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Tamron or Sigma macro lens

eosdpete 18 5 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 2:07PM
I am trying to decide which one to buy A Tamron AF 90 Di macro or the Sigma 105 F2.8 EX DG Macro ?
I will be using it with the Canon 20D,

Is any body using the Tamron and if so is it a F2.8 like the Sigma and have you put any photos on the site I could look at,
randomrubble 18 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 2:11PM
check out the BJP this week, comparative test of Tamron, Sigma and the Canon 100mm on DSLRs. Summary was Canon best then Sigma with Tamron last.
dougv 18 8.4k 3 England
9 Dec 2005 2:21PM
I can't comment on the Tamron although I understand it is a nice lens.
I have recently bought the Sigma, but not had chance to use it due to work commitments.

Testing it out (as you do) I found it to be a nice sharp lens.
The AF hunts a bit, but you wouldn't use AF for macro work anyway.

Plenty of people on here using both lenses, so a look around the gallery should give you an idea of how they perform.

Doug ;o)
maljohns 18 431 Wales
9 Dec 2005 2:28PM
I recently bought the Tamron - results are good, but it has this annoying push/pull arrangement for switching from manual to auto focus. I find I keep knocking it to auto by accident.

eosdpete 18 5 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 2:37PM
Thanks for your replies, I will keep locking at the gallery and check out the reviews,

dougv 18 8.4k 3 England
9 Dec 2005 2:44PM
Pete there is a review of the Tamron in the reviews section on here.

Doug ;o)
Spell check keeps wanting to change Tamron to Tampon!
eosdpete 18 5 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 2:57PM
Thanks Doug, been a looked at that and think I might end up going for the Sigma 105 as it looks like the tamron might have the build quality of a tampon Smile !!

MarkyMarc 17 498 Canada
9 Dec 2005 3:52PM
The Tamron 90mm is a fantastic lens. I have the non Di version. I don't find the push/pull annoying in the least. If you need some examples look in my PF, I've got loads of shots taken with it as I use it the most out of all my lenses.

IanA 19 3.0k 12 England
9 Dec 2005 3:59PM
Not a lot to choose between the two for optical quality but the sigma is made from more solid materials. They both have a push/pull mechanism and slow AF which is inherent in most macro lenses.


MarkyMarc 17 498 Canada
9 Dec 2005 4:04PM
Whichever lens you choose I wouldn't be too concerned about the AF as far as macro shots are concerned, you'll want to use MF anyway.
ZenTog 20 7.9k 1 England
9 Dec 2005 4:16PM
buy the older sigma macros the ex , they are built almost to canon quality rotating not push pull and very sharp, often shows up the problems on the camera body ie dirt on the sensor!!!
I bought the 180 macro from sigma and its a great tool
stevemelvin 17 675 2 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 1:03AM
I have the Tamron macro lens - the version before the current Di version. It's fantastic - probably my favourite lens (all the rest are Canon) for my SLR gear. Solid, well built and sharp as the proverbial cliche. The push/pull feature is fine - it's never been a problem for me.

To be honest I think the Sigma is very similar, both in design and quality. It should probably boil down to whether you want 90mm or 105mm. They are both f2.8 max aperture.

Hope this helps.
Leif 17 777
10 Dec 2005 1:12AM
I seem to recall that Niall Benvie used the Tamron, so it's certainly a decent lens. But that might in part be because the Nikon equivalent is very expensive.

Here's a review:

100mm macro lens reviews

The conclusion is that the Tamron has the best optics. But, sample variation might explain why the BJP preferred the Canon.

As a Nikon user I would choose the Tamron over the Nikon, as the latter is very expensive. But in a Canon mount, the choice is harder. A mint used Canon would be my preference, as Canon lenses should have no compatibility issues with future Canon bodies, and they hold their value better. But you're not me.

As an aside I doubt you can tell anything useful about a lens from the photos on this site as they are too small, and the user will be the main determinant of how good an image looks.

solkku 17 25
10 Dec 2005 2:41AM
I myself was in the choice between Sigma 105mm, Tamron 90mm and Canon 100mm for my 20D a while ago. Finally I ended up buying the Canon 100mm one. All I can say I haven't regretted that choice one bit! The USM is really fast and silent. Also the macro quality on the Canon is much better than what I expected. I have some macros in my portfolio, if you want you can check them out.

eosdpete 18 5 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 2:42AM
I like this forum, you ask a question and get lots of great information and opinions,
Thanks evryone for that and I have taken it all on board and it will help me decide,
I have to say that I have two sigma lenses now a 170-500 apo and the 55-200 DC and have no problems with either, the only Canon lens is the 18-55 kit lens which I think is ok for what it is and never having owned a proper canon lens (Price) I think you could say that you don't miss what you've never had, thats not to say i wouldn't love to own an L series canon lens,
That will have to go on my wish list for now,

So I'm going to look at some second hand canon macro lenses for now and if I can't find one it will be a sigma 105,

Thanks again for your help,


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