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So who are you really?

flossie 18 1.6k
15 Jan 2004 4:08PM
I form an opinion of the people on here from their pictures, their gallery comments and their forum discussions, but Id like to know a bit more about you all.
I wonder if anybody else would find it interesting to hear a bit more about the members on here, were like a little community really arent we??
I appreciate there are plenty of people who like to keep private, thats fine but there must be others like me who are a bit nosey!
So where are you, what you do, and how many on here are actually lucky enough to take photos for a living???

Ill start with me if anyone is interested :o)

Im 38, married to Keith for 11 years, have 2 children Jess (9) and Joe (7) who I love to bits, although they drive me to the edge frequently! We live in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. I love my holidays and want to travel the world, wish I'd done it when I was younger but there's plenty of time so hopefully we'll be travelling a lot in the future ...that's the plan anyway.
I studied hotel and catering management for 3 years,I was a catering manager 14 years then started doing accounts (split shifts = no life!) Left to work nearer home and now Im a full time office manager for a small engineering company mile from home very convenient, have to do school run!
Not really had time for any hobbies for a long while but last couple of years Ive got into photography and card making. Im currently going to night school, and Id like to do City and Guilds this year - if time permits, as my hubby works shifts and baby sitters are a bit scarce!
Nothing too exciting but thats me!
dconnor 18 47
15 Jan 2004 4:55PM
Hi Flossie
What a great forum subject! I do like to be nosey too!
I am too studying at an evening course for one year to learn more about my hobby, but my main aim to eventually start wedding photography.
I currently work in London (long hours, long commuting!!)I eventually want to have children but could nt continue working in London. I would love to run my own wedding photography business from home, ie own website etc
Any way great to hear about you and thanks for a great subject..
timbrewulf 18 14
15 Jan 2004 6:26PM
Hi from me too, Flossie. I was born in Essex (not my fault) parents never married (not my fault either!) my friends will tell you that accounts for what I am today. Shipped out to the colonies in Africa after the 2nd WW to populate the British Empire along with hundreds of other kids. Lived and worked over much of the remoter parts of Africa. Started out as a professional crocodile hunter at night on the Zambesi river. Hairy, for 1 shilling & 6 pence a square inch of cured hide I think it was back then. Spent some time in the Army and am a qualified game ranger(retired) Have'nt killed a lion with my bare hands but had a few close calls with Buffalo and plenty of bad tempered snakes. Aquired a wife and three sons along the way somehow. Now retired to Devon. Have always enjoyed Photography now trying to learn a bit about it. The more I learn the less I know!
seabloke 18 844
15 Jan 2004 7:24PM
Live by the sea in Norfolk, used to take pictures for a living but got sidetracked into words.

Just turned 40, have loads of kids and various other expensive pastimes.

Picked up a camera. Well, a couple of F4s and all that kind of gubbins for the first time in 10 years about a year ago.

Found I loved it and it all came flooding back, err, like why did I ever stop doing this..?

Also realised while I was never particularly good at doing photos, I enjoyed the fact there really was always something new to learn.

Have just invested in a digi SLR, photoshop etc.

Spend a lot of spare time by the sea or out on my boat fishing, cameras now go everywhere, might get the hang of it on day.

Franticsmurf 19 838 Wales
15 Jan 2004 7:55PM
Hi Flossie, what a great idea. It's natural to form opinions about people and fun to see if they're true... okay, I'm nosey, too. Smile

I spent three years in college, ending up with a Photographic Sciences degree. After various false starts, (including playing in a band which I still do now and again), I'm now a training manager in the civil service in South Wales. I do some photography and video work as part of my job (I've just finished playing the part of a member of staff in a training video) but most of my photography is for pleasure. I like nothing better than to take a camera and head off into the hills, valleys or coastlines of Britain.

I can see my 40th birthday looming. I'm single (great for last minute holidays to Scotland but not so good for carrying camera gear) and although I have no real dreams of turning pro, I have sold a number of photos over the last year. It's nice for a hobby to finance itself, but if it were to turn into a job, it would no longer be fun.

