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The Meaning Of f

collinf 18 1.2k
18 Sep 2003 4:39PM
Don't know Pete, but I'm going to get the "Basic" one anyway - I can get 25% off :o)
collinf 18 1.2k
18 Sep 2003 4:39PM
That's a bit of a bummer Ed, I've waited all summer for mine to start! :o)
Atlas 18 621 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2003 5:30PM
Hey that rhymes Smile
macroman 18 15.3k England
18 Sep 2003 6:58PM
It's from the early days of photography when photographers ued to say "what * exposure should we give for this plate?"
collinf 18 1.2k
18 Sep 2003 8:08PM
lol! I wondered if it could be something like that! :o)
collinf 18 1.2k
18 Sep 2003 8:12PM
For info Pete:

The Michael Langford book does discuss digital.

WH Smith

By the way I am told they will do free delivery to the local store for you to collect on ANY item online!

a2jlp 18 165 Scotland
18 Sep 2003 8:21PM
Aye macroman, that sounds about right.

I'm interested to hear about the progress you folks make on your C & G courses. I somehow feel that the need to attend mainstream courses of this nature is no longer essential given the wealth of information and stimulation available from todays digital mediums e.g. internet and this website etc.

OK, I was self taught and used all available sources of information at hand 20 years ago. I bought magazines, visited galleries, joined camera clubs, and took loads and absolutely loads of photographs and occasionally took notes, sad eh.

Seriously though. I think if nothing else, courses will provide an element of motivation and focus, what we all need.

I wish you all well and you are to be commended for making a positive move to improving your photographic skills. Collinf, you look after that Bronica gear bud, it will serve you well for manys a year Smile
collinf 18 1.2k
18 Sep 2003 8:34PM
I intend to mate, I've got a few quality shots from it, still getting it wrong occasionally! At Stonehenge, for example, I forgot to focus for a shot, then discovered that (I think) the battery died halfway through the shoot. Not holding out much hope for the shots, 1 slide and 1 print film :o( I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see.

Love the kit though, it's certainly made me stop and think about the photo! 17.99 + VAT for 15 photos at 8x6!

macroman 18 15.3k England
18 Sep 2003 9:19PM
I would say go for it as regards C&G courses they are well worth doing!

I did some C&G courses about 6 years ago after a lifetime of self taught photography.

It was mainly as a result of being made redundant and and retirement, also the fact that I could get a discount on the enrolment costs ;o))

I found the interaction between students and the resultant weekly discussions and critiques of each other's pix most beneficial and caused one to be more self critical.

I also learnt more of the theoretical side of photography, something that I had not really bothered about previously.

The result being that I obtained 3 distinctions over a period of 3 years, I would have gone on further, but the local college, in their wisdom, closed all the photography courses at a weeks notice about a month from the final assesments for the two modules that we were working on.

B****y Bureaucrats!!!

That's how we started our workshop group.
The students decided along with the tutor of the courses to keep in contact and to continue with our photography and meet on a weekly basis as a photographic workshop.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
18 Sep 2003 9:35PM
The F in F stop actually stands for (F)ocal length.

The correct notation ofan aperture is, eg F/5.6

This means the focal length of the lens divided by 5.6. This is why fast apertures are less common on long lenses, because for the same F number, you need a bigger physical aperture.
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
18 Sep 2003 10:12PM
I've always understood "f" to stand for focal - and for the reasons BB gives.

"Fenestra!"!! :o)
shooter 19 105 Canada
18 Sep 2003 11:14PM
"Focal Ratio." Ever wonder why lenses are oddly marked (usually on the ring surrounding the front element) as 1:4 for an F/4 lens, or 1:1.4 for an F/1.4 lens?

The focal ratio is the ratio between the diameter of the aperture hole and the focal length.

So a 200mm (focal length) lens that has it's aperture open to a 50mm hole is a 50:200 (or 1:4
deancarney 18 247 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2003 8:42AM
Hi guys,

Take a look at these links. I think they should explain all.

First Link

Second Link

Does this help..?

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
19 Sep 2003 8:50AM
doesn't that just confirm what we just said ?
deancarney 18 247 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2003 8:52AM
I just thought it might be more information Big Bri.

Dean Smile

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