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Still trying to get repeatable, sharp images!

cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
29 Jan 2020 3:39PM
Thanks for the patience Chris_L.
I decided on the Sony RX10 because all the rave reviews it has, just hope I can improve things with time. You're hinting that the images will never match those from the Canon/Fuji so a bit disappointed considering the cost of this.
Guess if I win a bit on the PB's or something I'll go back to the heavier camera again, I'd rather have image quality than lightness😱
Chrism8 14 989 28 England
30 Jan 2020 6:25AM
There's good advice here from Chris_L, he's right that the Canon and Fuji glass is more likely to give you better results, something to bear in mind is the longer the reach on the lens, the more this will exaggerate any slight weakness in technique or movement / wobble on a tripod.

A soft smooth shutter release finger is required over perhaps a jabbie one Smile and with this these little birds are constantly moving trying to avoid being the next bird of prey meal or similar
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
30 Jan 2020 8:31AM


These are the possibilities:
1) The photographer's technique
Shooting your 600mm equiv lens at 600mm and shooting at 1/400s is not fast enough even with a subject that is still but breathing. The lens is at the worst focal length for image quality. Some reviews warn you to stay away from 600. Some people say to always use electronic shutter, some say turn off the touch screen as it's easy to refocus inadvertently with your nose. Trial and error.

Adding to "technique" issues - how stable is the tripod?
Apart from a second hand Benbo (not a Trekker) - anything costing under 400 new is unlikely to offer the stability needed for a 24x36 600mm angle of view.

A second issue is where is the camera AF locking on?
The starling is a good example - the contrast in the black and white of the feathers nearest the camera is decently sharp.
As the starling is at an angle to the sensor there is not enough depth of field to get the eye sharp - and it is unsharp due to being outside the depth of field.

The frontal shot of what seems to be a tree sparrow consists of detail in the feathers too low in contrast and too fine in detail for just about any AF system to detect accurately - and compared to the starling the image is soft - almost certainly because the camera AF could not detect the subject easily.

To get better results - first is the tripod good enough for the job in hand - and second it helps if the birds are "square on to the camera" and you can focus on the head - or better still the eye.
Even when you get this good - birds can move their heads or feathers fast enough for blur at a shutter speed of 1/400.
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
30 Jan 2020 8:33AM
👍👍 fully understand Chrism8 which is why it's been a tripod and cable release to try to remove all possible human movement. m simply comparing before and now results, and they are disappointing to say the least - at the moment😱
Chris_L 7 5.5k United Kingdom
30 Jan 2020 3:11PM
Both Len and Chrism8 are absolutely bang on.

Quote:simply comparing before and now results, and they are disappointing to say the least
You aren't though really, you haven't got any before results for a 600mm lens.

In this light, you do need a heavy tripod, as Len says, even then the slightest breeze can make your lens wobble.

To understand what it is you are trying to achieve get a 600mm lens and a DSLR and shoot at 1/400s, walk about with it and shoot handheld too - as that's what you have been doing with your new camera.

Soon be summer, soon be able to shoot at base ISO with really fast shutter speeds.

Next time you are out, put camera on tripod, fully zoom to 600, record a minute of video. You will see the wobble from the breeze when you play it back at home.
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
30 Jan 2020 4:25PM
I am not shooting at full zoom, I usually set between 400-500mm.
On the Fuji and Canon I could use use the 100-400 + 1.4 extender(560) and hand held and get good results, the IS on both the Canon and Fuji was brilliant! I guess I can't expect anything like that on this camera.

Chris_L "Soon be summer, soon be able to shoot at base ISO with really fast shutter speeds." That is definitely an issue at the moment, to use anything like decent F & shitter the ISO's up in the 1000's and this camera certainly doesn't like that!

Ho Hum! As I said before, just have to hope to win a bit on the PB's and go back to the Fuji🤓

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