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Stupid Sales And Nuisance Phone Calls

29 Jul 2005 2:29AM
Is there anyway of stoping these blasted fone calls day in day out even late at night
ie ((hi youve won a holiday please call....))and when you put the phone down on the hook then pick up again they are still there hogging the line with recorded messege
and the sales calls
now when they ring me up i tell them im not the house holder but i will get the person who is then i say il just put you on hold then i press the button of my radio to play classic music to them and i carry on what i was doing before being rudely interupted and let them wait for someone thats not going to even come to the phone
ggggrrrrrrr makes me angry
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 2:31AM
You can register your number on a database of people who don't want to receive unsolicited calls. It is then illegal for anybody to make such a call to you. I can't remember the link but there was a thread on here not that long ago.

BT also have started advertising a free service, which I assume makes use of the same database.

29 Jul 2005 2:33AM
TPS can help. tpsonline
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 2:34AM
That's the one! Thanks K.
chris.maddock 19 3.7k United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 2:37AM
Assuming you're a bT customer, register with BT Privacy. That will get your number registered with the TPS and will also get you free Caller Display - so if your phone can do it you'll be able to see the caller's number before answering, or ignoring if it looks like it might be Frazer the Double-Glazer.

rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 2:45AM
I've asked BT about these recorded sales pitches and unfortunately, they are coming from overseas and so therefore BT have no control over them. That was the information I got anyway.
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 2:49AM
Probably true. We don't suffer too much with those, ours were all double glazing and credit cards. We also registered on the postal equivalent about 2 months ago and the amount of rubbish we get has dropped noticably.

Unfortunately I haven't found the one which stops us getting bills. :0(

Base 16 172
29 Jul 2005 2:54AM
Surely BT could put a block on the number??

Ironically, I found out about TPS from someone I was ranting at for calling me one evening to try to sell me double-glazing =P
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 3:02AM
BT could maybe block the number but how many would they have to block?
User_Removed 15 4.9k England
29 Jul 2005 3:04AM
I was getting 10-15 international calls, from the call centres in India? + 10-15 a week number withheld. Registered with the 2 Silent Call providers, because apparently their criteria is different, and you need both of them. Have to wait 28 days before it kicks in.
Withheld number calls I had KCOM, my telephone company, stop them if a number was not given. They get a message saying 'this number does not except withheld number telephone calls' or something like that, gives them the choice of displaying their number. I have caller display, but I still have to make the trip to the phone, when it rings.
29 Jul 2005 3:07AM
im x directory i have certain blocks on the phone and theyer not that good
i think when i pick up the phone now il say police crime investigation unit or somethin like that that would worry um
as the batteries on my radio are going down ;-0)
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 3:08AM
Don't think BT would be able to block the numbers as they are not actually doing anything illegal.

They often say "Can I speak to Mr/Mrs/Miss whatever", so if they do just say "Sorry, they died last week".

I registered on TPS a while ago but I'm thinking of coming off it because I want an inflatable gazebo.
francisg 16 705 1 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 3:11AM
I too was getting pestered with these Calls. I saw the advert for BT privacy and they stopped almost imediatly. So it does work.
stuleech 15 210
29 Jul 2005 3:12AM
My house is signed up with BT privacy and havent recived a sales phone call in months, but all personal witheld calls from my parents get through seems to work and treat and doesn't cost anything.
chris.maddock 19 3.7k United Kingdom
29 Jul 2005 3:23AM

Quote:I saw the advert for BT privacy and they stopped almost imediatly. So it does work.

It certainly does work, but I'm afraid your case must be a lucky coincidence - it usually takes several weeks for TPS registrations to reach full effectiveness. Basically the TPS send companies the list of registered numbers and those companies are responsible for ensuring that the numbers are removed from their lists. There is a delay between registration and the next list going out, followed by delays depending on how quickly the companies update their lists.

Quote:all personal witheld calls from my parents get through

They should do - TPS registration (as I said above) simply tells companies that they are not to call the number Wink

I've been using TPS and Caller Display for several years - all Number Withheld calls go straight to the answering machine. I still get quite a few despite TPS registration, but I think that is calls from overseas that manage to work their way through the network without flagging up as international.
Either that or it's companies with whom I have done business (which is excluded from TPS regulation, BTW) but if they can't be bothered to leave a message, I can't bothered to pick up the phone Wink


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