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Spooky Stuff....

UserRemoved 17 4.2k
12 Sep 2005 4:48PM
I see ghosts from time to time - unexplainable really, mostly for certain reasons I'd not like to go in to.

Go into your daughters room and ask that your daughter not be frightened as the other poster suggestion.

Had a very near miss myself late tonight, camera malfunctioned at a certain point and well lets just say it was lucky it did.

Coincidence, possibly, the front door closing on its own locking me out when I left to go out for one more run into town leaving my gear sitting in the hallway, coincidence.

Maybe I should have heeded what I thought I saw tonight.

Right wheres that tequila.
User_Removed 16 825 Lithuania
12 Sep 2005 8:00PM
thanks sybilla,elowes,juliem,digicammad,bigbird, pj`,denny, debbie and joe!... well as it stands at the moment... im on the sofa and she is in with the wife... it will pass off soon im sure... its a subject that fascinaates me and one i could talk about for hours... for those "believers" out there i find it interesting/coincidence it happened now as for the last four days i have knocking walls down upstairs,found an old original doodrway buried in a wall,now in the skip,... they say things like that disturb spirits or whatever...but i wish Bernie was with me some years back now when for about 9 months we had voices, foot steps, banging and crashing and opening of doors right before your very eyes, we had noises recorded on tape, we had mirrors flying off walls... we even had toilets flushing on their own... a unique and fascinating experience, one which i feel very privelidged to have had.... thanks again!
Bernie 17 2.2k
13 Sep 2005 1:31AM
I supposedly live in a very haunted town, growing up we spent days on end camped at some of the allegedly most haunted spots to no avail. Last year one of my friends spent 3 nights sleeping in what is said to be one of Britains most haunted hotel rooms here to no avail. HERE

The brain is full of wonderful chemicals that when activated for one reason or another will allow us to see whatever we like.
Do love a good ghost story though and most haunted is always good for a laugh. derek acora is my hero.
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
13 Sep 2005 2:07AM
One of your old haunts, eh, Bernie? Smile)
Eye4Photo 16 1
14 Sep 2005 12:35PM
Always b alert for what I call 'suspicious coincidence'. Example, sitting in lauderette many years ago reading book in which glass vase fell to floor and smashed to pices, at that precise moment the glass jam jar I used to hold the washing powder fell to the floor and smashed to pieces. Spooky? No, suspicious coincidence.
To move on, schizophrenics suffer dillusions. Where do they come from? They are internally generated. Normal thought processes are by-passed. This uncontrolled passage of thoughts into conciousness are rationalised by the sufferer in the following way - if the thought just experienced was not put there by me, it must have been put there by some outside agency, like that green frog on the window (which is just a leaf blown on the wind).
This is an extreme example but I use it to demonstrate how powerful the experiece is, even if it has no basis in reality.
That said, I do believe children are not as desensitised as we are to the world of spirit. The little boy just wants someone to play with. Therefore, get your daughter to sleep in another room for one night. Talk to the child about what you want them to do. If they will not go away, get a vicar in.
I was a little boy once. The things in our house that used to happen stopped not long after my mum had holy water sprinkled about the house.
Hope that helps. IAN.
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2005 2:54PM
York Minster has clergy who are 'on the books' as exorcists and regularly ghost bust.
LAF 18 1.7k
17 Sep 2005 4:36AM
Joe sees dead people...
c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
17 Sep 2005 6:44AM
I think dogs will not climb a staircase if it's not a solid one ie there it has risers.

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
17 Sep 2005 8:36AM
Years ago was working at a London hospital - the operating theatres covered three wings on a high floor, and on rotation night duty someone went round in the early morning putting the autoclaves through their cycle and checking the readings to make sure they all reached the right temperatures. (Autoclaves are the sterilising 'ovens' for instruments and some equipment.)

My first shift of night duty and my turn to do the rounds one time and off I trotted down the long empty corridors to do the rounds of the autoclaves, and went into that particular theatre sluice room where the autoclave was.

As I stood there checking the trace and the readings I knew for a fact someone was behind me. Right behind me. A matter of inches. The hairs on the back of my neck went up and I went completely cold although it was warm in there. I just knew it was a tallish guy, fairly thickset, dark hair, and of course when I turned round he wasn't there. But the sense of him being there was still there. I was off and out down the corridor and when I reached the others they then told me that that particular theatre was haunted. Well thanks guys! After that I never went down there alone at night.

Oh and the autoclave was working fine btw .. hehe (before you wonder .. Wink )
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2005 9:39AM
My wife did her Nurse Training at St Mary's Praed Street, in Paddington. They had one corridor between wards in which the figure of a nursing sister in antique uniform was seen walking along the old floor level, visible only from the shins up. The adjacent ward always had at least two staff on at night as it was too eerie for one person. The story was that when she appeared a patient was to die.

Certainly Pam had one poor lady who told her that she had been helped by "that kind nurse in the funny uniform" - she died the next morning

Weird stuff
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
17 Sep 2005 10:08AM

Quote:St Mary's Praed Street, in Paddington

Almost as spookily that's where I was incarcerated for several months!!

Didn't see the spectral nurse........thank heavens!!! :-O
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2005 10:52AM
Glad you made it out in one piece CB, its nice to see that signature back on screen.

It was 40+ years ago - she's probably been outsourced by now as part of the NHS drive to meet performance targets! Smile
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
17 Sep 2005 11:03AM
Thanks, Brian. About halfway through my 5-month hospitalisation I did have a very bad turn, and indeed thought - along with a slightly panicky young on-call night doctor - I was about to pass to a different 'astral plain', as they say. Bizarrely the name of a film came into my mind.............. Flatliners !!!

Perhaps I DID have a (brief) visitation from the legless nurse!

spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
17 Sep 2005 11:16AM
A nurse drinking on the job.......disgraceful.
jimbo_t 18 959 England
18 Sep 2005 1:55PM
Hi Whoops,
just a thought.... is your house hot at night? I often wake up in terror during the night over the summer months especially on the still, muggy ones. I have very vivid hallucinations during which i often injure myself as I try to fight off people and things! Its very scary at the time but goes very quickly!

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