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Spooky Stuff....

User_Removed 16 825 Lithuania
11 Sep 2005 7:43PM
About an hour ago... my daughter came down rubbing her eyes and said a little boy was tapping her on the head, she pushed him away but he vanished. She has previously said that her bedroom door would open on its own and one of my sons a few years back had a few instances of being woken by some one/thing tapping him on the head.... she would not have known that. My dog Leo... had him about 18 months now, refuses to go upstairs by coincidence... does not bother me cos i have had an experience of my own many years back... but ofcourse dont want my little`n to be frightened.... do i just ignore it and say she was dreaming as i have or what.... what would you do.... serious comments only please!
Fujiconvert 16 1.3k England
11 Sep 2005 9:48PM
andytvcams 19 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
11 Sep 2005 10:28PM
Who you gonna call?

Ghost busters Smile
sybilla 17 264
11 Sep 2005 10:34PM
If you tell her that it she was dreaming she will feel very frustrated that you dont believe her. You dont say how old she is. What and how you tell her will depend on her age.

The main thing is that she isnt scared. Just chat to her about it and tell her that it COULD be a dream. You have to try and turn it into a positive experience. What you actually say depends on how the conversation goes. As long as you keep calm (which you sound as if you will) and tell her she is very special for this to happen Im sure she will be fine.


PS ANd you two can stop being so silly!!! BAD BAD BAD MEN!
elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 12:15AM
This is an interesting subject and one which many people will disagree on.

The real answer for your daughter has been given by Clare. The minds of the young are active and full of wonder at the world, it is no wonder they have such dreams.

My night times used to be populated by lacivious women, space ships, pirates, monsters, cow boys and even more women. I used to have nightmares but also exciting boys dreams. I still do but there are no lacivious women anymore.

You say your daughter is not aware of the dreams of your son, I don't know why you are so certain but children pick up on things very quickly.

Don't forget, we spend 1/3 of our life asleep and the mind keeps working while we are asleep.

As for the supernatural;

I know a dog who won't go into a kitchen willingly and walks backwards when trying to get out. I have always considered dogs to be one GCSE smarter than sheep.

I used to read alternative theory books avidly but in every case presentented for the supernatural or the intervention of gods, spacemen etc the evidence was lacking and had to be taken on faith.

The human mind is capable of creating gods and monsters (often one and the same), ghosts and goulies. We can convince ourselves that the truth is a lie and that lies are reality. For children, and for adults as well, it is often hard to seperate dreams of others, let alone our own, from reality.

Enough waffle.
Bernie 17 2.2k
12 Sep 2005 1:07AM
Forget it, it's just a dream. When you die your dead, simple as.
juliem 16 613
12 Sep 2005 5:18AM
In that case-how do you explain my husband seeing our dog which had died a few months earlier,walking past my chair? (He hadn't been drinking and doesn't believe in things like that?)
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 5:25AM
I keep a totally open mind about things like this. One thing I have often thought though is that the subconscious mind works so quickly to process the information we receive from our senses, that it could sometimes confuse itself.

For example, a play of light or a slight draft could cause your senses to send information to the brain which resembled some familiar action of a much loved pet or person. Before you have had chance to really analyse the information your subconscious has told you that it was something which it wasn't.

That doesn't explain group sightings, but could be true for people who feel the presence of loved ones. Another thing is that, when you live with somebody for any length of time, you get to know what they would say or do in a given situation. So much so that it is perfectly possible to believe that you can feel them with you when they are not.

u08mcb 17 5.8k
12 Sep 2005 5:29AM
Stick a tape on record overnight Smile
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
12 Sep 2005 5:35AM Glastonbury?
u08mcb 17 5.8k
12 Sep 2005 5:52AM
/me watches that fly over his head at 35 thousand feet
sillyconguru 17 4.4k
12 Sep 2005 5:55AM
Malcolm, "/me" doesn't work in the forum Wink
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
12 Sep 2005 5:58AM
/me didn't like to say
u08mcb 17 5.8k
12 Sep 2005 6:11AM
/me thinks you peeps don't understand how far irc has invaded internet communication Tongue
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
12 Sep 2005 6:14AM
/nick ThreadAbuse|knows what you mean

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