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The new phone 'scam' has arrived

Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
19 Sep 2009 11:45AM
The new telephone 'scam' has arrived. I received a call from a 'representative' of BT, informing me that he was dis-connecting me because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment immediately of 31.00 , or it would be 118.00 to re-connect at a later date.

He wasn't even fazed when I said to him I was with Virgin Media, allegedly VM have to pay BT a percentage for line rental!

I asked the person's name - the very 'English' John Peacock with a very 'African' accent - & phone number - 0800 0800 152. Obviously the chap realised I wasn't believing his story, so offered to demonstrate that he was from BT. I asked how & he told me to hang up & try phoning someone - he would dis-connect my phone to prevent this.

AND HE DID !! My phone was dead - no engaged tone, nothing - until he phoned me again. Very pleased with himself, he asked if that was enough proof that he was with BT. I asked how the payment was to be made & he said credit card, there & then.

I said that I didn't know how he'd done it, but I had absolutely no intention of paying him, I didn't believe his name or that he worked for BT. He hung up.

Did 1471 & phoned his fictitious 0800 number not recognised.

I phoned the police to let them know, I wasn't the first! It's only just started apparently but it is escalating. Their advice was to let as many people know by word of mouth of this scam. The fact that the phone does go off would probably convince some people it's real, so please let as many friends & family aware of this.

This is good but not that clever. He gave the wrong number - it should have been 0800 800152 which takes you through to BT Business. The cutting off of the line is very simple, he stays on the line with the mute button on and you can't dial out - but he can hear you trying (This is because the person who initiates a call is the one to terminate it). When you stop trying he cuts off and immediately calls back. You could almost be convinced!

The sad thing is that it is so simple that it will certainly fool the elderly and vulnerable.

There is also another where the phone number comes from Belfast where BT are located and purports to be BT but are another telecoms trying to make you switch provider.

Remember to always say you'll call them back and phone the real business if you are unsure. And never agree to anything on the phone.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Sep 2009 12:27PM

Quote:The sad thing is that it is so simple that it will certainly fool

Thats what they count on, But the real problem is catching them, Even if they should get caught, The law is so biased these days, Its hardly a deterant.

Anyhow good on you for not being scammed, Good idea to bring it to attention too....Wink
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
19 Sep 2009 12:59PM
I pasted it from a friend I just couldnt be bovvered to change it

thought it was worth notifying pepes that's all
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
19 Sep 2009 1:28PM
Just got of the phone with our respective parents (all in their 80's) - hearing about this from other sources too... Better to be safe etc. Thanks Di.
MikeA 16 1.3k England
19 Sep 2009 1:29PM
Just seen a report on the BBC so it must be true Wink

I had a "You have won a holiday in Jamaica, Press 9 to claim it" call yesterday.........down went the receiver Smile
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
19 Sep 2009 2:09PM
I don't get any unwanted calls any more.
I went out and bought myself a trueCall which is absolutely great for getting rid of the rubbish while letting people I want to speak to straight through.

Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
19 Sep 2009 3:39PM
That wouldn't stop any calls on my phone Doug.
Not at 97.50.

naturenut 18 1.8k England
19 Sep 2009 3:47PM
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2009 3:49PM
TPS and TrueCall gets rid of most of them; inevitably a few will sneak through but nothing that slamming the receiver down can't cope with.
dougv 17 8.4k 3 England
19 Sep 2009 3:50PM

Quote:Not at 97.50.

Who paid 97.50?

I certainly didn't!
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
19 Sep 2009 3:53PM
You may not have done Doug but that's what it costs in your link.
stevieb 17 3.0k 2 Panama
19 Sep 2009 4:03PM
Back on topic...this is what BT Say
mark_delta 13 1.3k
20 Sep 2009 9:00AM
Go to the car boot, buy a tape recorder.. 50P, then buy a nice good old yorkshire brass band tape, 10p and for 60 pence, tell all scammers and tele sales you are putting them on hold let them enjoy the tape whilst they pay the bill.
They never call back !
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
20 Sep 2009 8:09PM

Quote:TrueCall gets rid of most of them;

But then 'Peter Jones' would say this, wouldn't he? (tee hee)
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
20 Sep 2009 8:13PM
I usually treat these scammers to a taped resume of the various stages of the charcoal burning process.

Usually makes them hang up! Wink

While I disappear for a cup of char! Smile

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