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Sony 717

klute 17 144
28 Apr 2004 12:35AM
Is there anyone out there who has any thoughts on the Sony 717?
Specifically I am wondering if it is any use in:
1...Low Light
2...Does the Auto Focus Assist work
3...The Flash
4...Noise Levels above 400 iso
5...Any general views

Any comments would be most grateful.

kelart 17 570
28 Apr 2004 1:01AM
1. ok
2. ok
3. ok (but problem with close ups or when you fit extension lens -wide, telephoto)
4. there's no above:-(
5. quite nice camera. copes well with almost any aspect of photography and difficult lightning conditions.
pity there's no slower ISO than 100. white balance and AF work very good. of course you can't compare it to other dslr cameras with interchangable lenses.

you will find everything here:

i could tell you more, but my english isn't brilliant and my opinions are similar to these from above website.

personally i prefer 717 to 828. it's much cheaper but still gives very nice quality photos. i bought mine second hand for 295 (and the rest of saved money i put towards 6X7).
klute 17 144
28 Apr 2004 8:14AM
Sorry Kelart but according to the specifications I have seen it does have 800 iso.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
28 Apr 2004 9:35AM
1. of its best features.
2. Yes. Very well.
3. Rarely use or need it - the 38-190mm (efl) F2.0-2.4 lens copes with most low-light situations. It is very powerful (too much so really) - you will need to turn the flash down to the 'Low' setting. Buy a separate flashgun if you are going to do a lot of flash work.
4. I have seen pics taken at ISO 800 on the F717 and they are astonishingly noise-free. Don't use it myself... again the fast lens means there's little need.
5. One of the best cameras I have owned - and I have owned Canon 35mm SLRs. I certainly would not swap it for a low-end DSLR (e.g. Canon 300D).

Sony's best effort to date - better than the F828. F717 is used by some of the most talented photographers on ePz (e.g. Mavis).
kelart 17 570
28 Apr 2004 10:14AM
oh, yes! you're right - 800 ISO. i've never used it, though.
i love the hologram AF. very, very handy if you have need to take any photos at concerts, parties or clubs (and i do). white balance and ligh metering are very accurate.

i don't know why some people laugh from this camera's shape and/or the way how control buttons are located. i've found it really handy and ergonomic. i hold with the lens resting in my left hand and use my thumb to control zoom, white balance and metering mode. camera's shape and location of buttons is - in my opinion - more ergonomic and natural, than 828's. LCD could be better, but at least you can turn the lens (again very useful in a crowded club). viewfinder isn't great.

i agree with carabosse that flash is quite powerful (i also use the low setting or wrap bit of tissue aroud). and now the weak point - there's the pre-flash (or strobo if you chose "red eye correction"). it makes things difficult if you want to use a slave.

and you need to buy bigger memory stick than offered originaly, so you can shoot more photos using the highest offered resolution. i was lucky, because my came with 256MB 9 second hand). forget about tiff. jpeg (with "fine" option) has almost the same quality, but takes less space and is quicker. processing of tiff picture takes ages:-(

p.s. look at my photos. they aren't that bad!Grin
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
28 Apr 2004 10:19AM
I had one and liked it ... then had an 828 and didn't like that. AF illuminator is one of best I have seen ... I wish my 1Ds had it!! macro work is excellent with the 717, also has noise reduction so long exposure night shots are very good. Although I have a 10D and a 1Ds I would still get another 717 ...If I could afford one (the 1Ds cleared me out)!

this was taken with my 717

and this...
klute 17 144
28 Apr 2004 7:11PM
Thanks all...

I see now that the camera is just over 400 new which seems a bargain when you think of the quality of the lens.

Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
28 Apr 2004 7:30PM
The F717 was 900 when it was launched! Truly a bargain now.
declanh 17 112
28 Apr 2004 8:28PM
Well worth 400 quid... esp if you want to do IR work - its one of the best cameras for this.
kelart 17 570
28 Apr 2004 10:51PM
i'd buy it for this price (well, i bought itSmile). the lens and af system are worth it. IMHO you can't buy anything decent for 400. the last time i've seen f-717 the cost was 599.

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