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Sony NEX range

MattGrayson 13 622 3 England
13 May 2010 2:12PM
I'm surprised no-one has commented on the new system. What do you all think of it? It's a nice camera, meant to be accessible for the newcomer to DSLR quality and features.

My preview is here:

Sony NEX-5 hands on preview

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strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
13 May 2010 4:01PM
Not certain how to view these new cameras.

Good image quality potential, small body good, and the camera with pancake lens looks compact. Is it even smaller than m4/3?

But stick a zoom on and they look like monsters, and is it much more portable than an SLR?

Ergonomics, looks bad and no to eye finder included as standard?

and do we need the interface they mention. It could be good for non SLR users but I find myself thinking simplify the controls and let me control what it does.

Send me one and I will let you know, but I cannot help but feel that there is a great product out there, but they are not producing it. Compact camera with a series of small prime lenses. And is video more that important?

I am not saying it is bad, I could have the wrong end of the stick. How about sending me one for a weekend and let me try? Sometimes you need the challenge.
JJGEE 15 7.8k 18 England
13 May 2010 6:58PM
So, nobody comments on one of your reviews and you start a forum topic Wink

I did read it, does not really appeal to me as I have a Sony A900.
I would be more interested in reviews of, when released, Sony's 500mm & Zeiss 24mm focal length lenses.

Like Strawman with the NEX, send me either or both lenses and I will test them out for you Wink
User_Removed 11 1.4k England
13 May 2010 7:06PM
What is the point in these cameras when they cost 600.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
13 May 2010 7:19PM
cost does seem high and zoom lens is more. With Less shutter mechanics this seems wrong. So price will drop in time. It seems right and many evil copies will follow.
Is it just me but these all seem like overpriced bridge cameras with small lenses attached with the disadvantages of a compact ie no viewfinder so viewing screen on bright days difficult and I cant help feeling that flash looks like red eye will be easy to attain.Have had a few of the panasonic lumix turn up on my training courses and cant say that I or their owners were impressed compared to standard slr's.
JJGEE 15 7.8k 18 England
13 May 2010 10:43PM
If you buy the adaptor then it opens up all of the Alpha range of lenses as well, albeit without some functionality.
The Zeiss 24-70mm or Sony 70-200mm will, I think, look totally out-of-place and cumbersome on the NEX body.
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
13 May 2010 10:48PM
I am not against this type of camera, I think they can look attractive with small primes. But none of the systems have gone to town there and when you stick a zoom on are you not better getting an SLR. .It is interesting to note Sony and Panasonic have gone for in-lens IS to improve video performance. And it does look lie the prices are too high, with one exception the G1. It though looks too much like an SLR.

At the moment I would say the EPL-1 looks the best but it does not come bundled with a prime. So I find myself thinking I will skip these cameras till they mature a bit, or the EP1 and 17mm lens falls to @ 300. But I would love to try one for a bit to see if the reality is different.
pcheywood 15 1.3k England
14 May 2010 11:12AM
Nice sensor, shame about the rest of it!
Thincat 13 616
16 May 2010 5:07PM
I don't see the point of it. It's a very small camera and you get a big sensor but, as Strawman says, because the sensor is big any long lens will also be very big so you immediately lose the benefits of the small body. I guess it works for those who want a compact high ISO camera for shooting landscapes. It's good that it can take Alpha lenses (with an adaptor) but there's no autofocus (like all of the Oly) so that limits its usefulness. LCD VFs are useless in sunshine. I gather there's some kind of optional optical VF but I wonder how good this is - and how big. It can do HD video but I guess the IS doesn't work unless it's in the lens (this is where the Sony in-body stabilisation becomes a problem) and obviously you have no automated zoom so it's not ideal.

It's a mish-mash. It's going to suit some people and I guess it will appeal to those who like this kind of "designer" style product. Like the Olympus Pen it has style writ large but it's a niche product and I don't think I'll be getting one. What I want is an EVIL camera. Just give me a decent, relatively small, body that can take Alpha lenses - and autofocus - and has a really good EVF (3Mp for example). If it can also do HD video that will be a plus and if it can do in body IS that will be even better.
ecowarrior 13 577 England
19 May 2010 9:32PM
Smacks of 'Let's design it for the Japanese market, we'll worry about everywhere else later'.
tigertimb 12 40 66 United Kingdom
25 May 2010 8:43PM
I've been reading the reviews and comments of the new Nex cameras with interst. They've produced cameras smaller that the current micro 4/3rd options, (think ipod touch/phone sized but a little thicker) and yet managed to maintain quality by fitting an APC sized sensor which by a number of reviews has high ISO performance at least on a par with any of the full sized SLR's (including my A900).

Yes; I do think they look a little silly - particularly with the Nex-5 being smaller than the actual mount! But in reality the lenses are tiny too as you can clearly see in the photo of Matt from his review (unless he's over 7ft Wink) and the pancake is actually the same size as the Olympus.

At current; the two cameras seem to be aimed at point-and-shoot users who want to step up in terms of quality and yet keep the small size. And a number of elements of the design seem to suggest that video was as much a criteria as photos with the new dedicated video camera also announced that takes the same lenses (and sensor?)

It sounds like Sony had some problem getting the adaptor to work with the autofocus of the existing Alpha lenses, but this is their stated aim and might even be acheived with a firmware revision.
And with the 18mm registration(?) distance to the sensor, I've heard it speculated that it gives the flexibility to make adaptors that would fit almost any type of lenses including any SLR, medium format and even video lenses.

My personal interest is more in the direction their taking and it's showing some good signs for future revisions of the Alpha range. But the rumours of the NeX-7 do sound interesting; where the targeted market seems much more the SLR user who's wanting either a portable camera or a backup. Still only rumours at this stage, but full 1080p video, more customisable overrides and a further improved sensor are starting to pique my interest for all those times when my A900 is just too big to carry around, or likely to get banned from events.

And with live view; a tilting screen, good high ISO performance and the 1.5x crop it fills a few holes of my A900 and seems like an interesting choice for a backup and something I could easily slip into my pocket to be able to react quickly for grab shots at weddings. Coupled with the fast primes I already own it offers some creative options I don't see with any other compacts.

So not for me yet; although I'm keeping my eye on developments and from reading forums a number of Sony SLR owners are already pre-ordering.

The other interest for me is speculation that this style of camera may ultimately be the future for all cameras including the high end - doing away with mechanical components such as the mirror assemblies and going fully digital. Obviously a way off yet I'd guess, but then I was surprised at just how quickly digital SLRs replaced film!

Tim Smile
Toonman 13 1.4k 2 England
25 May 2010 8:57PM
It's as ugly as sin...only it's mother could love it. Wink
25 May 2010 9:00PM

My eyes my eyes!!!

Won't somebody think of the children! GrinGrinGrinGrin
tigertimb 12 40 66 United Kingdom
25 May 2010 9:07PM
Then I'd suggest you sit down before doing a google search for "Pentax Rainbow" Wink

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