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Supernatural Stories

minicooper 12 536 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 4:11AM
Hi, with Halloween just around the corner I was wandering what your favorite supernatural story is.
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
17 Sep 2008 4:16AM
My supernatural stories are all true, and much too scarey to tell on here. I just had a cold shiver just typing this.
pentaxpete 15 693 1 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 8:52AM
When I was a 'retained Freelance'with the 'Brentwood & Shenfield Argus'(went broke in 1980!) we had a call to go to a printers near Basildon as they said they had a GHOST-the Editor sent me with a woman reporter-I got flask of coffee,infra-red film in one Pentax body,HP4 in another, flashes etc etc loads of gear, all ready to catch the Ghost: after reporter had done an interview she said " Well, that's me done,I'm going home now";I took some shots of the partners with their printing press, waited about two hours then decided I had had enough too-it turned out the printers faked the story just to get some free publicity-no wonder my wife at the time is one of my EX-Wives!
Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 8:53AM
Do you mean ones that you have actually experienced ( I have plenty of them) or fictional ones like MRJames ?
minicooper 12 536 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 9:14AM
Which ever you want to tell us about
Bridgelayer 13 735 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 10:28AM
My stepfather came home from night shift, had his breakfast and went to bed. At about 4.00pm he woke up, popped his head into the room and asked my mother how long tea would be. She told him half an hour or so, so he went back into the bedroom. Half an hour later my mother went in to call him for his tea and he was dead in bed.
When the doctor and police came, the doc asked when she had last spoken to him.
When she told him what had happened the doc said, "No way, he's been dead for at least 6 hours."

edsephiroth 14 169 9 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 11:20AM
Just to tie in with this thread (no pun intended), I will be off to Bath next week to shoot photos for a book of supernatural (real - well, supposedly real) stories. Have finished one in Chester which should be out in a few weeks. So, anybody got any ghost stories from Bath or the surrounding villages?
ripleysalien 14 1.2k 11 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 12:23PM
Wierd but i dont think supernatural, I lived alone for a few years and the tax on my car was running out, i searched the house from top to bottom for three days on the trot and was getting really wound up, I decided to go out and try to calm down, about 2 hours later i returned home to find the MOT certificate unfolded and face up in the middle of the living room floor, no one had a key to the house only me. It was not long since my nan had passed away, but it spooked me a bit.

ihana 17 12 Switzerland
17 Sep 2008 12:39PM
click here to see

On the bottom right of the page linked above you'll see my travelling mate's toothbrush that bent itself through 90 degrees while sitting in his washbag in the back of the landy. Nothing else was affected, fortunately ;O)

It was very wierd indeed...

Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 2:07PM
Ever since my miscarriage we have had the ghost of a small girl in the house, and especially after Poppy was born (who was born after the misccariage) we had a big surge of activity, the child was often heard by us, either alone or together, calling out 'mummy' and one Halloween when we were all getting ready to go out trick or treating I wanted to take a photo of the kids in their costumes, the camera was in the dinning room but when I went to get it the door wouldn't open, I ended up ramming it, charging at hit, kicking it and in the end I totally removed the door handle and lock with a screwdriver and still the door would not open, I gave up and went out.

I came back an hour later and tried the door again and this time it opened easily. Also whilst we were getting dressed into our costumes we all heard the child call 'mummy' from upstairs.

Lily was in bed with me one morning and we heard the child cough at the foot of the bed and once in the middle of the night I felt her climb up on my bed and sit on my legs yet when I looked I couldn't see anybody.

We haven't heard anything for a while until last week.

Last Friday I went to pick the kids up from school and my mum was over helping us pack as we are moving house and she stayed behind whilst I went to get the kids, our dog started making low growling noises then gave a couple of yelps and then my mum heard a little girl talking to Fergus, when she called out the voice stopped.

I like to think it's the spirit of the baby I lost as she only appears when there is fun and excitement or something big happening which is very sweet and comforting.

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