Phil-LS 18 632 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2004 8:01PM
I'm Lincoln Born and Bred (well some has to be) I'm 39 and not working at the mo due to a bad knee, I live with my partner (No kids has hers have grown up and moved out)
Got my first camera when i was about 11 a little Ilford instant type. after a couple of years i stop taking photo's for some reason and didn't start again till i was about 21 when i bought a Zenith with a 50mm & 300mm lens from my boss at the time. i was then doing Car Grasstack Racing and would get through about 2 or 3 films a meeting. After stopping racing due to Finance's i had a lean spell except when i was on holiday.
Since i have been of work these past 18 month's my interest has come back to me so much so that i have been asked by my Stepdaughter to do the photo's at her wedding in 2 weeks time ( I just hope that they will be OK for her as i have only done weddings as a guest in the past)which she liked as they were reportage style. any way that about it at the mo but i am looking at going to collage to do a course when work decide when they will finish me. :o)

c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
15 Jan 2004 8:03PM
Well, my name's Ceri - an ex-pat Welshie living in Hampshire. Born and brought up in a small village in West Wales where I lived unil I was 30, moved here 6 years ago. The usual taff passions - rugby and singing. I have a very boring job writing mainframe software.

Far too good with colours to ever marry Smile

As it says in my profile I was an avid amateur in my teens and early-twenties but work started to take up too much time. About two year's ago I started to develop the symptoms of what was later diagnosed as MS - during the initial spell off work I rediscovered photography. It's not really that bad with me but has given me an occasional tremor in my right hand which is noticeable with an eye level camera at speeds under 1/250th - hence the TLR, and so began my interest in all things retro.

If you want to hold anything against me I can be very, very boring about Mahler (amongst other things).
FrankThomas 19 2.8k United Kingdom
15 Jan 2004 8:32PM
Born and bred in Bristol, I'm 36 and live with my partner. I started photography years and years ago but then kind of drifted away for far too long as other hobbies and work got in the way.

About 15 or so years ago, I drifted into the computer business working in a local college and it all went downhill from there. I currently work for a large insurance company looking after their network. I got back into photography a year or two ago as an antidote to sitting around all day swearing at computers, bought a very very cheap and nasty digital and then upgraded via a Fuji 6900 zoom to my current S602z Pro.

I also have a 35mm SLR, a minolta Dynax 8000i which I'm in the process of teaching my other half how to use.
I also do a bit of MF photography with a Bronica ETR-Si (which I've been after for years) which I'm still getting the hang of.

I'd love to sell some of my photo's (in fact I'm just about to put a submission together for Photography Monthly.)

Music wise, I listen to anything from Classical to Blues with quite a lot of Hardcore thrash metal in there too.

lisajane 18 156
15 Jan 2004 9:10PM
Hi Flossie,

I'm Lisa Jane, born in Leeds and living in Reading for the past 5 or so years after 3 years in London studying for a degree in Divinity (don't ask!!)

I work for an IT company as their Contracts Specialist, and some marketing type stuff. It's quite good fun and I do enjoy it...

...but I really LOVE all started about a year ago on holiday in Greece with my hubby of 18 months, snapping with a compact digital...

My Greek evening class which I had been doing for 2 years was ending, so I decided to do a C&G in Photography. Just finished "Starting Photography" and waiting for "Digital Image Making" to start.

I kept in touch with the chap who did our wedding photos, and he's now training me, how lucky am I? I've done one Christening with him, first wedding in a couple of weeks, and naturally I'd like to go into it when I've finished training, seems like a good idea for a young woman who plans to take a career break for children in a few years.

I like taking more abstract shots, using a Nikon F65 (only cheap but worth its weight in gold to me) and normally at the 100mm end.

Determined to get published in a magazine this year, even if it's only on the Help Pages!!!

Got a website of images at if you'd like a sneaky peek.

And that's me in a rather large nutshell.

Lisa Jane
sandrish 18 36 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2004 9:16PM
Hello Flossie, What a good idea. I too am quite nosey and enjoy looking at profiles almost as much as the pictures themselves.

