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Sony RX10 IV Appalling battery life

placidplayer Avatar
4 Jul 2022 5:44PM
I have the Sony rx10 iv and very happy with the photos it takes - but the battery life is appalling - only 100 shots on fully charged battery. I am not using flash, or continuous shooting and manually zooming, as far as possible, to save on battery power. I have also programmed the screen to turn off when the camera is in use. Am I just unlucky or anyone else had this experience.
Of all of the reviews I have read, no one suggests this problem
User_Removed Avatar
User_Removed 20 44.5k 270 England
4 Jul 2022 6:04PM
I believe Sony claim 370-400 shots on one charge.

Perhaps your device is faulty and should be returned for replacement?
placidplayer Avatar
4 Jul 2022 6:10PM
thanks, they do. I believe that there may be something wrong with the camera, but just wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem.
Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 15 8.8k 255 England
4 Jul 2022 6:15PM
Do you only have one battery?

If so, there's the possibilty that the battery's faulty.
User_Removed Avatar
User_Removed 20 44.5k 270 England
4 Jul 2022 6:17PM
Is it still within warranty? If so, I wouldn't hesitate to return it.

I doubt it is a camera many on here own. But let's see.

I did consider buying one, at one stage, but £1500 seemed rather a lot for a small-sensor (1") camera with a non-removable lens.
placidplayer Avatar
4 Jul 2022 6:36PM
Thanks. Going through the warranty process now. However it's a grey import bought from Nextday Deal - and although I am sure that they will come good on their guarantee, it's taking a long time for them to react, according to what they have said to me.
Stevetheroofer Avatar
4 Jul 2022 6:38PM
Make sure you turn off the wifi / bluetooth as it drains the battery.
placidplayer Avatar
4 Jul 2022 6:41PM
Thanks, done that, no flash used, manual zoom, and screen set to turn off when not in use - all to save battery when the count was done. Not using continuous setting either.
Stevetheroofer Avatar
4 Jul 2022 10:39PM
send me you address via private message and I will send you a spare battery.
My camera was stolen so you may as well have use of the spare battery

LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
5 Jul 2022 11:16AM
Digital battery life of any digital camera it's based on the CIPA standard – which is irrelevant to a lot of photography!

With my Nikon Z7 and Z9 I get about twice the CIPA testing method number of shots - but only with fast repeat sequence shots.

When photographing wild flowers and waiting for the breeze to settle or waiting for insect to settle on a plant parallel to the sensor I get less than than half the CIPA test result.

If as an experiment you take a range of shots at fast frames a second and your battery life extends then sorry - you're shooting method is different to CIPA - and maybe you need a second battery.

Digressing slightly, many recent Digital cameras utilise subject recognition using artificial intelligence for AF - eye detection being one example.
This type of AF detection is very demanding on battery power.
Which option you choose for AF can affect how many shots you get for each charge of the battery.
User_Removed Avatar
User_Removed 20 44.5k 270 England
5 Jul 2022 12:09PM
Could be a faulty battery of course. It does happen.
placidplayer Avatar
5 Jul 2022 5:36PM
Thank to all of you who have offered advice, and the offer of a spare battery for my Sony from Stevetheroofer. I won't take up that offer at the moment, as I don't know what future my rx10 iv will have. The repairer, A J Johnson of Glasgow, has confirmed that the camera is faulty, but require an up-front fee to put the camera on the bench to determine what exactly needs to be done. This seems to have caused a bit of a probem with NextDay Deal and it looks like we have a bit of a delay of at leat 5 to 7 working days before this can be resolved. They have also suggested that repairs can take weeks or months, which is quite unacceptable. So now that I have established that the camera is faulty I am in the position of being able to claim a full refund or go for a repair. And if necessary, I can pay A J Johnson for a full report on the faults on this new camera, if NextDay Deal are reluctant to do anything on their 2-year guarantee promise.
Seemingly Sony charge for repair information for grey imports and are not easy to deal with.
Thanks again to those giving advice.
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.8k 91 Norway
5 Jul 2022 6:07PM
Hope you get a satisfactory result out of this - please do come back and let us know the eventual outcome.
LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
5 Jul 2022 10:43PM

Thanks again to those giving advice.

The second issue of apparently a grey import and no "official UK warranty" seems unfortunate.

I understand two UK lens suppliers insist on seeing a VAT invoice before considering warranty work on a grey import.

Sorry about the problems.

I can understand Johnstone wanting some sort of payment unless they have specific authorisation from "Next Day".

Keep us posted as to how the problem progresses.
cheddar-caveman Avatar
cheddar-caveman 20 1.3k England
27 Apr 2023 4:27PM
Haven't noticed poor battery on my RX10. Got 3 batteries and rotate them.
When carrying the camera around (most of the time) I usually put camera to sleep after 10sec so the lens is closed.


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