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So who are you really?

NickdeBug 17 391
6 Jun 2005 6:23PM
WHAT have you been smokin' duuude?
StrayCat 18 19.1k 3 Canada
6 Jun 2005 7:05PM
Hi, I'm Denny. I'm 59 and retired. But, I still have my memories of my youth. The memories of my family outings are still a source of strength to me. I remember we'd all pile into the car - I forget what kind it was - and drive and drive. I'm not sure where we'd go, but I think there were some trees there. The smell of something was strong in the air as we played whatever sport we played. I remember a bigger, older guy we called "Dad." We'd eat some stuff, or not, and then I think we went home. I guess some things never leave you.
UserRemoved 17 481
6 Jun 2005 7:50PM

Quote:WHAT have you been smokin' duuude?

I don't do drugs or booze.

Anne's question should have been, "Tell me about your life". That would have suited the answers she's been getting much more accurately.

iain. Smile
Hazard 18 1.2k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 7:57PM
Well hi everyone,
I'm Shane AKA Hazard
Born in Manchester in 1968, The last of seven children and I'm very shortly to be 37.
Moved to Harlow, Essex in 1978 with my mum who wanted to be nearer to her mum.
My Dad died of cancer twenty months ago and it it me hard although I'd never got to know him all that well due to my parents divorcing when I was only 1 years old.
I'm also dyslexic but fight hard against it and try never to use it as an excuse.
at school I was a bit of a fool and left without taking any exams.
I then got a job in an engineering factory which was the first time in my life that I developed some confidence, I could do the job, I could learn, I wasn't as stupid As I'd been led to believe by poor disillusioned teachers.
I then worked in a bottle factory for a while and then went to work for the co-op in there biscuit factory where I stayed for ten years applying for every promotion that ever came up. eventually I got the job of training instructor, which I absolutely loved. After 10 years there and few take overs later I walked out of the only job I ever loved, due to back problem and disagreements with management it was time to move on.
I became a cab driver in my home town which I've done for the past 5 years. I'm now not able to work due to back pain which the doctors never took seriously in the early stages and after over ten years of problems I paid for a scan privately and found that I had degenerative disc disease and I'm due to have a disc replacement on 1st August 05.
As for love, well I've only ever had one true love who I first met when I was 17, it didn't work out and I married someone else (god only knows why, I'd have been better on my own)didn't last long. I then bumped into my true love accidentally whilst lodging with my sister WOW what a blast from the past, I don't think there had ever been a day when I hadn't thought about her. We have now been together for about 14 years and married.
Had a blip recently when it was very nearly all over, but true love won through and we are still together. Don't think one life time is enough and If I had one wish it would be to spend another life time with her.

I Hate,....... rude people, people talking down to me, bullies and I hate the fact that we throw away tonnes of food whilst children starve to death in other countries.
I also hate the very lose morals in the soaps which people come to think of as normal, there not normal; HAVE SOME BLOODY SELF RESPECT

I Love,....... My Wife, Caroline, My kids, My family and my D70 Smile
and I'd love to earn money from photography, but then,......................... wouldn't we all.
UserRemoved 17 481
6 Jun 2005 8:01PM
Hi Shane,

You're up early. I couldn't sleep, so I've just been "spouting Zen wisdom" to keep me busy.

iain. Smile
UserRemoved 17 481
6 Jun 2005 8:14PM
I'll mail you soon. I'm going to try and get some kip.

Hazard 18 1.2k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 8:16PM
Hi Iain
Couldn't sleep ether, back probs, Ive had a few southern comforts now though, which is probably why I've just revealed my life story so I'm of to bed now and hopefully to sleep
UserRemoved 17 481
6 Jun 2005 11:06PM
I learned to keep my personal details to myself, the hard way! I'm quite happy to talk about Zen Philosophy all day long though. Wink

joolsb 17 27.1k 38 Switzerland
6 Jun 2005 11:25PM
This thread's Wayyy too long. Would like to read about everyone who's posted but, ermmm, I have to work for a living.

Here's a bit about me:

44, unmarried but not single, no kids, have worked as a mainframe programmer since age 25. Since going freelance, I've worked in Holland, Germany and now I'm back in Switzerland for the 2nd time where I'm doing my bit of Anglo-Swiss relations (hi Janine!)

