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The Average cost of Wedding Photography?

lobsterboy Plus
14 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2012 4:52PM

Quote:They are potentially one of the worst photographers i have seen in my life. Here is a link to their site. What do you think. Their site is w**.sdPh*******hy.co.uk

i would love to know your reasoning behind that statement.

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collywobles 14 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2012 5:02PM

Quote:Lucian do you honestly think you are producing better work than ***********? I think you might need to look and learn. Would you like me to put up a link to one of your sites so you can get feedback. I fail to see, from their website, how their work is of a lower quality than yours.

Couldn't have said it better.
zed 13 551 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2012 5:42PM
Clearly wel jel.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2012 7:32PM
OMG - we now have Essex speak on the site.
Paul_Anthony 6 442 4 Wales
15 Jun 2012 3:55PM
It's an unfortunate fact that the vast majority of couples looking for wedding photography services see it as just another expense, they have a budget for their wedding and a huge list of stuff that all needs to be brought by the budgeted amount. Photography is very rarely up the top of the list either.

The average budget for a wedding in South Wales is probably between 10,000 and 15,000.

In the South Wales area:

A good reception venue, catering for around 75 guests can cost up to 7,000 and 9,000 for wedding breakfast and evening celebration.
Additional Church costs or the additional fees for having the ceremony at the reception venue can be up to 250.
Suits to fit 6 grooms men can cost between 75 and 100 per gent, that makes it between 450 - 600.
Bridesmaids Dresses x4 at 100 each + 400.
The perfect wedding dress between 500 and 1,000.
Weddings cars for Bridesmaids and another for Bride + 500
Florists, decorating venue and supplying bouquets for 4 bridesmaids, one bride, corsages for mums, buttonholes for 6 grooms men - 500

These are probably just the essentials, doing the maths for the lower budget options doesn't leave a lot of money for a photographer, especially when you take into consideration all the other little things desired and required such as, wedding jewellery, favors, invitations.

My point is that there is always going to be a market for the "budget' or 'lower cost' wedding photographers, sure they will have to take more bookings and keep their costs down to make a profit but as long as it gives them an income they are happy with then why should we judge or knock them.

The lower cost end of the market probably takes the lions share of the wedding bookings in my area as this is typically what is budgeted for, there are far less highly priced wedding photographers than low cost wedding photographers around. The simple reason for this is that there are far fewer couples looking to spend 1000+ on a wedding photographer, 400 - 800 is seen as a fair and reasonable price to pay and there are plenty of very good photographers producing quality photographs that work within this budget.

As with all professions there are always going to be traders who offer a substandard service, regardless of price.

Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
15 Jun 2012 4:17PM
Perhaps professional photography, including wedding, has lost any mystique it once has with the arrival of digital.

Once upon a time you would need someone who really know what they were doing, because there was no means of knowing how well the photos would come out, until they had been processed and printed. These days, Uncle Tom, Brother **** or Cousin Harriet can chimp away, as they are taking photos, and reshoot dozens/hundreds of times until they get something which looks OK on the LCD.

And even if the pro blunders, you can be fairly sure you will get a few reasonable shots of the event from guests. From time to time we get comments on EPZ along the lines of "The B&G were pleased with my pics - they preferred them to the pro's".

That's what you will be competing against at the event: a completely free service from guests... some of whom may be competent enthusiasts. So there has to be 'added value' of some sort.

Just my musings. Smile
jimthistle73 14 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2012 9:12PM
That's true to an extent CB - it's easier than ever before for someone with half a clue to provide a record of the day. And that's why it's so hard to compete at that level. If all you're doing is recording the proceedings with a semi-pro camera and lenses, then essentially you are competing with the guests who have the same kit and level of expertise as you.

It's why I try very hard to produce work of a (hopefully) better calibre; perhaps using OCF creatively, using experience to anticipate where the next interesting wee story might unfold, being comfortable enough with every last bit of kit to be able to respond without thought when something unexpected happens, knowing how to deal with rain, uncooperative guests and so on. These skills are all that is left to differentiate the enthusiastic, talented amateur from a pro charging 1000+, and I suppose that's where the added value lies (and that's before backup kit, emergency networks etc.).

