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Tamron 150-600mm Lens F/5-6.3 Di VC USD

HockyB 9 1
1 Feb 2014 8:59AM
I have seen photos taken with this lens posted in a USA forum it has been on sale there for while it seems . The photos were really good very sharp, will be buying this lens ,
fcast 8 10
8 Feb 2014 1:06AM
Just got mine first impressions very good blue-tit.jpg
fcast 8 10
8 Feb 2014 1:12AM
Its a heavy lens so good hand holding needed
Gruditch 7 16 England
8 Feb 2014 9:05AM
Nice images fcast. Smile

If I'm doing any long lens work, and the misses comes along, she always leaves her Canon 300 f4 at home, and grabs my 100-400. Then still spends the day bitching that that's too short.

As good as it is, if the 300 f4 is not getting any use, I think this will be a handy alternative for her.

If it ain't I'm in the dog house, as I've convinced her to trade it in for one. It's on back order, should be here in a week or so. Smile

Regards Gary
fcast 8 10
8 Feb 2014 12:19PM
I was going to save for the Canon 500 f4 prime but couldn't justify the nearly 8 times the price
cost, one things for sure the images would not be 8 times as good,

9 Feb 2014 8:28AM

I am just curious to see how the images posted with the Tamron compare to the sharpness of this image…. taken with NIKON gear

ISO 200

In my opinion, this is a sharp image. What I have seen posted above is all soft. So, what value is a lens that takes all SOFT images?
discreetphoton Plus
16 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2014 8:55AM
They're incomparable images, since your pigeon fills so much more of the frame than the others, and you may use different means of downsizing for upload.

Besides, no one's claiming that this will be the sharpest lens out there, but it's bringing long range work and subject choice within the reach of those without endless amounts of cash.

I'm excited about this lens because I can't afford to drop the price of a car on a 500mm prime.

So to answer your question, the value of this lens it's going to allow Regular Joe to try their hand at wildlife photography. Without the range, you can't hope to get images like the ones above.
9 Feb 2014 9:32AM
I disagree. The images posted are soft regardless of downsizing. Look at the eyes of the creatures posted and compare. They are simply not crisp.

I have been scouring the web looking for good samples, and, I found this link.....

THIS .... Is very encouraging. In the hands of a good photographer, it looks like this lens may deliver.

Worth a look, some amazing images posted.
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2014 11:04AM
ephotozine reviews show the Nikon 80-400 AF-s has the edge on resolution, but the Nikon does not go to 600 mm even with a 1.4x converter, and (when the Tamron arrives in Nikon mount) the Nikon costs twice as much.
As to how well some Canon bodies cope with the f6.3 aperture at 600 mm with all AF points is unknown to me.
All Nikon AF points work at f6.3 to a reasonable degree in good light and better with a central f8 AF point on some recent recent Nikon bodies.
As with many areas in photography do you go for convenience (as in a zoom with slow maximum aperture) or a top quality fast prime?
Nearly £7000 Nikon fit or £10,000 Canon fit for a bigger and heavier 600 mm f4 prime is out of most photographers reach, which makes for usually no contest in the value for money arena.
The attraction off this lens is it makes generally good 600 mm performance available at around £950 at Wex, including pre orders in Nikon fit.
Edit - a few of the images in the thread are not quite top class but the scale of reproduction is lower than can be achieved with this type of lens assuming perfect AF, full control of camera shake and a bird that does not move a part of its body during the exposure. There are usually many less than ideal photos compared to one very good one in bird photography.
ChrisJD 11 100 Scotland
9 Feb 2014 4:16PM
The important thing to remember is that everyone works within their means. Images on a 500 prime will always be better than a zoom that reaches 500 IF the photographer is up to the task. But few can afford exotic primes. For most purposes the images above on the Tamron are good enough in my opinion. Most of us are taking pics for pleasure and sharing amongst friends rather than professional use. Personally I think it's great that 600mm is now within the price range of a lot more people.
Gruditch 7 16 England
9 Feb 2014 6:15PM
Weight can be an issue for some too. There is no way my misses is going to be lunging a 600 prime around. Sad
fcast 8 10
10 Feb 2014 10:20PM
I have to agree the dove image is very sharp, and i am not saying the Tamron is the sharpest lens
but compare the setting of my 2 images with the dove, mine was taken in woodland not the best light,
the squirrel settings were iso 1600 1/400sec full zoom 600mm and the widest aperture f6.3 hand held!
the blue tit was the same setting apart from the focal length was about 330mm

meanwhile have a look at the dove settings aperture stopped down to an optimum f stop, low iso (wish i could have used a 200 iso)
taken at a nice 1/400 sec the recommended speed for a 400 mm lens

anyway i am quiet pleased with the lens

rsjkinson 12 5 United Kingdom
5 May 2014 8:13PM
Had one on order now for 2 weeks have been told that there is a world wide shortage by Jessops...hope they get it in soonTongueTongueTongue
discreetphoton Plus
16 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
5 May 2014 10:36PM
Shortage is right. I've yet to see a single review for the Nikon mount, and was expecting delivery in January. It's quite a delay. Hopefully not much longer, or Tamron might manage to win TIPA two years running for the same lens Wink

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