Try and find time for photography whenever possible. Fortunately, my girlfriend shares most of my interests, including photography, and I've recently introduced her to EPZ....
conrad 17 10.9k 116
7 Jun 2005 12:22AM
I have to agree with Julian - this thread is definitely too long to read it all, but who knows, on a rainy Sunday night or so...

Anyway, about me:

Im 46 years old, married to Jacqueline (EPZ user name webjam), and have three children in the ages 21 - 16 (including twins).

To make a living, I work as a sworn interpreter/translator EnglishDutch, living in the Netherlands. I started out my career in the travel business, then spent two years in the UK (in Devon and South Wales), and ended up in my own country again. After lots of different jobs I finally got to use my language skills as a translator, then as an interpreter, and now as both. I also do web site "localisation", and I write, correct and revise web texts. (No, Im staying away from EPZ web site texts now...) Wink I also write columns for a web site I keep as a hobby.

But nowadays my main hobby is photography. I started it young, with old cameras handed down from family members, then with a plastic instamatic, etc., and as of late I use a Canon EOS 20D - the most expensive thing I ever bought for myself (and its mainly EPZ I have to blame for that! ;-D ), but I love this camera to bits.

Ive been a member of EPZ since the summer of 2004, and I quickly got hooked - like so many of you. The only days I dont need an EPZ fix, are days Im out taking photos!

Other likes: reading (P. G. Wodehouse, airline thrillers, hotel novels), writing (my web columns), listening to all kinds of music (favourite: the Corrs), travel (preferably UK / US, but also other countries), aeroplanes (747 is my favourite, I think Concorde is the most beautiful model ever built, but I love everything that flies), and I love food (too much) - especially meat, cheese, pineapple and trifle.

Some dislikes: cucumber, people who are impolite or selfish or rude or ... , politicians, manipulative people, heavy metal, road rage.

Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
7 Jun 2005 12:45AM
Hmmmm ok then.

Name's Kris, 47, living in Sussex, married to Helen and have 4 children ranging from 7 years to 3 weeks old, also including twins.

I help run a company selling low power DC electric motors and gas cylinder pressure test equipment. I also mess about with the accounts, sort any IT probs, create our magazine advertising and am currently redesigning our website. All this in between sweeping the floor and making coffee.

All this is somewhat different from my formative years, which were spent with my first wife hanging around with some very dubious bikers, playing in a rock band and generally doing what bikers do. (Not that I can remember much of it)! Then she ran off with my drummer and I took some time out for a re-think on life in general.

My photography started during the aforementioned formative years, shooting bike racing with a Canon AE1 Programme followed by a Canon A1. Weird that I should enjoy that considering my then lifestyle but then I was - weird that is.

I then met Helen and order and calm reigned supreme. I stuck to my photography and bikes but the rest of the biker lifestyle went out of the window - probably just as well really as I wouldn't have lasted much longer. I am now reasonably happy and content with life apart from living in the overcrowded South, which really pees me off. I really can't stand the pressure and selfishness that seems to pervade in this part of the country. Maybe it's the rebel in me still not wanting to conform as my greatest fear in life is turning beige........
Dinda 17 90 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 12:42PM
Oh, now feel really old. Is everyone so young ;o(
flossie 18 1.6k
7 Jun 2005 1:04PM
Whey hey, can't believe this thread is still going ...still nice to read about everyone.
...Iain, was only meant to be lighthearted :o)
conrad 17 10.9k 116
7 Jun 2005 1:13PM

Quote:Oh, now feel really old. Is everyone so young ;o(

Young? LOL, my children don't think so! Wink

UserRemoved 17 481
7 Jun 2005 3:46PM
I was merely passing the time Anne.

In the past, I already gave away too much personal information on the forums that I created a right stink. Now, I just try to keep a low profile.

The other reason, of course, is divulging such information on the web at all! There are too many sad and corrupt individuals out there who could easily use such info for their own sick and malicious means. I like to watch my back.

If you look at my portfolio, you'll see all the info you need to know about me anyway.

iain. Smile

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