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Sony's Cashback Experience

edpicz Avatar
edpicz 15 4 1 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2018 5:31PM
Hi all - just wondered if anyone had any similar stories to share or tips on getting this resolved?

In brief, I upgraded my Sony RX100 M1 to a Sony RX100 M3 (bought from John Lewis) as I was pleased to see £75 Cash Back from Sony running at the time of purchase. This was at the beginning of August this year.

After registering everything with Sony, I was a little disappointed to find out I wasn't eligible to claim until I had owned the camera for 30 days. OK - I should have read the Ts & Cs a little more closely, so no problem. A month later (beginning of September this year) I submitted my claim along with a scanned copy of my invoice from John Lewis. The email I received back from Sony confirmed all was good and I would receive my Cash Back 28 days after they had validated the claim.

Almost 2 more months have now gone by and the status of my claim is still "Awaiting Validation" - I suspect it will stay at this status until I do something to prompt them. I have tried emailing their support and I am awaiting (every hopeful!) a reply....

In the meantime can anyone share a similar story? Any tips such as the best contact email or number to escalate this with Sony? I have read a few posts elsewhere from people who had to jump through various Sony hoops to receive their Cash Back. I do remember using a similar scheme with Panasonic and it just worked great - cheque received with a few weeks of claiming - not like this one!

Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
21 Oct 2018 7:05PM
I claimed for a Canon cashback early one December for a Macro lens. It was refused because the cashback offer had ended 30th November. The Photographic retailer had apparently omitted to remove the offer just for the lens I bought. I complained to the retailer who accepted responsibility and paid me the cashback.
RoyChilds Avatar
RoyChilds 15 117 England
22 Oct 2018 8:02AM
You are not alone, bought my lens in August from LCE and still waiting validation but i'm sure it will happen there must be thousands of these claims running or maybe Sony 's just very slow .

Cheers (patiently waiting)

edpicz Avatar
edpicz 15 4 1 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2018 9:40AM
Thanks Roy - I'll repost here too if I hear anything back from Sony about this... they do seem to be taking ages to validate these claims!
RoyChilds Avatar
RoyChilds 15 117 England
22 Oct 2018 12:24PM
Wow ! just got email confirming payment in 5 days..... spooky or what .
edpicz Avatar
edpicz 15 4 1 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2018 4:09PM
That's great news... hoping (what an optimist ...) mine will soon be settled too as they sort out the August purchases.... or not !
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
28 Feb 2019 3:50PM
I have just got off the phone to Sony support. Basically I had registered the camera (a 7) the day it arrived. Today I tried to apply for the cashback after waiting the required 30 days. I spent an hour filling in their forms, including photos of the invoice, a photo of the serial number etc etc. Then it went round & round, didn't recognise my password, then for technical reasons they couldn't accept my claim.
So I phoned their support number and to be fair they were reasonably efficient. But I had to tell them what router I was using??? Then had to clear ALL the history on my computer, which meant that EPZ didn't recognise me!
But, now I have an email with a reference number which I have printed off, they are saying that the money will be in my a/c within 28 days.
I also have a headache and a very dry mouth.
I have always considered cashback schemes to be a very odd thing. I know why companies do them and this is the first one that I have ever entered into. I only did it because it was the camera that I wanted and got a very good deal before the £150 offer was applied.
I will report when it arrives! Sad
JJGEE Avatar
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
28 Feb 2019 4:22PM

Quote:a very dry mouth.

I think that should be easy to fix and no waiting 28 days Smile
ian5986 Avatar
ian5986 20 31 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2019 6:50PM
Sony Cashback

I submitted my cashback claim at the beginning of Feb this year with the sales receipt and a photo of the serial number as required.

I received an email back on 2 Feb confirming the receipt of the cashback application.

I have checked numerous times and each time the status shows they are awaiting validation and yet again in the last few days so I submitted a customer service request for an update, response from Sony:

With reference to your cashback participation for the Sony SEL55F18Z Lens, we would like to confirm that the cashback for your claim is being validated by our cashback team regarding the reference number of xxxxxxxxxxxx and claim ID of xxxxxx.

Please click the below link to check your claim status:

Unfortunately, there is no specific time frame on when the claim will be validated, however, once validated, you may allow up to 28 days after the validation and your cashback will be transferred to your bank account from Link Network or World Pay, as you will be confirmed by email if accepted or if any other information is required.

29 days to validate the application seems crazy when evidence of a purchase from a Sony approved dealer is submitted and now to be told it could take a further 28 days following validation is ridiculous and unfair to customers - why can't they be like Nikon(and I suspect others) who respond in a far more timely manner.

As good as Sony products are, their customer service related to cashback handling is abysmal.

Very poor show Sony!
dcash29 Avatar
dcash29 17 2.4k England
1 Mar 2019 8:25PM
I've never had a problem.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
21 Mar 2019 9:14AM
Still waiting for my cashback. I made the request on the 28th February. Agreed that I may have to wait another 4 or 5 days for the 'up to 28 days', but, why does it take so long after the purchase?
I tried to find out the progress of the claim using their website, the automated response is 'check your last email from Sony!

My last email from them was a suggestion from them to me to register my Sony lenses. I didn't buy a lens with this body and my Sony lens is quite old now. So that, and the difficulty of starting this process, I find shows a lack of care to detail and poor customer relations.

Incidentally I have bought a new Tamron 28-75 FE for my a7 body and it is superb!
JJGEE Avatar
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
21 Mar 2019 9:55AM

Quote:Agreed that I may have to wait another 4 or 5 days for the 'up to 28 days', but, why does it take so long after the purchase?

I am not a businessman but I assume you are in effect submitting an invoice and their accounting practices are that payments within 28 days, or whatever.

And of course they will always wait until the last moment !
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
29 Mar 2019 12:26AM
I am still waiting for my cashback.
I looked at the page 'See the status of this claim' and it now says 'please note that this cashback is now over'.
So, what do I do now? Shuffle up to Sony headquarters on my knees and plead to get my own money back!?....Sad

Never again..
I expect much better service from Sony than this.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
29 Mar 2019 12:47AM
Just found out that SONY have not accepted my cashback. As I filled in all their forms correctly and the camera was purchased from Amazon, one of their authorised suppliers, I do not know why and they did not inform me directly - I suppose I will have to fight on and spend many hours trying to get my money back.

This was a completely misleading sales promotion as without that I would definitely not have bought the camera. SONY , yes, SONY.
Very hard to not swear.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
29 Mar 2019 7:28AM
One thing is certain, my next lens purchase will not be a SONY!


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