Sigma SD10 + Foveon. Myth or Reality??

CatMouse 18 115 Russian Federation
27 Dec 2004 10:36PM

Quality of the image, especially colour rendition for the pictures, received this camera simply amazing. A myth or a reality? We receive what resolution in a result? To us have shown system of three sensors controls on 3 mpix everyone. In total about 10 mpix. But in a result, all of us equally receive quality 3 mpix picture.
However, the Sigma software allows to receive 13 mp picture!? It is interpolation?
So it is a lot of questions that it is simply possible to be lost....

Thanks for any help.
IanA 18 3.0k 12 England
27 Dec 2004 11:31PM
The short answer is 'Reality'.

13.7 mp is no more interpolation than any picture from a bayer sensor, and can only be clearly beaten by the Canon 1Ds mk2. Many people believe that it is the equivalent of the Canon 1DS! If you count photo detectors, then the Foveon has 10.2 million. However, they are arranged in stacks of 3 so by convention, it has only 3.4 million photo sites. But each site has 3x the information of a bayer sensor and no filters in front of them to 'fog' the image.
The Sigma software, Sigma Photo Pro 2.1 (current), which most agree is as good as Capture One and free, is capable of outputting the image at double the size in terms of pixels. To do so, it is sampling the sites around it in the same way a bayer sensor is doing to produce a standard picture. But again, each site has 3x the information that a bayer sensor has. This gives an image of 4536 x 3024 pixels or 13.7mp!
To use the commonest size of Bayer sensor as an example, a 6mp Bayer has 1.5 m Red sensors, 1.5 m Blue sensors and 3 m Green sensors. all hidden behind filters. The Foveon sensor has 3.4 m Red, 3.4 m Blue and 3.4 m Green with no filter in front of it.
The Foveon sensor also needs far less sharpening to produce an acceptable image than Bayer.
I have printed from the Foveon to A2 without any noticable degrading of the image!
Hope it helps.

CatMouse 18 115 Russian Federation
27 Dec 2004 11:53PM
Hi Ian,
We are glad to see you again Smile Smile

Thank you for you detailed explanation.

Malik & Mary.
UserRemoved 17 6.2k 1
28 Dec 2004 1:23AM
Very nice summary, Ian! :0)

Worth noting that Photokina had A0 pics on display!
perplex 17 170
28 Dec 2004 2:46AM
I've printed to A0 from my SD10, and the result was surprisingly good.
CatMouse 18 115 Russian Federation
28 Dec 2004 3:26AM
We have looked your works, Mark and Izzy.

Magnificent color!

Phil from DP has written in the review about unsatisfactory quality of night pictures this camera:
It is too much "noise" even at low sensitivity(ISO100). To tell the truth, similar it has written something and about our 'telescope' (Sony F828). We have not believed him. Now we do not regret, that her have bought.

perplex 17 170
28 Dec 2004 3:31AM
The night/nocturnal shooting with either Sigma camera is almost impossible because of the high noise output. There are a few tools available to fix this problem for long/multiple-stacked night exposures, but this doesn't hide the fact that the foveon sensor (at the moment) is quite weak when it comes to night shots.

However, for day shots there isn't a single DSLR on the market in this proce range I'd rather have. Razor sharp images, with delightful saturation and colour rendition.
CatMouse 18 115 Russian Federation
28 Dec 2004 4:09AM
Yes, night - not the best time for shootings by this camera.
And what about shooting in a room with/without flash?
perplex 17 170
28 Dec 2004 4:12AM
Without a flash is quite poor, but with a flash (a decent one - a proper Sigma one) the results are very good.
Fujiconvert 17 1.3k England
28 Dec 2004 6:46AM
I certainly hope so perplex as I'm gonna be shooting a wedding with an SD10 and Sigma flash.
As for the other comments,yes it has a certain amount of noise in low light and yes you can use software to rid yourself of it (although sometimes it makes a better shot).
I have found that in average/good light conditions it really comes up with the goods.I love it.I have also read that at max resolution that it has been printed up to 1 square meter.Don't know how true that is but I do know that I have printed 15/10 inch print and that is nowhere near its limit.
CatMouse 18 115 Russian Federation
28 Dec 2004 7:28AM
Thanks all. Similarly, this DSLR will be the candidate for next our toy!

Malik & Mary.
IanA 18 3.0k 12 England
28 Dec 2004 8:52AM
Don't worry Phil, even the 9 works with a flash!! Wink)


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