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Stupid ePhotozine.


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19 Sep 2005 9:34AM
Hello all.

As you're probably unaware, Danphil has recently been banned by big bad Will who felt I needed a indefinate ban because I disagreed with a moderator.

In this e-mail he stated:


Further to my previous e-mail, you have now been banned from ePHOTOZine,

Please note that as per Section 128 of the Communications Act 2003,
regarding persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or
electronic communications services, we will be forced to notify the
relevant authorities should you try to use ePHOTOzine again.

Kind regards,


The part I'm most interested in is -

Quote:we will be forced to notify the
relevant authorities should you try to use ePHOTOzine again

Does this mean you'll be calling the revelant authorities now? I've been happily using ePHOTOzine for the last two days and of course, you being so thick haven't actually realised.

Will the Police be rung?

The Web FBI?

I'm just curious to know what will happen, that's all.

Cheers, DANPHIL.

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suleesia 15 176 Malaysia
19 Sep 2005 9:39AM
you must have been a really bad apple, Smile
conniemayw 15 100 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2005 9:40AM
I love it when people question false authority!!
keithh 16 25.6k 33 Wallis And Futuna
19 Sep 2005 9:43AM
I love it when people come out of the closet as a girl.
User_Removed 15 1.4k United Kingdom
19 Sep 2005 9:43AM
Jeeze, grow a brain and move on!
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
19 Sep 2005 9:58AM
If anyone wonders what's going on here - we have an immature user who's found the site and caused problems twice.
If he'd not
- Insulted other members
- Ignored our guidelines
- Swore
- Ignored our warnings
he'd still be allowed to use the site
It was my decision to ban him as he's had ample warning. This is the second time we've taken action.
BOB S 17 2.6k
19 Sep 2005 9:58AM
I think it is a valid question that has been put here, if we make threats we have to be able to substantiate them - its a bit like telling a naughty child they will get no more sweets if they misbehave and then giving them the sweets anyway.

I have no knowledge of the incident that caused the issue, probably something quite innocuous, but that is not the point in question.

19 Sep 2005 10:00AM
With all due respect, if we told you everything about what this member actually has done on several occasions you wouldnt be fighting his corner. He has been given several warnings and some of his antics have been downright spiteful and abusive to other members. Banning members is never, ever taken lightly. Believe me when I say this was more than justified. Having as many moderators on the site as we do, trouble is often interrupted before it can cause widespread damage, in this case it was so too. The number of abuse error reports and upset in the forums has dimished as a result.
suleesia 15 176 Malaysia
19 Sep 2005 10:03AM
I would imagine so, K.
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
19 Sep 2005 10:05AM
Bob, we can quite easily follow up that threat. It's not one we issue lightly and have done so only twice before in the five years we have been running the site.
raziel_uk 15 4.9k
19 Sep 2005 10:05AM
And I guess at this point this thread really should be locked. It's been dealt with and no further discussion surely is needed.