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sigma 70-200 f2.8 hsm II

DannoM 12 58 England
6 Oct 2009 8:55AM
have been looking at this lense as an alternative to the too expensive for me nikon. Anyone have experience of it cant find many reviews. Thanks in advance
mark_delta 13 1.3k
6 Oct 2009 8:58AM
I hope it works better on Nikon than the canon version, it was un usable under f4 and barley acceptable at f5.6, a complete waste of money IMO
sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
6 Oct 2009 9:15AM
Differs from lens to lens and you'd be best trying one out first hand. My one is fine at f4 but f2.8 is almost useless as it is far too soft. I originally tried the Mark 1 version and this was razor sharp at f2.8, so unless there's something inherently wrong with the design/construction of the Mk2 version, I would try one out if you could. I don't think Sigmas QC is a stringent as it could be.

If I had the money then I would have bought the Canon version, make no mistake, but as this one was just 3 weeks old and almost half the RRP I was tempted and it suits my purposes TBH.

Seems that Nikon and Canon build lenses that are far better optically than this, but it depends on what you''re prepared to compromise for the cost savings. You do get what you pay for with the 'name brands' I find.

rhody 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
6 Oct 2009 9:22AM
A positive review here of the Sigma

Sigma 70 - 200

and the positive Tamron review as well

Tamron 70 - 200

Both have their plus points - depends which one gives you the best match your needs.

Mifsuds have one in their used section at the moment - they are a good company to deal with
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
6 Oct 2009 12:24PM
Generally if you buy a brand named lens, It will be as good as the reviews suggest.

However with 3rd party lens, Its all to often a " Quality Control " lottery.

Even a brand named lens, Can come of the production line with a defect, And not just items from the budget or midrange either.

When buying a lens, Brand name or Third party product, Consider very carefully who you choose to supply that lens.

Choose a supplier who has a good reputation for customer service, So that in the event that you have a problem, It will be dealt with immidiately.

If you go ahead and buy the Sigma 70-200 ( and why not ) Make sure to test it ASAP, If there is the slightest issue with it, Get straight onto your supplier ( prefferably within 7 days ) And ask for another copy of the lens, Keep doing this until you get one that works, As it should.

How many you go through, Is up to you, But if they can not supply one unit, That works as it should, Get a refund, Bite the bullet, And buy something else.....That does work....Wink
Geraint 14 715 34 Wales
6 Oct 2009 12:53PM
I have it and I agree 100% with Paul's comments above.
DannoM 12 58 England
6 Oct 2009 3:14PM
thanks for replies. I think i will make do with what i have and save up for the nikon.
FrankRobinson 11 84 2 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2009 3:46PM
Interesting discussion. Personally, I disagree with the first reply. I have the Canon version and have taken many of my favourite shots with it, on a 400D and a 50D in the tropics, jungle etc. Shot at f2.8 and 3.2 indoors for a Jan wedding. No problem.

Fabulous lens. But perhaps it does depend on the one you get. I have heard that QC is variable but have no experience to back this up.
Hugo 16 649 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2009 8:01PM
I bought one second hand a while back for 400 odd. Was fine when I got it. Recently I noticed that it seems to back focus a lot of the time....yawn...The Sigma website tells me it's 139 + p&p to have it callibrated. Sad

Otherwise no issues. Phyisical build seems very good - on the outside anyways.
FrankRobinson 11 84 2 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2009 4:46PM

Quote:I ...The Sigma website tells me it's 139 + p&p to have it callibrated.


I got in touch with Sigma UK in Stevenage and they quoted me at 33.99. May be worth giving them a call or email.
Hugo 16 649 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2009 8:18PM
Thats very good - i'll give them a a call.
It was actaully 123 - I got the price slightly wrong - taken from here:
Freefall 17 675 United Kingdom
15 Oct 2009 8:46AM

Quote:Thats very good - i'll give them a a call.
It was actaully 123 - I got the price slightly wrong - taken from here:

Hi - I had the same worry about getting mine done (will be sending it off soon) - my understanding is that the price you're referring to is only if the focus isn't working at all. Calibrating the focus is charged at the minor adjustments rate (Tarrif 1) - in any case I believe that the service guys will contact you with a quote before proceeding with work - so you get a chance to say no...
Hugo 16 649 United Kingdom
15 Oct 2009 6:29PM

Quote: so you get a chance to say no...

Well it needs to be done what ever the price....just i'm not made of money!

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