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Spooky Stuff....

sillyconguru 17 4.4k
12 Sep 2005 6:16AM
Malcolm, get a job.

Keith, get back to making the tea.

u08mcb 17 5.8k
12 Sep 2005 6:23AM
Hahahah rich coming from YOU!!

Anyway I thought this thread was about ghosts? We appear to have hijacked it.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
12 Sep 2005 6:27AM
I know...spooky innit?

Two sugars?
sillyconguru 17 4.4k
12 Sep 2005 6:28AM
LOL @ Malcolm.

No sugar please Keith.

We haven't hijacked it, we're just ghosts in the machine....
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 6:39AM
/me thinks of old Police album
sillyconguru 17 4.4k
12 Sep 2005 6:44AM
Don't you start Wink
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 7:13AM
Strawman huffs in corner
u08mcb 17 5.8k
12 Sep 2005 7:15AM
no no its /me huffs...
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 7:46AM
/me Listening to White Stripes

"Im thinking about my Picture
When you gonna click it,
when you gonna click it."
12 Sep 2005 8:36AM
Back to the original post....

If your daughter is unnerved/frightened, the best thing to do is go to the room, and simply ask whatever is there to stop. I know it sounds daft, but my sister has a ghost in her house, chillingly christened Beigeface by my niece. It has a habit of watching them from various places in the house and also went through a phase of stealing small items. I told my sister to ask for the things back as soon as it had happened and 9 times out of 10, they reappeared, albeit in weird places. She's since asked it to stop watching the younger girls as it's scaring them, and it has complied. hope this helps.

elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 1:34PM
I feel happy in the knowledge that the human brain can decieve its owner far readily than dead dogs can walk.

Humans, on average, will believe anything that makes them feel better rather than except a scientific explanation that will not make them feel better.

You only have to look at the proliferation of charlatans making money out of the gullible. Many of these people are given credence by the news papers, TV and radio.

It's all a bit like believing Big Brother and other so called 'reality TV' is good entertainment. You will end up believing Elvis is realy dead next.
spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
12 Sep 2005 2:14PM
I don't believe in ghosts. If I saw a ghost I would believe in ghosts.
pj.morley 18 947 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 3:16PM
I don't believe in ghosts and if I saw one I still wouldn't believe in ghosts. I would try and come up with a logical explanation to explain what had happened. If I couldn't then I'd think of it as unexplained but not supernatural.

It's true that the human mind abhors unexplained sensation and will invent an experience in order to explain it. That's why we see shapes in the dark that can spring to life, hear words in meaningless sound, see patterns in randomness etc.

Also, how can you be absolutely 100% sure that she hasn't heard the story about your son's experience?

My little lad is 5 and he sometimes says things that I would have sworn he couldn't have had knowledge of but he obviously has. For example he knows stuff about his dead grandparents and even claimed to recognise his nana when he saw a photo of her. Now I cannot be absolutely sure he hasn't seen that photo before but I'm sure he must have, as well as over hearing stories about his grandparents.

My wife has on occassion been amazed at some things he knows and has been ready to believe that there is something supernatural until I recount a conversation I may have had with him when she wasn't there.. For example I told him his grandad was called Albert but was known by the name of Dave.

The next time he heard the name Albert, he promptly said, "my grandad is called Albert but he's dead". Of course my wife immediatley suspected something a little more supernatural
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
12 Sep 2005 4:22PM
Don't ever doubt that their are things beyond our comprehension. We were enroute one morning from Goose Bay to Halifax, having flown a load of freight to Goose. Just the 2 of us, in an empty B737 at 35000 feet, smooth, routine flight. All of a sudden we heard all the sounds the flight attendants would make preparing to do a service, cupboard doors slamming, pots rattling, etc. We looked at each other, startled, and I said we must have company people on board and they didn't advise us. Carl checked the manifest and said they're not mentioned on here. Being the Captain, I said you better go check. He took the flashlight, more as a weapon, as the lights were on. He opened the door and the noise stopped. He checked everything and all was secure. He came back to the cockpit, closed the door, sat down, and the noise started again. He jumped up and immediately opened the door. The noise stopped. Came back in, closed the door, sat down, and again the noises of flight attendants working in the forward galley was clearly heard. I went back, checked everything, came back, and this time put the door stop down and left it open. No more noise. Maintenance couldn't find anything. I will make one comment, one of our flight attendants, 21 year old girl, was killed in a car accident shortly before this. Cheers. All true.
debbiehardy 17 363 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 4:40PM
I once worked a nightshift with an Irish lad, full of fun and always joking.

We'd had a hard evening and just sat down with a cuppa.
"Don't bother drinking that Debbie...I've just seen the Angel of Death come out of Florrie's room"

As we'd only just attended to Florrie who was poorly but certainly OK I chastised him for scaring me and being daft.

"Comeon..." He took me by the hand and led me in. Sure enough, Florrie had indeed been visited.

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