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The New Newbie (and older members too :) ) Meeting Place.

WelshKiwi 13 3.2k 2 Wales
11 May 2008 2:12PM
Ok, so here goes.......

After 286 pages our friend Lindyn, the main stay of Roll Call has passed away.

He was an inspiration to many of us, and many of us will have been on the recieving end of a "kick up the butt" and just get on with it instead of whinging about it comment from him when we thought life wasnt treating us all so good.

He was a great believer in trying it out just to see "If it would work" and his main attempt was a set of images about Barns and lighting teacups (when he could no longer venture outside)

His most recent "Roll Call Personal Challenge" was to do something with "PRINGLES" only God knows what he intended to do with them, so.....

In the spirit of Lindyn and his courage, I announce the NEW thread for those that would like to introduce themselves to EPZ and get to know a whole gang of great Epzers alike and learn a couple of things in the process, this is the place to be.

And for those members that have been around for a while, its also the place to come and say hi and to help us all along on our photographic journey. Your knowledge and expertise is always welcome

First Challenge, Say Hi, Introduce yourself, and try and second Guess WHAT Lindyn wanted to do with those PRINGLES and post up an image into your PF.

Not a competition but in the same spirit of Roll Call this is simply A PERSONAL CHALLENGE, to get you out of your comfort zone and share in some fun. learn and get great advice from some cool banana type of people.

Lee Smile
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
11 May 2008 2:23PM
The Lindyn Vanderfeen Pringle Challenge.
I like it!

csurry 19 9.2k 92
11 May 2008 2:29PM
Only problem is I'm not eating crisps or Pringles at the moment, but I'll buy a pack just for this.

It'll have to wait for next weekend, when I may be able to combine it with a shot of an owl or something similar Wink
Briwooly 15 454 6 England
11 May 2008 2:30PM
Sad to hear about Lindyn never interacted with Lindyn or you guys but have dropped in accasionaly to read the thread and you can tell he will be Sorely misses , great idea to carry on in his memory, but the only thing I can think of with a pringle is to stuff it in my mouth well RIP Lindyn you have obviously gained some great friends on this site

WelshKiwi 13 3.2k 2 Wales
11 May 2008 2:42PM
suppose I should start it off really....

Hi, my name is Lee, Im a kiwi living in North Wales and Ive been a member since Dec 07. Ive just recently stopped using film and now totaly digital.

I own Nikon Speedlight SB-800 and a Nikor zoom 70 - 300 f/ 5.6D lens.

LOL, NO camera yet, but Im using Banditmans Fuji S3 and steal his Nikon D300 when he is not looking.

Looking forward to meeting new people and old friends on this new thread.

Any Newbies (or older members) wanna say hi and join in this Personal Challenge.

No votes, no winners or losers just got to have a go is all.

Dont worry about not knowing Lindyn, as far as I can tell, none of us knew what he planned to do with the pringles so its up to you to decide how you interperate the idea just post the result in your PF in your own time.

Lee Smile
Simon_P 15 487 4 United Kingdom
11 May 2008 2:46PM
Iím all for trying things to see if they work, experimentation etc, just for the hell of it, I get bored easily so a new challenge is always welcome.

Me, Iím here on and off over about 18 months or so, depends how much time I have.

What to do with Pringles! Anyoneís guess! How about a stroboscopic of falling Pringles, that could work.

Sorry to hear about your friend, I didnít know him.
WelshKiwi 13 3.2k 2 Wales
11 May 2008 2:51PM
Nice to meet you Simon and glad your around more, rather than just on and off Smile

That would be cool to see Simon, ok so thats the first person to say what he's up to with the pringles. Look forward to seeing it.

Lee Smile
csurry 19 9.2k 92
11 May 2008 2:54PM
Not fair I hinted at what I might do with the Pringles Wink

Just depends how co-operative the owls might be and if the falconer is happy with a tube of Pringles near his bird!

And on the other bit, I'm Cheryl and I've been on this site far too long as the number of stars will tell you. The good news is that I've had a clear out so if you decide to peek at my portfolio there is less to wade through Smile

So Pringles and some form of owl/raptor for me, of course it would involve a raptor, this is me we're talking about!

Mind you Lee has the raptor bug as well now.
WelshKiwi 13 3.2k 2 Wales
11 May 2008 2:58PM

Quote:Not fair I hinted at what I might do with the Pringles

Yeah but lets face it, Im not as shy as you Wink and I can just type quicker and got it uploaded before you did Smile

Ive deffo got the birdie bug, just having a problem with not wanting to ruin what Ive got with over processing them in Photoshop, so Im not sure what to do. Leave them, or work on them.

Any advice welcome, that was this thread is all about Smile

Lee Smile
looboss 14 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
11 May 2008 3:07PM
Hi I'm Luis and have been a member for 18 months or so.. that is also roughly how long I have been playing around with digital photography, in all that time I haven't photographed a single pringle so.......I'll give it ago in Lindyn's memory.

Need to buy some in first Wink
Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
11 May 2008 3:11PM
Reminded me of this oldie from the gallery - Pringles.
WelshKiwi 13 3.2k 2 Wales
11 May 2008 3:16PM
Hee Hee.

Boyd, stupid question I know, but what are they doing and is one of them Pete lol.

I think Ive just read somplace about you being a great one for digging things out of the archives, I think it was true Smile

Thanks for sharing that.

For any newbies out there, just click on the blue link and it takes you to other places Smile Just make sure you come back ok Wink

Lee Smile

And Boyd, you didnt introduce yourself Wink
Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
11 May 2008 3:20PM
I'm Boyd.
I'm just here to make the place look pretty...and the sex.

csurry 19 9.2k 92
11 May 2008 3:21PM

Quote:Reminded me of this oldie from the gallery - Pringles.

Now that is a blast from the past!

But hey it shows what can be done with a humble tube of Pringles Smile
Sep 14 1.3k England
11 May 2008 3:24PM
Pringles...sounds interesting.
Thats something to get my teeth into. Wink
Oh,i'm Sep by the way.

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