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Site is now more complicated

DOGSBODY 12 1.4k 30 England
4 May 2011 5:15PM
Do you find this site more complicated than it used to be?

When I joined the site a couple of years ago I found it simple to navigate and use but many of the new changes appear to complicate things and, while some of these new features are a good idea, I do find that the site is less fun as a result of the way that they have been introduced.

I don't want to be specific but just uploading a picture is more tedious and that is just one of the areas that I feel is a bit over the top and I do wonder what other members feel about the changes in general.

Who knows, perhaps you all like them, and I am a minority of one.
devlin 10 653 39 India
4 May 2011 5:20PM
I find it quite useable Smile, though i do think it can be de-cluttered a bit Smile
mohikan22 Plus
17 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 5:27PM
i only stick to the recent uploads gallery and he recent forum tabs. that way i see nothing else so easy to follow for me.
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
4 May 2011 6:14PM

Quote:though i do think it can be de-cluttered a bit

Agree 100%.

Another, long-term, member asked a perfectly valid question the other day regarding where to find something - and with no disrespect to that person - the answer to their question was right in front of them on the page that they were looking for the answer on - and expecting it to be there. The reason they couldn't see it was simple -

The site suffers from 'Information Overload' in a big way.

Dogsbody is right - things need attention.
foggytwo 17 36 1 Scotland
4 May 2011 6:45PM
Could`nt agree more,the site used to be great,far too much un-needed stuff on board now.
davidburleson 14 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 7:51PM

Quote:far too much un-needed stuff on board now.

so, lets have it then Wink what do you guys think is un-needed and is cluttering your enjoyment? We agree as well believe it or not and it's one of our top priorities to try to simplify things from this point onwards. In the past we ended up adding anything and everything that was requested or suggested, now it may be a bit overloaded.
Nick_w 13 4.3k 99 England
4 May 2011 8:21PM
Why not look at the stats Dave, I bet there are pages that are never looked at. For example some of the challenges don't looked to have changed in ages, the pro portfolios - which should be under photos not community why would you think to look at community to see galleries? The links that pop up (not adds I know its a commercial site) can be distracting, and the feed must add to the length pages take to load.

Just an idea could the ads be targeted? For example target Canon ads to Canon users - just an example (I'm sure the advertisers would prefer targeted marketing - it could be a selling point ) I know not everyone will agree. But if the data's there why not use it, after all it happens on a lot of other websites we all visit - I may be wrong but I seem to remember Ade saying something similar is used by the banks.

The drop down boxes could do with a tidy up for example "upload a photo" is in home and photos (Could that be renamed Galleries ??). How about the ePhotozine tab be changed to "Contact us" or something similar. There is a lot of duplication in the drop down boxes which can sometimes confuse.

Sometimes the phrase that comes to mind is "You can't see the wood for the trees"
dathersmith 14 565 12 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 8:21PM
OK, I'll offer a starter for 10:

Uploading images - I find the drop down selections painful as is the selection of tags
Navigating the site is not as easy as it was as the menu's change depending on where you are
I haven't been able to find members meetings and search by postcode lately (although I didn't try that hard, I just gave up)
dathersmith 14 565 12 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 8:26PM
Oh and I used to be able to view a large image and hit F11 to get it to fill my screen, doesn't work now. Large portrait images are too large (for my screen) to fit on so I have to scroll down, its worse if there's variants as I have to scroll to see the buttons then half the image has gone.

Don't get me wrong here I still use the site daily and enjoy it but some of the recent 'improvements' to seem to be a step backwords.

DOGSBODY 12 1.4k 30 England
4 May 2011 8:31PM
I don't like viewing pictures in large format because they are too big for the screen and I can't see the whole picture - this is particularly so for portrait shots.

I can't download a members picture with a view to working on it so that I can offer advice.

The groups appear to have sub-groups which complicates things and people now don't upload to the thread but to a special picture area.

Mods are now complicated to download and view.

I preferred the old category system to the current Tags

That's a few for starters.
catgirl73 13 144 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 8:37PM
I also find the new site really confusing and very busy, I really liked how the old site you could see the recent gallery uploads.

We're coming here to learn and see other peoples work, most of the time I am quite lost.

But this might just be a case of not knowing how to choose what I want to see and what I don't want to see. But I wouldn't even know how to do that?

I do like some of the improvements but maybe it was too much too soon?
tomcat 15 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 9:36PM
I only look at the soft porn section, these daysTongueWink
G6DDS 11 231 Scotland
4 May 2011 10:41PM
Wouldn't change a thing, if you keep it the way it is then everyone will soon get use to it. Too many people stuck in their ways, you can't please everyone.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
4 May 2011 10:57PM

Quote:Too many people stuck in their ways, you can't please everyone.

I'll go along with that.

Half the trouble with this site is that it does try to please everyone. Most of what we see as "clutter" was put in place because of threads like this one in which people were asking for various things to be added or included.
I wasn't keen on the changes to the forums when they were introduced and the ads. were a nightmare (and still are, if you don't use Adblock.) but I got used to it. So much so that when the galleries got a make-over I was sufficiently impresed to renew my membership. Something that wouldn't have happened without the re-vamp.
The voting system's still a waste of time but that's because of the way it's abused and not a fault of the site.
As for the rest, I guess it could do with being made more user-friendly. Even after 2 years of daily visits I still can't find a lot of things. Groups are a good example.
Apart from that, as Ian says, leave it alone. People will come around.

G6DDS 11 231 Scotland
4 May 2011 11:09PM
There may be a few things on this site i can't find either but then i guess i can't be all that interested or i would take the time to find them. I come on here (when time allows) to upload a photo or read the forums, anything else i don't really use.
I love the new gallery layout and also being able to see exif data on some uploads too.
Don't please everyone, have a look at the complaints or changes people want and if there is a big number then maybe think about making the changes. Don't change anything because 1 or 2 of the regulars throw the toys out of the pram.

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