I'm 53 years old and have lived in a small town near Bolton, Lancashire all my life. I have been married to Maurice for 31 years now and have two sons, aged 30 and 27. I work full-time at our local Hospital as an Office Manager/Medical Secretary (22 years now). I really enjoy being busy both at work at at leisure so I have lots of interests apart from photography such as swimming, reading, cross-stitch and at the moment trying out Tai Chi! When time and finance permits we love going away on holiday both in this country and abroad.

I have always enjoyed taking photos and looking at photos and must have thousands which I have taken over the years stored away in albums. When I first stumbled on to this site I realised how little I knew about photography but then it is never too late to begin so I really do enjoy logging on to the site almost daily and hopefully learning lots from fellow photographers.

normanw 18 66
15 Jan 2004 9:36PM
Born and raised in London but escaped to the lovely Suffolk countryside about 7 years ago.

Single, 48, and a couple of years ago I was sent to Italy on a 5 week business trip. Got a reasonable camera for the trip since I had a bit of spare time and the rest is history. Now using Canon 300 and 300D

amps 18 225 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2004 10:35PM
Hi Flossie I’m Alan birthday yesterday 60 (your only as old as you feel) I live with my wife the kid have all left .. thank god. I was a professional photographer about 30 years age and did a lot of weddings and portraits plus some commercial and glamour stuff, but it was b/w work that I liked the best i.e. working in the dark room.
Packed it up and changed directions, but still loved photography. Now getting very enthusiastic with digital and have started doing a little on the side for friends, love taking photo of the K9 world and also glamour and portraits
Been using a Fuji S602 Pro and like it very much just about to change it for a S7000, hope I will like that as much, use PS and Photoimpact plus a few others, also do a little with web site design.
Well, that me, all take care and keep snapping.
Tina Bayley 19 59 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2004 10:46PM
I'm born and bred in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, living in the house I was born in (I'm only 17 so its not as sad as it seems!)

I'm at college doing A-Levels in Chemistry, Business and Maths and I'm hoping to go to Aberdeen uni in september to start a Chemistry degree.

I've always been quite interested in photography and a couple of years ago spent all the money I had, and some of my Dad's to buy an SLR. I then started an NCFE (only level 1) course at Dewsbury college's art and design site. It's alot of work for the qualification I get, but I have alot of fun, even if we do end up messing around quite alot!

siderath 18 322 England
15 Jan 2004 10:49PM
hi people, i'm simon, probably one of the younger members here at 20, born and bread in good old lancashire.
work for BNFL Westinghouse as an electrical craft maintenance bod! just finished an apprenticeship there, and am now setting my sights on the future.
im hoping to do a bit of travelling in about 18 months time(when my contract runs out, and have saved a bit of dosh!)
been snapping all my life i suppose, but just recently realised that i could do something more with a camera than take pics of my family at popular tourist traps.
first digital was a fuji finepix a201 which was a great introduction for me, i soon found myself wanting more flexibilty with the camera though, so as soon as i got a payrise, i had the postie deliver me a finepix 602z, which ive been using ever since (superb camera), and now contemplating a canon 300D as a second machine.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today!

Firebaby 18 1.2k Faroe Islands
15 Jan 2004 11:07PM
Dyslexic, Andrew here, 40 now, but five at heart.

Born in Otley West Yorkshire (near Anne, whose picture looks really familiar...?), now living in Beverley East Yorkshire.

I spent five years from 1979 in Australia working as a Jackeroo for cattle stations in the North territories, until I had a small accident with a large Salty!

Since then, for the last twenty years, I've worked in IT, mainly designing, managing, and implementing new, original, and useful software products.

Over the years my work has taken me Australia, America, and Europe.

Now, I just work hard, and suffer from occasional bouts of depression - still dyslexic though (bit anoyed about that). And write a bit of poetry - soft I know, but makes my day.

Love images. When I can, I photograph - anything - the train I'm on, the view I have, even the moment. Sometimes well, at others not so.

Started with a Canon, vould have had an OM1, but youth and ignorance cheated me. Have Minolta stuff - Dynax 5, WON(!!) a Canon EOS 30 (oooohhhh), and alwats carry a Fuji FinePix digital wonder (just press the button) - been told that a 300D can now ente the house (really pleased), I have to say that photography IS the business!!


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