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Spirit of Nature Images

phil_j 15 134 4 England
20 Jun 2009 5:51PM
Can I invite you to take a look at our newly revamped website and offer your thoughts on it.

The site has been produced with a great deal of help and patient advice by Alan Wallace, the brother of EPZ member Angi Nelson (Zarozinia), and I can recommend his services to anybody else that may be looking for a new website.
There are a couple of things that still need to be be done to it, I need to write a piece for the first "about" page ( I Hate writing about myself!!) and add some backdated news items from my previous website, but it's almost as it will be.

One item I am really keen on, and I would vaule your thoughts on it, is the "featured images" link from the front page.

the address is www.spiritofnatureimages.co.uk

Thank you in advace

csurry 19 9.2k 92
20 Jun 2009 6:04PM
Absolute first impression - first page takes too long to load.

I have a 8Mb connection and if it wasn't a link from this thread I'd have normally got bored and clicked away.

I did not time it, but in comparison with similar sites it seemed an age, which is what people notice. You may say it is only 10 secs, but in web world that's an age.

Off to look at the rest now.
User_Removed 14 2.2k 3 United Kingdom
20 Jun 2009 6:04PM
I think you need some sort of 'Loading' message on the front screen. Those of us down at the far end of broadband are left wondering what the line is doing for a few minutes. Dial-up may be pondering on the purpose of the slow moving yellow dot Grin Good first impressions though.
phil_j 15 134 4 England
20 Jun 2009 6:05PM
Thank you for that, I will take a look at doing something about that if possible.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
20 Jun 2009 6:07PM
The links page

Lots of repeated links.

Why do I want to click on them? Normally people tell you site A is great for, and then the link for you to follow. Or my favourite photography sites and then a list of them. But just a list of links, why would I want to follow any of them?

Still looking, just feeding back as things hit me Wink
phil_j 15 134 4 England
20 Jun 2009 6:10PM
Thanks again Cheryl, Alan just used a lot of random links to fill the space up for the moment, and I will replace them over time.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
20 Jun 2009 6:10PM
Similarly with the list of articles. I just thought they were place holders for future updates until I clicked on a few and found bits of info related to them.

Tell people what they will find, so Article 1 would become Website Development or the name of the company
phil_j 15 134 4 England
20 Jun 2009 6:11PM
Great advice so far, thank you.

csurry 19 9.2k 92
20 Jun 2009 6:12PM
There are some typos - Photographes on the main page.

Also I keep getting confused - look at our website or photos. This showcases the work of Phil Jefferies. Do you have a split personality? Grin

Keep the context of me, I, we, our consistent. If you want to try to say there are more of you then lose the specific reference to yourself Wink
phil_j 15 134 4 England
20 Jun 2009 6:19PM
Put that right later this evening, can't believe I let that typo slip through on the front page. DOH!!
dwarf 13 52 United Kingdom
20 Jun 2009 6:28PM
Must say it loaded very quickly for me and I'm really impressed. The images are stunning. Best of luck
phil_j 15 134 4 England
20 Jun 2009 6:31PM
Thank you all for the thoughts so far, I will reply to any more later as I am shortly going to be goung out for a Birthday meal and night at the flicks.

Alan_Warriner 15 545 England
20 Jun 2009 7:01PM
On the gallery pages there are 'blank' images at the end which sit there trying to load but nothing happens, you have select one of the top menu options to get out
20 Jun 2009 7:12PM
Great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loading was quick (about 2 or 3 seconds). Great colours.
You show a very interesting and attractive selection of your photos.

I noticed a typo error (line 7) in the description of the ephotozine photo of the week (article 4): you wrote "flood plane" instead of "flood plain"

All the best, Jean-NoŽl
csurry 19 9.2k 92
20 Jun 2009 7:44PM
Just tried the link again from a different PC (so no cache) and this time it loaded quickly, so maybe a problem earlier on with the host as I wasn't having problems with any other websites.

Does the site work for non-flash machines, not everyone likes flash based websites.

Will try and take another look later, but been a busy day.

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