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Square filters!

Andy_Curtis 5 808 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 11:01AM

I know there are hundred of topics in the forums about filters and Cokin vs Lee vs Haida and so on....
None actually have the answer I need.

Does anyone on here use Cokin P-series filtes (preferably full ND) and have some results to share?
Every time I bring this topic up, people tell me to spend more and buy LEE filters now, rather than lots of cheaper ones over and over. That all well and good, but I can not justify spending $400+ on filters that will only get used a few times a year.
Amazon have a full Cokin ND kit (holder + 3x filters) for 50 and I am tempted to just bit the bullet and get them. I am more than happy to remove any colour cast in PP.

Any help is appreciated.

Lets not turn this into a LEE vs Cokin..... I just want to see results from people using Cokin, and their experience. If any Smile


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Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 12:37PM

I would go for it, I don't do a lot of landscape work so couldn't justify the cost so bought a Cokin set, a little bit of a colour cast but easily dealt with...

sherlob Plus
13 3.1k 129 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 1:28PM
Mark Broughton uses Cokin P. Nothing wrong with his portfolio - and I don't seem to recall him having any trouble with colour casts (which were once an issue). Please note most often he uses ND grads.
RobboB Plus
13 133 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 4:46PM
I used to use them and was quite happy. Its only because I went full frame that I upgraded. In fact sometimes a little colour cast was welcome but as you say, easily removed. Go for it I say
pink Plus
16 6.2k 7 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 4:54PM
I don't believe its just the colour cast that's the problem, its the quality of the filter itself.
I used to use Cokin (indeed I still have them) but I found issues with quality, particularly ND's as this seems to make the problem worse due to the length of exposure.
I will not say what filters I use now Smile
Andy_Curtis 5 808 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 5:50PM

Quote:I will not say what filters I use now

I can probably guess Wink

I think I will just go for it, its 50... I'm sure they will be more than adequate for me. I don't print often (or big) and most images end up on a website anyway.

Dave_Canon 13 1.6k United Kingdom
12 Jan 2017 10:37PM
I bought a reasonable glass ND Filter B+W which is a reasonable brand. They appear to cost about 60 for 77mm but I think I paid much less than this 3 years ago. I did not consider it worth spending more given that I have only used it a couple of times in those 3 years.

Chrism8 13 934 26 England
13 Jan 2017 6:46AM
SRB filters have had some very good reviews in photo mag tests recently

Andy_Curtis 5 808 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2017 10:58AM
Ooooo I just checked out SRB's elite range. They seem to be quite well received, and a very comfortable price. Even their circular polariser is affordable. Thanks Chris, for pointing me at them.
Chrism8 13 934 26 England
13 Jan 2017 6:36PM
Hi Andy, no problem, I've been using them for a while now since reading several reviews, good quality with little or no colour cast and discounts usually offered at shows such as the forth coming Photo Show in Birmingham.
24 Mar 2017 10:23AM
I use and sell Cokin filters and their Nuance ND filters are the best I have tried, colour neutral and much cheaper than the competion, compared to a Lee ten stopper the Cokin wins everytime and a good 4o odd cheaper too.
[link removed by epz against site terms and conditions]
Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
24 Mar 2017 11:28AM
From what I gather don't cokin and lee use the same filter holder sizes - I seem to recall people suggesting that you get Cokin holders and then Lee filters as opposed to Lee kits (due to Lee oft selling out). So even if you want to upgrade later you can keep using the same holders
arhb 12 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2017 1:18PM
I have the A, P, and Z-Pro holders - the A series I bought back in the 80's for my Pentax K1000.
I've been doing some digital black and white tests recently(red, orange, yellow and green filters), using the P series holder on a Canon 17-40mm lens.
I am getting vignetting below 24mm, and I think you need to be aware of this.
I dont know if this happens with all P series filters with wide angle lenses or not but thought it was worth mentioning.

On the other hand, the Z-Pro holder and filters produces only a very slight vignette at 17mm, due to the larger size of the filters.
If you are working at wide angles, you will need to consider this.
TareqPhoto 4 18 United Arab Emirates
3 Apr 2017 1:35PM
I am moving to use 150mm filters so far for all my filters, i know i can use 100mm[4"] filters good enough on most lenses wide or ultra wide angle, but with 150mm it is like i will never see vignetting even if i use 3 filters at once.

The only lenses i have that may see vignetting if i stacked filters are: Samyang 14mm and Canon TS17, because those 2 lenses have no standard front thread and they have that so wide angle of view, i don't have Canon 11-24 or Nikon 14-24 but i think they are in same boat of widest angle and filters vignetting.

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