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Softening a flash?

17 Feb 2005 7:30AM
At the moment I can't afford any external flashes etc, and somtimes I find the built in flash on my camera too harsh for the subject.

At a friends wedding recently, I noticed that the photographey had something taped/attached over the flash to diffuse/soften it somewhat?

Any suggestions on what I could put together to attach to mine (Canon 300d)



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digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
17 Feb 2005 7:33AM
Greasproof paper or tissue paper would do the trick.

da_nige 15 1.2k United Kingdom
17 Feb 2005 8:31AM
I know u use digital but one trick is to get a film box (one of the transparent grey ones) cut off the bottom and put a slit up the side and then curl this over the flash. It works. I used it before I got my 420EX and stofen diffuser

17 Feb 2005 9:44AM
Thanks peeps Smile
desmond 15 92
17 Feb 2005 11:20AM
As the power of onboard flash is so pathetic, putting anything in front of it will leave you with nowt. I have a
Sunpak mini soft box that fits in front of a flashgun. That works great but it causes about a three stop light loss. Save up and buy an external gun.
tepot 15 4.4k United Kingdom
22 Feb 2005 9:13AM
having just looked at prices for softboxes yesterday, i am going to try and make my own, all i need is to make a box and put tissue paper over the front and stick the flashgun inside then run some test shots for correct exposure i would think, i have a rough idea of what i'm going to do but have NO idea how to attatch it to the front of my flashgun, maybe i'll just get a 10X8 photo frame, put tussie paper over the front and just hold it in front of my flashgun, sounds tacky but it would be cheap and might just work, all i want to do is soften harsh shadows for still life and i want to try some 'product shots'.
steffilewis 15 179 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2005 9:18AM
If you're using an external flash, why not just get a Stofen diffuser for it? They're only about 15 each. Look here .

tepot 15 4.4k United Kingdom
23 Feb 2005 4:23AM
Stofens are small and i read somewhere that SIZE makes all the difference steffi Wink
desmond 15 92
23 Feb 2005 1:09PM
We will have no more of those stupid, supposed funny remarks on this forum
ted_harris 17 5
23 Feb 2005 2:12PM
I have a Stofen for my Canon 380EX, things are fine on the EOS300, but on the G1 I suffer from flare. Solved by moving the flash to a bracket on an off cam cord. I remember using pieces of net curtain secured with elastic bands many years ago.
steffilewis 15 179 United Kingdom
23 Feb 2005 3:48PM

Quote:Stofens are small and i read somewhere that SIZE makes all the difference steffi Wink

Ok ... what are you compensating for then? Wink
tepot 15 4.4k United Kingdom
23 Feb 2005 7:16PM

Quote:We will have no more of those stupid, supposed funny remarks on this forum

oh lighten up Des you ole miseryWink
8 Mar 2005 2:30PM
try "voile" available from haberdashery shops and used as net curtain god forbid ! About 1.50 per metre so very cheap...I use it extensively....a large sheet makes an excellent diffuser in strong daylight but it`s equally as good draped over a flashgun.
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2005 2:38PM
I have used a tissue on the front of my 300D flash. Alternatively download the firmware hack and you get the ability to turn up or down the flash exposure level. I use it and it is a great update, as is the mirror lock feature.
kevan 18 447
8 Mar 2005 11:33PM
I made a diffuser for my flash and use drafting film as the diffusion material. Although it can be difficult to get hold of (I got mine from an art shop in Southampton) it diffuses really well and is more robust than tissue paper. Another alternative is the plastic bag from inside cereal boxes.

Size is important btw.

Stofen diffusers introduce a gap between the flash and the front of the diffuser and this means that some light is diffused out of the sides which can bounce off walls etc., hence they work better indoors.


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