Sony A65 vs A77

cattyal Plus
14 8.9k 6 England
16 Oct 2012 8:40PM
Well I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to get! I've given my boss the details of both, with 'kit' lenses rather than body only, and will find out in November which he has bought. He had said that I could have a month or two to think about it and then about a week later was nagging constantly asking for details so I had to give in and handed him printouts on both of them.

If I was buying for myself then of course I could sit and think a lot longer about the differences etc and indeed it if was my own money then I'd almost certainly go for the A65 as the available cash would be somewhat less.

Now I just have to hope that the boss doesn't want to look a Scrooge and goes for the A77 - then I will probably never need another camera as long as I live (unless it gives up the ghost) Smile

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macroman 16 15.3k England
16 Oct 2012 9:26PM
Trouble is it doesn't just end with getting a new camera.

The next thing will have to be an up to date faster PC, with more RAM, and bigger HHD, as the present one struggles with large files.
Then of course an A3 printer would be nice to show off the better image quality, and then................. Grin
It's never ending. Sad
cattyal Plus
14 8.9k 6 England
16 Oct 2012 9:35PM
Oh yes - the list is never ending Smile I use my laptop for pretty much everything now and the pc is rarely switched on (not the most reliable machine). I'm considering removing all excess software etc from it and using it exclusively for photos so I'm hoping it should be able to cope Smile

Who knows - I guess I'll find out in about a month!
Scottelly 7 35 United States
17 Oct 2012 3:54PM
Well, I suggest you shoot in RAW+JPG mode, and just use the jpegs for normal sorting and stuff. Presumably you use external hard drives, like me. I just keep the raw files in folders next to the jpeg files, and I only import the jpegs. I use Aperture, but Lightroom will work about the same, creating previews of the larger files. I have my previews set pretty small, with a lot of compression, so my libraries don't get too big. They are often more than 10 GB, and those take a long time to open. I don't have a really big hard drive, so I want to keep the file sizes down for that reason too. I can have a library that represents hundreds of gigabytes of raw files and over 100 gigabytes of jpeg files this way. Yes, you don't have the advantage of working on the original raw files, but you get the speed of importing the files very quickly. Besides, I almost never need to adjust from raw. I've found that the raw files are just there for emergency needs (in case I have something special that I want to do with a photo, or if a .jpg file is corrupted for some reason).

Another thought I had was this . . . you could get a second camera. I would get the new Canon SX50, with it's amazing 50x zoom (24-1,200mm equivalent!), as an every-day, walk-around camera, or maybe the Nikon D5100, which is on sale right now. I want one of those Nikons, because I want to get the Tokina 10-17mm zooming fisheye. That's an amazing lens, and it focuses on things that are 1 inch from the front lens element! Unfortunately it is not made for Sony cameras. Of course, your situation is different from mine, so for you, the A77 would probably be the best (most hoped for) option. Just remember, there are very few weather sealed lenses in the Zeiss and Sony lines, unfortunately. This is where I think Sony has dropped the ball in a big way. Hopefully Sony will work toward solving this problem, by introducing a few new weather sealed lenses over the next couple of years. As it stands now, the new A99 is a seriously crippled offering, in that regard, because it doesn't even have the advantage of the new 16-50mm f2.8, which is one of Sony's very few, exceptional, weather sealed lenses. Yes, it can use that lens, but then the image resolution isn't good.
cattyal Plus
14 8.9k 6 England
17 Oct 2012 4:01PM
Well I will have the A350 still to use - might get that converted to infra-red or keep it as a backup. I already have the Samyang 8mm fisheye along with about half a dozen other lenses so I'm sorted there.

Plus I have the Sony R1 which I'd never part with. Plus I have the Fuji X10 which is my take everywhere camera. Plus a converted IR Canon conpact - err - that's all at the moment Smile

Gotta keep this short - supposed to be working - which I'd better continue doing Smile
macroman 16 15.3k England
19 Oct 2012 1:30PM
Well, I've been and gone and done it!
Ordered the A65, body only for now, will use existing A100 lenses and decide on whether/which new ones are neccesary later.
That should give a fair comparison with the A100 as well.
Will post my views on it when I've mastered all the new Bs & Ws (in about 2 years? Grin).

