The click debate - hopefully the final one!


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wotashot 15 2.2k
22 Jun 2005 4:15AM
Naughty Naughty

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whipspeed 15 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2005 4:15AM
Like the idea of not putting hearts on the thumbnails & only seeing them if you go into the picture, although I suspect that most people tend to look at the thumbnail rather than the hearts before opening.

-ve clicks, I would worry that this could be misused, although I think most members of the site would only use this sensibly. I don't think I could give one, it would feel to hurtful. I would rather not give a click, but leave a comment.

Having a tick box for critique I think is a good idea, as is the idea of making the RC award of more value.

Quote:If the random gallery was the first page you saw when you clicked to view the readers gallery and then you had the choice to view the current gallery (like the showcase in e2) then I think it would work

Thats my opinion too, thanks Jamie.

KatieR 15 6.2k 6
22 Jun 2005 4:17AM
I am very, very, very pleased that you're making some changes. I think the ideas are generally ok.

I particularly support:

1)removing thumbnails from the gallery
2)tick for critique

Another option I would REALLY like is to be able to choose whether to see clicks in my own portfolio. Perhaps we could have a hide/reveal option, either for the whole portfolio or each picture. I find hearts extremely distracting, and, as you well know, they have not necessarily had meaning in the past.

I hope that is something you could consider.

Thanks for all the work - look forward to seeing the results (I think!!!)

steve neil 15 597 Australia
22 Jun 2005 4:17AM
I dunno - is it not a good system already and shouldn't you not fix what aint broken! Can't you simply put the culprits in a sin bin (no clicking allowed for one week) or something similar Smile
22 Jun 2005 4:19AM

Quote:Another option I would REALLY like is to be able to choose whether to see clicks in my own portfolio.

You have this as an e2 option, go to your profile and you have the option to hide the clicks.
snowman 15 391 England
22 Jun 2005 4:20AM
I just happily meander along with the current options and personally see no dire need to change, however as it looks like change is inevitable, a couple of thoughts

I don't like the idea of negative clicks, I believe this sort of thing could only work if linked to a grading system, even then it is open to abuse.

RC changes this could well work but I would suggest that 1 click per day per subject/category would be more appropriate. Even then I suspect people will question why a selection was made at midday when there are still 12 hours of the day left.

Photos being missed, difficult one but I would have thought the ability to view photo's back to a user defined date more appropriate. random views will not provide access to photos the user hasn't seen.

Thanks for listening, I'm sure I will continue to enjoy the site what ever actions are taken.

gemeit 15 78 Scotland
22 Jun 2005 4:20AM
Yes to the 5 RC clicks
Minus rating would be OK so long as you had to state a reason.
Random Gallery I think SuziBlue suggestion- Maybe the random page could throw up 16 pics from one category - like sport / landscapes / etc. So they'd get more exposure.
is a good idea
Removal of hearts on Gallery page yes
mshepherd 15 667 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2005 4:20AM
I personally think one RC click a day would be a good addition - That way people can vote once for their favourite shot of the day. But you should also monitor this activity to ensure that users arent constantly clicking on the same members (without valid reason) it could multiply the cliques effect if you are not careful

Taking off hearts numbers from the thumbnails in the gallery pages is a good idea, as is the random page and critique option
Westers 15 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
22 Jun 2005 4:20AM
Agree with the rest about negative click - I think it's asking for heated debates and arguments, plus it will be used in a nasty fashion - some people are vindictive. Better for people just not to click on something they don't like rather than get personal about it.

If we're limited to 5 clicks then we're limited to 5 clicks, which is fine, but I can still see threads along the lines of "my picture gets loads of clicks but no readers choice, it's not fair". What I'm saying is, you'll never solve this issue but limiting votes is as good as any.

Can we make the readers choice vote anonymous - that way people don't start saying "well you clicked my photo but you didn't rate it as a readers choice, why not?" and all the grief that will bring.

Agree with removing the hearts from the thumbnails- it makes people actually look at the picture rather than just think "high score, must be good", or "low score, must be rubbish".

Fine with the critique tick, makes perfect sense.
UserHasLeft 16 654
22 Jun 2005 4:21AM
Abolish clicks/hearts completely except for 5 clicks per day for anything you regard as outstanding. The rest can just be commented on and then all this nonsence about numbers might be stopped.

Currently people look at numbers in the gallery, not photos Smile
julianevans 15 39 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2005 4:21AM

The readers choice vote is a good idea. I'd suggest that the readers choice vote tally is hidden. Otherwise you'll get posts saying things like 'look at this one, it got 70 clicks and only 4 readers choice votes'. Once a photo has got enough RC votes the readers choice award appears.

Negative Clicks

The negative button, on the other hand, could drive people away from the site. It would play into the hands of any members who have an agenda. Most would probably use it 'intelligently' but I suspect that would be outweighed by a minority.

Hearts on Thumbnails

A very good idea. I'd actually go further and make the number of clicks on an image hidden apart from to the user who uploaded the photograph - I reckon that would lessen the impact of serial clickers. People would know how many people liked their photograph and they could interpret this however they wanted. If other people cannot see how many clicks you got, it makes collecting them for the sake of them a fairly worthless exercise.

I don't have any strong feelings about a random gallery, though I suspect the odds of 16/200000 of an individual image appearing on it might suggest that site development be concentrated elsewhere.

You watch, whilst I've been typing this, someone else will have said exactly the same things!
RipleyExile 16 1.6k 17 England
22 Jun 2005 4:21AM
Yes to the RC votes. You would be mindful of how many you used that day and hopefully save them for outstanding images (maybe bookmark them and click them the following day so you can pick the best 5 and not run out by lunchtime and miss one).

Negative clicks will very probably open up a whole new series of threads and people leaving due to abuse (or egos being dented).

I would also prefer an opt out option for critique as opposed to an 'I want critique' checkbox. Can you please move the 'Click here if you like...' and the 'Click here for a larger...' selections further apart. Might avoid clicks with no comments being followed by a thought of 'Did they really like the photo, or did they just click the wrong bit?'

Random gallery is a good idea, but maybe bias it towards those with ferer clicks if the intention is to bring those more to the forefront of peoples attention.

Brummage 15 51
22 Jun 2005 4:23AM
I too think that the 5 RC clicks is an excellent idea, as is the idea of removing the hearts numbers from the thumbnails.

There is little doubt in my mind that there are many people who upload pictures just to show them off, or because they like it themselves, and they don't actually want critique, so for me the 'Tick for Critique' gets a thumbs up.

As for a minus click, why not give it a trial period, it might just work!

Good luck with whatever you decide Pete.
david_h 15 181
22 Jun 2005 4:24AM
Really good ideas Pete. I agree with K that it would only be fair to have a comment with a negative click because as an E2 member I see the number of people who have looked at my pics but dont leave comments/critique which is the part I want. I feel it would be quite gutting to look at the screen and see - cliicks with no explanation as to where the viewer thinks you could do better.
UserHasLeft 16 654
22 Jun 2005 4:24AM
Yes, PS good luck and thank you for inviting us to air thoughts Smile