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Song/Artist association


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deathraceking 19 578
22 Mar 2005 1:26PM
Dickie Davis Eyes - Half Man Half Biscuit
FrankThomas 19 2.8k United Kingdom
22 Mar 2005 1:39PM
Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
big fella 19 485 England
22 Mar 2005 1:57PM
The Lion Sleeps tonight - Tight Fit
tim franklin 19 2.7k
22 Mar 2005 2:17PM
Looking through Garry Gilmore's eye...can't remember by whom........The Adverts, of course! :0)

Cat Talk - Lew Williams

Re: "Got My Mojo Working", I also have a fine version from 1960 (though unreleased until late '90s) by white singer Joyce Harris & The Daylighters. Great song in any version. Ann Cole's recording I have on a various artists CD called Got My Mojo Working on the Flyright label. NLA I think, and am not sure if its on another disc at all.
macroman 19 15.3k England
23 Mar 2005 2:38AM
I've Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old, Cat Stevens
tim franklin 19 2.7k
23 Mar 2005 6:31AM
Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy - Margie Day
macroman 19 15.3k England
23 Mar 2005 6:39AM
Que sera, sera, Doris Day
gwyn h 18 432
23 Mar 2005 7:00AM
24 Hours - 10cc
spaceman 18 5.3k 3 Wales
23 Mar 2005 8:51AM
One Small Day - Ultravox
tim franklin 19 2.7k
23 Mar 2005 9:06AM
California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys
deathraceking 19 578
23 Mar 2005 9:13AM
Gunning For The President - G.B.H.
Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
23 Mar 2005 9:18AM
Would anyone mind if we stopped this thread now as the system was never intended to create threads with so many pages? We think this may be part of the reason why the site's slowing down! I'm happy for you to start another thread and continue it from there if you wish.
Carabosse Plus
19 42.9k 270 England
23 Mar 2005 9:25AM
Stop In The Name Of Love - The Supremes

Opps, sorry Pete - force of habit!! Maybe lock this thread and see if it makes any difference, then unlock if it doesn't? Smile
dougv 18 8.4k 3 England
23 Mar 2005 9:25AM
Sounds good to me Pete.
gwyn h 18 432
23 Mar 2005 9:40AM
Lock Me Up - Alice Cooper

More then welcome Pete if it sorts out these sluggish patches EPZ appears to experience once in a while.