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The horrendous cost of inkjet inks..

hobbo Plus
11 1.8k 4 England
15 Jul 2021 7:54AM
I realise that this must be a fairly regular item on here… But after three years of using cheapy compatible inks for my now dead Canon all in one printer… I decided to go for the Canon TS705 print only model… I may…and I mean that may have got the damn thing to stay online at last after over a week of trying using all the official Canon, online methods….then by consulting YouTube experts… in frustration deleted said printer to start all over again…. The thing then lost its WINDOWS 10 print spooler…I sorted that after another wasted morning…After many other wasted hours ai managed to get it working by using the …old fashioned supplied installation DVD ….the printer printed a test page ( the fifth in all ) then a great looking A4 colour portrait on plain paper…. GREAT! I thought…. Next day…printer offline…AGAIN!

This was repeated three more times…. Then, after another YouTube session..I went to the Canon web site for the latest driver for my model number….that was last night….I have left the computer in sleep mode, with the printer switched on… I haven’t been to my office to see if remained connected or not….I’m almost too scared to.

Ok so far ?

Nope! I decided to order Canon replacement inks…. Bloody Hell ! Almost ..SIXTY QUID ….? ? they must be kidding? NO ! that is what a refill of all colours cost…..What a rip-off ….

So….IF …the thing is working when I get to it…. Has anyone any advice on the very best of compatible inks for my CANON PIXMA TS 705 printer please…

I use my home printer for portraits that I use for painting my watercolour versions.. so reference pics only.

As an aside to all of this….for my serious printing I use a company called …BOOKPRINTINGUK …. Superb quality, fantastic prices…. With proofs sent prior to final order being delivered…. Highly recommended.

JackAllTog Plus
13 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2021 9:17AM
Whilst i get that professionals need to print images out of the highest quality, most of my printing is Kids homework or directions to places so i don't buy canon inks. I buy office world replacement inks of amazon.
The other gripe to add to you list is that if you don't use inkjets too often the heads tend to dry out and clog - e.g. if i've not used it for 2-3 weeks then i'm sometime presented with a missing colour on some prints. Then a cleaning or deep cleaning session follows - more wasted ink. Typically this sorts it but every few years yet another printer heads of to recycling/landfill with an uncleanable head and replacement parts are more expensive than a new printer!
If i ever want a "proper print" - like you I'll send off for one to be printed from my uploads.
Dave_Canon 16 2.1k United Kingdom
15 Jul 2021 9:56AM
I pay up for the genuine inks. I enter print competitions and do not want to be at a disadvantage by using inferior inks. I did try some highly recommended 3rd party ink a few years ago and the results were very poor. Even the black was not really black but dark grey. Printing your own high quality pictures is expensive. During this COVID year, there have been no print competitions for me to enter so my printer has been rested and only occasionally tested to keep the ink flowing.

Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
15 Jul 2021 10:11AM

Quote:Has anyone any advice on the very best of compatible inks

I can't help you there, I'm afraid.

I don't actually print very many photographs these days, just a few snapshots for my dear old Mum and my daughter, when she lived here, had an array of 6x4s of herself and her boyfriend blu-tacked to her wall. She also used it a fair bit to produce homework (at one time) and more recently various tickets and documents but I still like the results to be, at least, fairly accurate.

For "proper" prints, I use D&S Colour Labs. in Manchester.

At home, I used to use inks from either "Cartridge World" or "Cartridge People" but on the last two occasions, the results were awful.
The colours were hopelessly inaccurate so these days I use genuine Canon inks; the "XL" version, at getting on for forty quid a pair from Am-zon.

The printer only cost me thirty five!

Also, the compatible inks above are no longer cheap. The last time I looked, they were only a few pounds cheaper than the real thing.

In the six(ish) years that I've had this Canon, I've yet to encounter a blocked nozzle.
15 Jul 2021 10:29AM
I use genuine Canon inks but I buy from a source which is cheaper than most - the whole lot still costs upwards of £60 but using a little often means that they do last. Cleaning the print heads is not a big issue. I remove the heads - for my printer a Canon pro 9000 Mark 11 the instructions are online - then run under a tap for some time to get the clogged ink removed then leave to air dry. This is the most tedious part as it does take quite a while and the printer is not usable whilst it is drying, so in that sense it is a pain. But works very successfully.

Try 'Just Inks and Paper' for your supplies
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
15 Jul 2021 11:30AM

Quote:Try 'Just Inks and Paper' for your supplies

You might want to think again Angie.

XL inks for my Pixma are six pounds dearer there than they are on Am-zon.

Also, using Prime, I can get them by 10.00pm. tonight.
PRC 8 365 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2021 12:14PM

Quote:Has anyone any advice on the very best of compatible inks
For the last few years I've used First Call Inks for my elderly Canon i4950 without any problems. It's only used for normal domestic use; if I want a good photographic print I use DS Colour labs.
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
15 Jul 2021 1:52PM

Quote:First Call Inks

They're even worse.
Compatible inks for my Pixma are over ten quid dearer.
They don't seem to list real ones. At those prices, they probably don't dare!
wsh Plus
4 83 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2021 6:02PM
Try refreshcartridges.co.uk for third party cartidges
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
15 Jul 2021 7:10PM

Quote: refreshcartridges.co.uk

Still too pricey.
To be fair, their remanufactured black inks are a bit cheaper than the real ones but the colour ones are the same price.
Mike_Smith Plus
15 930 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2021 8:19PM
Due to the very high ridiculous price of printer inks, I give up on printing at home some years ago. Which is sad because I enjoyed printing my own work, instead I now get things printed outside.
These new printers that don’t use ink cartridges, instead you fill up the bottles. I am told are very reasonable to run price wise, no idea what the print quality is like though

Dave_Canon 16 2.1k United Kingdom
16 Jul 2021 10:19AM
The fact is printing high quality photographs at home with a good printer is not cheap. In particular with my Printer an Epson SC-P600 it produces excellent B&W which I have yet to see from a commercial printer. In the competitions at my club, the B&W print competitions are almost always won by those who print themselves on a specialist B&W printer. However with amortising the cost of the printer over say 5 years and the cost of ink and the expensive paper, it works out to be almost £3.50 for each near A3 sized print. Given that I have excellent calibration, I only have to print once so no wastage. In comparison, I could get prints from SimLab for around £1.50 or so. Their colour prints are easily as good as mine though their B&W is not as good. I am happy to spend the extra because a. I enjoy printing myself and b. the quality of B&W is important to me. For most people, I would not think it was worth their while printing themselves.

thewilliam2 5 1.6k United Kingdom
16 Jul 2021 11:15AM
Why not use a Continuous Ink Supply System?

Some suppliers, like Marrutt, sell inks that are just as archival as the "real thing". When we had the studio and did a lot of mail marketing, we used a CISS with a couple of HP printers and went through litres of ink as we wore them out. We never had any luck using a CISS with Epson..
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Jul 2021 11:51AM
and bear in mind that due to the current world shortages and transportation, printer ink, like many other things, has gone through the roof, price wise
Dave_Canon 16 2.1k United Kingdom
16 Jul 2021 12:16PM

Quote:Why not use a Continuous Ink Supply System?

You can calculate the costs over say a 5-6 years period but you need to know how many prints you will produce and thus how much ink. I used to print around 70 near A3 sized prints a year and calculations showed that, over 5 years, a continuous ink system would cost me slightly more. Had I been printing say 100+ per year, it might have been attractive. Right now I am not printing but even when we get back to normal, I will be down to around 40 prints per year so continuous would be more expensive.


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