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Stomping off - Members leaving

Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
15 Oct 2004 10:48AM
Not mentioning names I see another member has taken the huff and removed all their portfolio photos. Over the four years we've been running this has happened on the odd occasion for a number of reasons. And in most cases the person has come back..some have done it more than once!

Can I suggest it's like falling out with your partner. Would you immediately throw everything you owned in the bin and walk out if you disagreed? In most cases no! You'd nip off to the pub or countryside and come back and get back to normality.

I would suggest if you ever feel the site or a member is getting to you, take a few days to calm down and reconsider. If you delete all your photos you're back to the beginning again, all those comments lost and you're uploading one per day again!
15 Oct 2004 10:56AM
Nice weather we having at the moment Wink
Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
15 Oct 2004 11:01AM
Nice??? It's dull, cloudy, cold and about to rain here.

canonshooter 16 85
15 Oct 2004 11:06AM
Pete, the removal of all my pictures has nothing to do with me "taking the huff".

I found one of my pictures on another website and it could only have come from here. As I take the theft of my images very seriously I removed them.

In light of this and the "other" problem, I decided it was time to move on.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
15 Oct 2004 11:06AM
Pete: a suggestion.

Just as we can only upload one pic a day, perhaps there could be a one-a-day limit on deletions?

That would mean it could take several days to delete an entire portfolio.... and give plenty of time for "mature reflection" as they say.

I realise there may be downsides to this and it's not something I myself would wholly welcome but it's a possibility to think about?
15 Oct 2004 11:10AM
CB, what an excellent idea.
tf 16 156
15 Oct 2004 11:12AM

I know members take the site seriously but I'd never thought of it as a marriage before Smile

Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
15 Oct 2004 11:13AM
Dave I never said it was you...have you left? Wink I want to know about this stolen photo. I take theft seriously.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
15 Oct 2004 11:16AM
Sometimes a rest from the site can be beneficial. To refer to Pete's example - like when the wife visits the Mother-in-Law for a few days. May save the throwing of the crockery, to end up in the bin, broken!

cambirder 16 7.2k England
15 Oct 2004 11:21AM
Don't think you can apply a restriction on removal, as they are the owners copyright and we have a right to remove them from any site for whatever reason. Any restriction to that right would break copyright rules I think.

As for the theft of images, I hope that does not put anyone off, a 500pix / 60k image is going to have little commercial value, if some sado nicks one of mine I would be cross, but if you want your pictures seen it's one of the risks we have to take

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
15 Oct 2004 11:25AM
You're not removing the right to remove, just applying a time-lock (like on some safes and strongrooms).

Any 60k image from here is not going to have any commercial value and if spotted elsewhere is easily dealt with by other means and surely does not necessitate removing the image from here.

If there are any of your images you feel especially protective about I will say what I have said in the past: don't post them in the first place!
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
15 Oct 2004 11:28AM
A 'stolen' photo is not the fault of this site, nor necessarily of any of the members.

Whatever site Dave moves on to, it could still happen!

True, there is little commercial value in a 500x500 pixel 60k image, but the problem is plagiarism - which can be very upsetting.

hobbs Plus
16 1.3k Japan
15 Oct 2004 11:30AM
I can see why people get upset, but the other way of looking at is as a complement. Other than posting it else were you can not do anything else with it as everyone else has said the quality isn't good enough to be printed.
Then find out were they live and send the boy's round ;o)
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
15 Oct 2004 11:32AM
I agree with Nick. The "we know where you live" approach is often effective! Rofl!! Grin
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Oct 2004 11:33AM
Looking at Dave's 'profile' it would seem that the 'other' problem has been an influencing factor.
I have on two occasions found my shots on other web sites, on both occasions they were travel type sites....doesn't bother me too much..dropped them an email, quick apology and all is well.

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