 4
7 Oct 2016 7:48PM
Hi davet2,

When you say there is a big difference with OS on and off, you can actually see the shakiness settle down "through the viewfinder?"

My friend, who is a photographer and here this morning with his Sigma 50-500 lens, and I could see no difference at all. I called a local photoshop here in town and they don't have this lens in their store. I did manage to talk to the Service supervisor at Sigma today and he said I can send it back again if I'm not happy. He said they'll replace the lens if they have to because they want me happy.
Miles Herbert 17 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2016 9:29AM
It's not a fault ... it's just the way the OS works on the lens and is a little bit different from other lenses where you see the OS snap in on a half press. With the new Sigmas, apparently, the OS snaps in on full press, ie as you take the picture, by default. The result is not so much wasted battery power but you don't get to see the OS working - which feels odd at first until you get used to it.

I have no complaints about mine, and although you don't see it working through the viewfinder the results that I'm getting with the lens tell me that the OS appears to be working just fine!
SlowSong Plus
11 8.5k 30 England
9 Oct 2016 9:32AM
It's the same with some Canon lenses. I recently bought a new wide angle which has IS, but unlike some other lenses I have with IS you can't hear, feel or see it kick in. It's a bit disconcerting at first but you just have to trust it.
Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
9 Oct 2016 10:44AM

Quote:With the new Sigmas, apparently, the OS snaps in on full press, ie as you take the picture, by default

Not sure that is correct, surely OS/IS needs time to settle... This is a quote from the Sigma site...

Quote:Since stabilization takes place within the lens, what you see in the viewfinder is the resulting stabilized image

Reading reviews of the latest Sigma lenses they all talk about seeing the effect of the OS through the viewfinder...
colin beeley 17 1.2k 10 England
3 Nov 2016 4:37PM
i thought mine wasn't working , but the images are always sharp, it seems to work when you take the shot, very pleased with the lens Wink

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