That said, it's not a skill-set which comes easily - I'm still working hard to develop a photojournalistic style which sits well with the rest of the day's work...
Graysta 13 1.1k England
16 Jun 2012 7:24AM

Quote:It's why I try very hard to produce work of a (hopefully) better calibre;

Sometimes you have to dig deep into your skills pocket to bring out the best on the day. Other times you get a tall stunning bride a well smart groom and a fairytail castle and the slightly over cast day when the sky becomes a big softbox and shadows and squints dissapear you think its an easy shoot,Untill all the people there put their images up on Fbook and you realise you have to pull something really special out of yours because they have been over your shoulder all day and have most of the shots you set up.
Focus_Man 8 481 631 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2012 2:18PM
Remember Wedding photographers are also 'photographers'. Weddings at Weekends, two per day are possible dependent upon timings. So that takes care of Saturday. Estate agents require pictures of the properties for sale or to rent. Families want pictures of their groups and kiddies. Businesses want fliers for advertising their services and displaying the type of work that they perform. Commerce and Industry need records of internal presentations, promotioons, retirees etc for in house magazines and also for corporate golf days entertaining their clients. There are so many opportunities out there so if you feel your income is insufficient, do what others do and goout and look for the work. Reasonably easy to get the work but you have to perform well to be able to keep it.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
17 Jun 2012 7:57PM
Graflex 15 488 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2012 1:51PM
Speaking to a shop keeper friend the other day-had a wedding in the family and spent over 1,000+ by hiring a photographer.The pictures came back with half the brides father head cut off-when he demanded his money back,the snapper said "It was the fashion to cut the heads off in pictures today".

Mark you,this goes back years to famous celeb photographers trimming a bit of the forehead off to add impact..but don't do it to the brides father.He's coughing up the coppers.

As for Estate Agents,I think they need to upgrade the window pictures on a weekly basis,especially if the window has the full UV glare of the sun.I've seen some right stinkers-so much for modern inks and paper.The old 'current bun' can cause a lot of damage.

Get a grip or just leave the picture B/W.
Carlson 6 13 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2012 7:22PM
This is not my words and I can't remember who wrote it.

They pay a non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and the balance has to be paid 28 days before the wedding. They get the proofs when they return from honeymoon and then they make their decisions about prints and albums.

The lowest amount they can possibly spend on an album is around 350 (30 8"x6" prints in a budget album) bringing their total expenditure to 1100 about the same as the cost of my original top package that nobody ever bought but with a lesser number of smaller prints. Some people go for 50 10"x8" prints, at a cost of 847 in a traditional album, making a total of 1597, others go for a storybook album which can cost even more.

Some people want to supply their own album. Fine, I'll mount the photos in it free I can afford to because I'm making a fair profit on the prints.

Some people don't want an album at all, that's fine too. Or they may want their photos on DVD the price of which is exactly the same as the profit I would have made if they had spent the average amount on prints.

The great benefit of this pricing strategy is that
a. the clients have a complete choice of album, number and size of prints
b. they pay for the photography at least a month before their wedding and they pay for the album/prints at least a month after their wedding by which time they have benefited from at least two more pay days
c. extra (non album) prints are often ordered after the wedding album is supplied, and is paid for from a different salary payment.

Now, what I do is to charge what I feel to be a minimum realistic sitting fee, 75. This is just enough to make it worthwhile, and includes a full set of proofs, printed 8x6. Even if they never order any enlargements, my costs are covered and Ive made a small profit. But because the proofs are watermarked they are almost bound to order enlargements, and heres why

1. They paid their 75 sitting fee at the time of booking. That money is now gone and forgotten and when they order their prints they will only think about what they are spending when they order, they wont think about what they have already spent
2. If they dont order any enlargements then all theyll have for their 75 is the proofs which can't be used or scanned because they are very boldly marked with my copyright notice.
3. Because I have already been paid for my time my prices for enlargements are very reasonable, compared with those of people who charge nothing or too little for the sitting so the clients are likely to order more prints than they originally had in mind
4. Because my enlargement prices are reasonable Im one of the good guys, and they will recommend me to their friends.
Brownie127 12 61 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2012 9:31AM
I'd like to know how you operate your 400 package. Could you give breakdowns on:-

a) what amount of hours and days you put in per job
b) material costs, wear and tear, etc,.
c) what the customer gets in return?
pulsar69 14 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2012 10:13AM
Lucian should start a clothing company, his threads are the longest i have ever seen ....
MeanGreeny 12 3.7k England
8 Jul 2012 10:37AM

Quote:Lucian should start a clothing company, his threads are the longest i have ever seen ....

Well he is all about quantity not quality Grin

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