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xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 7:46PM
Hi folks.

I have a nagging suspicion that I am stuck in some kind of a rut-shaped thing.

I've been into photography for 25+ years and I did a C&G course for a year (which I passed) so I know the rules and stuff but...when I start taking photos during a shoot an alter ego takes over that rushes and fumbles and basically settles for a 'spray and pray' approach. I tell people that's just they way I work. I even back it up with examples (such as the better photos I've got in my pf) which prove, do they not, that the approach I have works. Except...

...I'm lying to myself as much as anyone else and I'm not sure how to re-gain (or maybe just gain) control of the process so I can improve because I really really want to be technically and artistically better than I am, and with greater consistency.

What I'd like to know is, have any of you lot been in the same position and found a way out? If so can you explain it in detail (bullet points are good) so I can follow it to the letter? OK...fair enough. Seriously, though, has anyone who found they had...plateaued (or however you spell it) managed to raise the standard of their technique and creativity to their (as opposed to other people's) satisfaction?

I do joke about these things but it is bothering me so my plea for help is sincere Smile
Krakman 14 3.6k Scotland
15 Jul 2009 7:55PM
Dunno, but maybe first try to identify why you're taking photos. What do you like about photography, what do you want to achieve with it, is there something outside photography that interests you - maybe you can link it to your photography.

Then, if you've identified what you're interested in, maybe it'll help you to work out better which direction to point the camera in, and why?
GaryR 13 1.3k England
15 Jul 2009 8:14PM
Why not set yourself a personal project (maybe something outside your comfort zone), but set a maximum number of shots. That stops the rapid fire situation and forces you to slow down and think about the shot before you reach your shot limit.

Take your time and have some fun doing it.


MrGoatsmilk 12 1.5k England
15 Jul 2009 8:34PM
I agree with Gary set a limit on the shots and don't pass it, you could even set up using friends/family or what ever you use for a typical shoot then you don't have the pressure of it being a client, treat it as such but spend the time taking the shot and thinking about it instead of firing off loads and hoping. Then when you do a 'real' job you have a positive experience to look back on and draw from.


fauxtography 15 6.6k 36
15 Jul 2009 8:40PM
Yep personal projects with a shot limit, in fact a 1 shot limit. Myself and a few friends did something similar last year, we had one camera, one lens and one roll of film. We had to take a photo a day, but only one.

This made you question every potential image you saw, should this be the one? What if something better comes along? It also dropped my shooting rate for stuff outside the project, it's like training for the eye.
Scutter Plus
12 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 8:44PM
or what about joining the Critique Buddies Challenge group No 5?
xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 8:54PM
Krakman: I like that - I can see the sense in such analysis - and I'll think it through. Cheers Smile

Gary: This is one I'm already working towards. I had a sense it might help. I am working on a few long-term projects but I think I need to find a short term, less open-ended project that is more clearly defined. I like the shot limitation too. Cheers Smile

Stu: I'm thinking a shot limit is one definite way forwards. Maybe only take a single small capacity card. Ruby is going to help me with a shoot like this. I've told her to poke me with a stick if I start shooting away. Cheers Smile

Mark: Actually, the more I think about this idea (especially the 1 shot part as scary as it is) the more I like it. 1 cam, 1 lens and maybe a 64MB card which I think I have somewhere would be a good place to start I guess. Ooooh...sounds like a project. Cheers Smile
xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 8:56PM

Quote:Or what about joining the Critique Buddies Challenge group No 5?

Ben: I've obviously missed something. Is this a real thing? If it is...I'll find it and take a look. Cheers Smile
Scutter Plus
12 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 9:03PM
Try here
xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 9:05PM
Ben: Thanks Smile

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