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That Dragons Den advert.

altitude50 14 13.6k United Kingdom
13 Mar 2018 1:20PM
Seen on the right hand margin, sometimes and on my BT email log-in page, I assume that it is a blatant example of false news? Or not?

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Tianshi_angie 3 2.2k England
13 Mar 2018 3:49PM
Don't have BT in any shape or form and don't have adverts on this page - so now I am curious!
altitude50 14 13.6k United Kingdom
13 Mar 2018 4:12PM
Basically it states that the 'dragons' are all making lots of money on bitcoin whatever that is and won't be making any more programmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tianshi_angie 3 2.2k England
13 Mar 2018 5:16PM
Well I would guess too that it is fake news and the little I know about bit coin is that just maybe.... its day is done. For some unknown to me reason it was introduced to try and break the stranglehold that the Banks have on money - but it has seemingly become somewhat corrupt itself. At least that is my understanding but I could well be hearing more fake news!
13 Mar 2018 9:08PM

Quote: bitcoin whatever that is

don’t know about your original point, but I’ve found I needed a 10+ grandchild to explain this...seems like a bit of a digital “vapourware” (can’t actually see and feel it...) way of having “money”.....err.....somewhere....Tongue
thewilliam2 1 1.0k
13 Mar 2018 11:07PM
Is Bitcoin any less real than the banknotes we use everyday? Although those small pieces of paper have no intrinsic value, they're still accepted when we want to buy things.
Tianshi_angie 3 2.2k England
14 Mar 2018 9:03AM

Quote: they're still accepted when we want to buy things.

Because they have a promise written on them which is signed by the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England.
Chris_L Plus
4 4.9k United Kingdom
14 Mar 2018 9:29AM
A promise that nobody uses! That isn't what gives them their value, it's people who value them. One in 40 of the old pound coins were fake, worthless.

Except they weren't worthless. People didn't worry too much about them and we paid each other with them, gave them to retailers, got them in our change.

During the 1970 banking crisis in Ireland people paid each other with cheques and then with other people's cheques signed over and with. Crumpled multi-signed cheques became a new paper money. IOUs as well. No need for a central bank.

A currency is worth what you get in return when you transfer a unit of that currency.

Irish banking crisis, why we can all get by without banks

I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin doesn't work out but I bet in ten years' time we'll all be using something a lot like that.

The advert that the OP talks about is shown on a few websites, not just BT, and it's probably the same people who are selling worthless rubbish like pumped stocks, day trading apps and other get-rich-quick nonsense who use photos of people like Richard Branson and Elon Musk as well as the Dragons seemingly without their consent.
thewilliam2 1 1.0k
14 Mar 2018 4:56PM
Chris, I'm getting worried, very worried. You keep making posts that I agree with!
Chris_L Plus
4 4.9k United Kingdom
14 Mar 2018 9:19PM
I think we'd probably agree on more than we disagree about all told. Plus I'm unlikely to argue with you on stuff I agree with you on - btw that doesn't mean anything you say that I don't challenge means I agree with you! Just means I probably didn't see it or can't be bothered.

Also I think the talking in text with no tone or inflection means we sometimes take the other's remark the wrong way and that leads to disagreement where there wasn't really any.

But I'm worried too Grin
thewilliam2 1 1.0k
14 Mar 2018 11:47PM
Will you be going to the Photography Show? I'll stand you a pint if our paths cross.
Chris_L Plus
4 4.9k United Kingdom
15 Mar 2018 12:40AM
I'd be up for that no bother, I haven't been to a show like that for years but not going to make it this year either, I'm tied up helping a friend with a house move over the next few days.

I really do fancy it for next year. I'm more into my printing now and there's no website review that can match the experience of seeing different papers, inks etc in person at a show, the same is true of a lot of the other equipment.
thewilliam2 1 1.0k
15 Mar 2018 4:58PM
You could look out for a Photovision Roadshow near you. Several major paper suppliers will be there and it's free entry.

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