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Suggestons to upgrade

jazztpt Avatar
jazztpt 8 364 United Kingdom
22 Aug 2020 7:06PM
Hi, I have a Canon 70D and have a Sigma 10-20mm (great lens) and a Canon nifty fifty, I also bought a Sigma 18-250mm as a walk around lens ( it was about £300 at the time).
Shortly after buying the 18-250mm I pretty much settled on doing landscape and 99% of the time I use a tripod. I have limited experience so it might be normal but I find the 18-250 not that great i.e very soft at 220+ range and auto focusing is iffy.

So I am looking for suggestions to replace the range from 20mm upwards with a better quality glass, lets say up to £1000 ( I am happy to go second hand ). If anyone has any suggestions that would be very helpful.


justin c Avatar
justin c 19 5.2k 36 England
22 Aug 2020 9:01PM
A popular choice would be Canon 16-35mm or the Canon 17-40mm, Canon 24-105mm or Canon 24-70mm Canon 70-200mm f4.
I'm not up to date on current secondhand prices but you should be able to get one or two of the above lenses for under £1000 secondhand.
It really depends what focal length you want to prioritize.
dark_lord Avatar
dark_lord Plus
19 3.0k 836 England
23 Aug 2020 12:51PM
Those long range zooms are a compromise as you've discovered, so it is normal.
It's good to see someone who states the issue and why they want to change, as so often people want to 'upgrade' for the sak of it or think it will improve their photography.

Justin makes some good recommendations, and his suggestion about what focal lengths you use most often is a good one. To replace your superzoom you'll need a couple of zooms, so maybe you won't be able to replace tthe whole focal lenght range in one go. Second hand will make the most of your budget, and a couple of places spring to mind, Wex and Mifsuds, thoughI'm sure others will have other suggestions.

It's good to hear landscape and long focal lengths together, as many only consider wide angle.

I guess the Canon 24-105 would be a good choice (you'll only have a 4 mm 'gap' in coverage). While I have Canon lenses, so I'm more familiar with their range, don't rule out similar focal lenght ranges from the likes ot Tamron and also Sigma. I think there are something like 17-85 mm lenses, and that woiuld pair well with the 70-200 (f/4 is absolutely fine and it's a great performer, lighter and much more wallet friendly than the f/2.8 version nice though that is).

The Photography Show is on in a month's time (all online this year) so there may be some offers on new gear.
thewilliam2 Avatar
thewilliam2 6 1.7k United Kingdom
23 Aug 2020 1:21PM
I'd suggest that the OP checks the metadata for his/her favourite shots to see what focal-length was used.

The design of wide-range zooms must be a compromise and the affordable models have modest aperture. Once we know what focal lengths we actually use, we can buy a narrow-range zoom that'll have a wider aperture and probably better performance.
jazztpt Avatar
jazztpt 8 364 United Kingdom
23 Aug 2020 3:47PM
Thanks ALL for your feedback, its much appreciated.

From Justin C's suggestion I did think the 24-105 might be the way to go. As dark_lord says I really need a couple of zooms to cover the range though it is rare that I use the longer length (partly because its pretty poor on my current lens).

Well I'll have a look around but another consideration which this raises is weight, I'm getting on and have a few health issues so when I have a bit of a hike I generally only carry one lens. The big question in my mind is it worth moving to lighter kit ( cost is a consideration obviously ) and is anything actually much lighter when all said and done. A couple of years ago I was dreaming of going full frame, Canon 5D mx etc but these days I would need to take someone along to carry it for me!

Food for thought indeed. Cheers.

randomrubble Avatar
randomrubble 19 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
23 Aug 2020 10:56PM
As a long time 24-105 owner I’ve moved to the 24-70/4L as it’s better than either of the 24-105/4L lenses at the wide end, particularly in controlling distortion. I do miss the few extra mm’s at the long end but adding a tele lens would help.

On the telephoto end - as you are using a crop cam and weight is a consideration, I’d suggest checking out the 55-250 STM, its light, compact and economical. Another, slightly pricier lens worth considering is the new-ish Tamron 70-210mm f/4 VC which has had excellent reviews.
jazztpt Avatar
jazztpt 8 364 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2020 11:38AM
Thanks rqndonrubble I'll check those out.
seahawk Avatar
seahawk 16 1.4k United Kingdom
24 Aug 2020 11:55AM
I had a Sigma 18-250 (Nikon fit) and I found it to be excellent. It's possible you got a bad copy. Another option is to switch to MFT like I did.I don't regret the move for a minute and it's an awful lot lighter to carry around.


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