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The cheek of it

YorkshireSam 11 110 3 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2014 11:03AM
Just a typical example I guess but I thought some of you might like to see this...

Hi there,

Iím emailing you from Bradt Travel Guides, a small independent travel guide publisher based in Buckinghamshire, UK. We specialise in small print runs of guides to Ďunusualí destinations around the world. We are currently working on the new edition of our 'Slow North York Moors & Wolds' guide, due for publication in March, and we're looking for some strong images to use in our colour section. We'd love to include your image of a quoits game ( - would you be able to help? In exchange for the use of your photo we'd ensure that you were appropriately credited both alongside the image and on the copyright page, and we'd send you a copy of the guide upon publication.
If you're interested in working with us, then please drop me a line at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

The first line is deliberate in my opinion in playing down their commercial value. The guide mentioned retails at £14.99 and others of which there are many retail for £16.99 so not such a small concern then !!

Gobsmacked at their cheek I replied...

Hi Laura, of course I am delighted that you would wish to make use of my photograph in such a way but find it incredible that you would expect me or anyone else to provide a commercial operation such as yourselves with free images. I know it is becoming a more common practice these days and that many amateurs jump at the chance of some recognition, I have been there myself so I know. What it actually does though is take the bread out of the mouths of those trying to make money from my photography which is where I am at now, albeit not my main income thankfully !
I did a deal with the writer of a photo guide book yesterday and she is a genuinely small operation ( one guide published one another on it's way ) compared to yourselves but offered and was happy to pay me £35 plus 2 of her books ( a total value all in of approx. £50 ) which I gladly accepted to help her get going..
Come back to me with a reasonable offer and I'll be happy to talk business.

kind regards, Steve Jackson ( YorkshireSam )

And yes you guessed it I'm still waiting for a reply
derekhansen 12 210 24 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2014 11:43AM
The world we live in these days I am afraid.
Need 50 images for a guide? Find 150 images you like on sites like EPZ get the contact details and then send out a standard cheeky request hoping for a 1 in 3 'hit' rate.
The attitude is everyone's fair game and lots of amateurs are flattered to be asked and happy just to see their image in print.
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
9 Jan 2014 12:02PM
Very rarely get a reply from such people...
thewilliam 12 6.1k
9 Jan 2014 2:04PM
It's all down to market forces! How can you expect these companies to pay for images when so many snappers are happy to provide them for free?
KathyW 17 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
9 Jan 2014 2:53PM
What thewilliam said...
chris.maddock 20 3.7k United Kingdom
9 Jan 2014 3:06PM

Quote:And yes you guessed it I'm still waiting for a reply

Don't forget to look out for and thumb through a copy of their guide when it's published - to make sure they haven't used your pic anyway.
seahawk 14 1.4k United Kingdom
9 Jan 2014 3:11PM
I know Bradt Guides, I've bought some of their books. They are perfectly respectable, in my experience. I am surprised at the tone of their e-mail. The only consolation is that at least they asked!
Perhaps Laura Pidgley acted without authorisation, i.e. I wonder how far up the food chain she is in the firm.
icphoto 20 2.7k England
9 Jan 2014 3:45PM
thewilliam sums the current market situation up perfectly! Blame the Muppets who willing give images away for nothing!
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
9 Jan 2014 8:35PM
They've always existed, it's just that technology makes them ubiquitous and easy to contact but numbers alone, in terms of available imagery, forces the value of photography down.
gingerdougie 14 67 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2014 11:54AM
Good for you bud!
g_par 14 18 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2014 10:03PM
I'm not sure I blame the togs who give their images away. I used to. In the past I've argued with many photographers for offering their work for free. Now I don't. It's not their fault, it's the companies trawling for free produce who are the problem.

Offering a credit is offering nothing as they have to credit the copyright holder anyway. I find most of the people doing the asking have little knowledge of what they are asking for. They have no knowledge of image licensing, and see images on Flickr, Facebook etc as almost a library of work they can pick up whenever they like. Many are shocked when I ask for their reproduction fee. It's no wonder new togs don't see anything wrong with giving pictures away. It's becoming normal in many circles.
iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2014 11:10AM
I've have articles and tutorials on navigation lifted from my web site and posted else where. I've had photos lifted from various sites and used else where.

Do I care?, no I feel just a wee bit pleased actually.

Did people or property feature in this photo you would not give away? Would part of the fee received by you been passed on to those people or the owner of the property?
Just be pleased that someone thinks your photos are good enough for readers's of the book to enjoy.
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
20 Jan 2014 5:47PM
There are undoubtedly many amateurs who are flattered beyond their dreams of avarice that their images are being used free of charge by profit making commercial concerns.

I think it is a naive attitude as these outfits are stealing your images just as readily as pinching oranges from a supermarket shelf or stealing money out of a till; you have paid £*****s for your equipment spent loads of time and/or money learning your craft; why shouldn't an amateur expect to be paid for use of their image?


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