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Still only an amateur

11 Oct 2004 12:13PM
I've just noticed that I now have 3 images in the most viewed section and want to thank all those who taken time and trouble to help me improve my photographic 'skill'. Sometimes I'm buzzing with ideas, others happen by accident. Some days I want to give it all up because of my lack of technical expertise, space, equipment or the weather! Wink. Of late I've had a few dilemas on posting negative critism of others work and this week I'm trying not too because I am 'still only an amateur' and feel now that I may be critising in areas where I have not knowledge and perhaps am getting things wrong. Perhaps its time I just clicked and didnt comment.
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 12:19PM
K,your three images are there because of the high standard of your work,so keep on clicking and commenting,you are an inspiration,to us all.

UserRemoved 16 4.2k
11 Oct 2004 12:22PM
How do you expect to learn id you dont criticise in areas you have no knowledge of and do get things wrong.
Giving and receiving criticism is not a one off thing. You can ask questions in criticism. If you are asking you are thinking, if you are thinking then you are learning.
If you do criticise and 'get it wrong' and the person gives a bit more detail and explains why its taken that way then you have learned something.

You have to ask questions and that can be critique too.
csurry 18 9.2k 92
11 Oct 2004 12:24PM
K, it's cos you keep looking at them yourself (and got Pete to fiddle the counter) Wink))))

Just kidding, your portraits (as I have said before) are very, very good. Try submitting some to the mags. As Zippie pointed out, if I can do it anyone can.

debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 12:24PM
K! No need to worry about commenting. Your work is excellent and your comments have always seemed fair whenever I've seen them. Don't stop contributing in any way!! Debbie xx
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 12:26PM
I agree with the others K. Not only are your images good enough to show that you know pretty much what you are doing, but anything you don't know you can learn through studying other people's photos to give them critique.

I may not always be able to tell people the technical details of what I don't think is right about a shot but I will still critique the shot. I have learned a lot from leaving critique and have found that the way I judge my own shots has also become more constructive.

I still find it difficult to resist the urge to post though, even when I know the problems in a shot. :0)

Keep critiquing (constructively of course).

john64 Plus
16 824 England
11 Oct 2004 12:32PM
K, it is quite obvious from your portfolio that you have a certain amount of ability for the genre you seem to enjoy, i.e. Portraiture.

It has been said before on this site that the only difference between professionals and amateurs is that some get paid for their work, others don't. Being an 'amateur' does not decrease the value of your critique.

If I were to post a portrait, I would be most interested in hearing what you had to say about it, simply because of the quality of your own work.

Carry on commenting.

a11sus 17 568 Northern Ireland
11 Oct 2004 12:40PM
For crying out loud K - take my advice and get yourself on a flippin course - you obviously need the help. . . . .

11 Oct 2004 12:46PM
ROFL @ Susan! I'me saving for Manchester Wink. Thanks all for the positive comments, Joe I know, you have an extremely valid point there. Cheryl, damn susssed me Wink Debbie, Ian and John thanks for your comments, they have helped.
EnglishRose 16 271 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 12:54PM
You're obviously doing something right - well done youSmile


P.S. Where is the "most viewed" page?
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 12:56PM
I think joe is spot on you should learn by the critique you leave. the main reason being to leave a properly constructive criticsn you actually have to think about how you would have taken the shot.
creative_sara 16 647
11 Oct 2004 1:25PM
I employ you not to stop commenting on work K, your comments are very valued to me and many others I'm sure.

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
11 Oct 2004 1:28PM
It's odd that it's often the people who have least reason for self-doubt, have it in spades!

Funny old world! Wink
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 3:04PM
Laura, you can find the most viewed page here. Hope this helps!
EnglishRose 16 271 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2004 3:50PM
Thanks Debbie. Still not sure where to find it without using this link though - just for future reference.


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