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Stitching Images

Toymaker 19 587 1
19 Jul 2004 9:49PM
Star man Bob, we'll be waiting.

Having experimented with panoramas myself in the past. It doesn't appear to matter which software you use, if the exposures are not identical they look awful and you can see the joins.
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2004 9:51PM
After trying it out I've just bought Panorama Factory and I have to say I am impressed. It takes a while to create the panoramas but the wait is worth it and it seems to cope admirably even with different exposure levels.

I think I'll redo all the panoramas on my web site with it.

Toymaker 19 587 1
19 Jul 2004 9:52PM
ha ha ha. Nice one Paul. I don't think I'd have the patience for that one. 9 images then off to the pub is the best solution Smile
Toymaker 19 587 1
19 Jul 2004 9:53PM
Does it compensate for different coloured blue sky then Ian?
josspowick 18 264 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2004 1:23PM
I dont know what camera you have but I used the standard photostitch that came with my canon digital. I have used it sucessfully on a number of occasions. Take a look at my LLoyds picture, thats two pics stitched together.]
mipettin 18 884 2 Scotland
20 Jul 2004 2:42PM
Using PTAssembler and getting some great results with it. I am certain I will be registering it - think it is 40 US Dollars. I have a few pano shots in my portfolio - maybe adding some more soon as I have been out over the last couple of days taking pano shots.
rockrabbit 17 40
26 Jul 2004 11:16AM

I would go with Toymaker on this one. The Canon Photostitch Software is great for stitching images, very quick and I think better than panorama factory. Panorama factory uses loads of intermiary files and leaves them on the disk, whereas Canon Photostitch doesn't. With a digital, it reads the EXIF data to set the focal length and then morphs the images together. You can specify the focal length / camera type as well. After stitching, you get the option to save as various formats, PSD, JPG, .MOV and QuickTime VR files which are really good. See that Panoguide site for more details. Canon Photostitch is also free with the camera. The merge time of CP is a few seconds (depending on file size of course) rather than minutes in the case of Panorama Factory - tested using 4 x 2MB files.

Toymaker: can you let me have a copy of the software?? I'm without at the moment and can't access the file. Could you email it to me? or place it on a website for download??

Regards, Steve
rockrabbit 17 40
26 Jul 2004 11:19AM
Bob, What was that RealViz software like on the DC mag, detailed above??

digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 11:36AM
Panorama Factory does seem to compensate for differences in the blue of the sky Barry. Take a look at this one, which was stitched from 5 images. I had forgotten to lock the exposure, so all the source images were slightly different.

I don't know about the Canon software, but PF knows the technical characteristics of the camera and can compensate not just for focal length and exposure, but also barrel and pincushion distortion. Does the Canon software only work fully with Canon cameras?

Toymaker 19 587 1
26 Jul 2004 3:28PM
Ian, wooooow. Great panorama shot and no sign of stitching that I could see. Well done Smile

No, the Canon software works with all cameras, it just happens that it is supplied free with their cameras. It's not camera specific coz it works with the downloaded JPG images. Someone on here once provided a link to download a copy but I can't remember where the link is.

Guys, I've added a page to my web site to enable you to download a copy of the software.

It's in a zip format and is 4.5MB in size. You can get a copy HERE.

NOTE: The software is provided free of charge when you buy a Canon camera and they still hold the copyright to the software. I am providing a link to this free software in all good faith but if anyone from Canon or Ephotozine objects to this, I will remove the link immediately.
brm 18 76
26 Jul 2004 4:07PM
Personally I much prefer putting a pan together in PS - although stiching programs/plug ins can take a huge amount of the work out of it I never think the end results are as good. To use Ian's one as an example - you can see where it's joined due to slight colour mismatches and... a dead giveaway - where the ripples in the water are cut off.

I always try to get at least a third of the frame as an over lap - then you can erase & try to merge the frames together.

Here's an example which I'm still working on. Roughly 160 degrees of NYC taken from the top of the empire state building looking south. It's 11 photos stiched together & will be 1.5m wide when I finally print it... well, it will be if I can find a frame that big!

digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 4:20PM
Nice one Ben. I think the difference is that the software does a better job than I could. The example I chose was possibly a bad one, I have others on which there is nothing evident but I do take your point. It's also a matter of patience. :0)

digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 6:20PM
How about this one then?

brm 18 76
26 Jul 2004 6:21PM
I see your point Ian, I just find that once I've seen the mistake I can't not see it - at least in PS I can go back & try to fix it. Well... I can if I can face doing it again anyway Wink

brm 18 76
26 Jul 2004 6:25PM
Now that is a much more impressive example! I think I can see one join, but I really had to hunt for it & I'm only 75% sure it is actually a join. Very good indeed.


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