Next, the PC & A3 Printer. Smile
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2012 1:43PM
Have fun with the new camera Smile

Are you single handedly trying to reverse the economic slow down Wink
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
19 Oct 2012 1:57PM
This site has an affect on its users - my savings have taken a bigger hit, over the past few years, than they would otherwise have done.... for sure! Grin

Enjoy the new camera, Ivan - and new PC and A3 printer etc. Smile
macroman 16 15.3k England
19 Oct 2012 2:59PM

Quote:Are you single handedly trying to reverse the economic slow down

Probably putting my own economic downturn into fast forward more likely.Sad

You can't take it with you as they say, and I've got less time than most to use it up.Grin

Quote:Enjoy the new camera, Ivan - and new PC and A3 printer etc.

I'll do my best CB. Smile
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2012 7:49PM
Have fun regardless We call it the SKI club

Spending Kids Inheritance of course
macroman 16 15.3k England
19 Oct 2012 8:16PM
SKI Club, brilliant!
Must emember that. Grin
Scottelly 7 35 United States
3 Dec 2012 1:37AM
Hey Ivan, how is that A65? It's been a month now. You MUST have some photos from that little beastie!
macroman 16 15.3k England
3 Dec 2012 12:03PM

Sony Alpha 65, first impressions.
I've had my nice shiny new Alpha 65 for a few of weeks now.
The camera was out of stock so there was delay in receiving it, just my luck,Sad and the weather has been awful so I haven't been able to get out and about as I'd like, Sad but here are some first impressions:-

Having used an Alpha100 for about 5 years my first thoughts were "I'll never get the hang of this beastie with all those buttons and features", but I was wrong.
After the inital shock of moving from the simplicity of the A100, I found the A65 quite easy to use, most of the regular functions are only a click or two away.
The function button gives easy access to things like, shooting mode, flash control, focus modes etc, and the usual rotary knob to access things like manual, aperture/shutter priority, panorama and other modes.
I particularly like the little graphic WB control, press right arrow button twice and a little graphic display with a cursor that can be moved via the 4 direction buttons to adjust the WB, results are updated on the LCD display or EVF, brilliant.
Similarly the 'live' graphic histogram display that updates in real time as you alter shutter and aperture (not in auto mode) or move aound the subject.
The continuous shooting mode is really SCARY, it blasts away at 10FPS like a ruddy machine gun!!! (watch out for the recoil Grin ).
Live view in manual mode is brill, especially for night shots, where you can fiddle with aperture and shutter until it looks right on screen then bingo, the pic just as you want it, no guesswork or taking a dozen shots to get what you want (see piccy).
Macro shot is hand held as I'd left tripod in car, so it's not as sharp as it should be.
Sweep panorama is good, but it takes a bit of skill to get it just right depending on your focal length.
I haven't tried movie mode properly yet, (you can access it any time by just pressing the 'movie' button, no need to search through menus) but what I have done is quite impressive on the PC, haven't got the right cable for the TV yet Sad .
All the usual scene modes, can be handy sometimes.
Effects, dozens(?) of 'em :- posterization, toy camera, spot colour mono, B&W, selective blurring and many more, do we really need 'em??
EVF seems strange at first, but you soon get used to it.
Finally 24mp vs 10mp, what a difference!!!!!

No multiple exposure facility as far as I can see.
No tethered shooting mode? I don't do studio portrait work, but it would be handy for those that do.
Auto modes, why 3? One with flash, one without flash, and one that allows some adjustments.
The A100 had just plain auto and if you wanted flash you just popped it up, SIMPLES.

Overall I'm quite pleased with it, just need some decent weather, or some 'lovely' snow. Smile Smile



cattyal Plus
14 8.9k 6 England
3 Dec 2012 12:18PM
Nice and useful to hear your thoughts on the camera Ivan. I only got mine on Thursday so it's early days yet. So far I've found my manual focussing for macro work seems to have greatly improved with this camera for some reason.

I've also found that if using the facial recognition and you accidentally hit the focus magnification/zoom button it cancels the facial recognition - my thumb seems to prefer to sit right over the button Sad I found that out yesterday whilst photographing a 5 year old and 2 year old together and thought would be interesting to see what happened if I used the facial recognition combined with focus tracking.

I've yet to take it outside - maybe if the coming weekend is half decent I'll pop off out on Saturday.

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