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The PC mob want to stop Top Gear please sign here

davyc 16 230 Scotland
27 Sep 2006 2:38PM
<sarcasm>Yep, if you like Top Gear and dislike political correctness you're in the British National Party. You tell 'em Ceri.</sarcasm>

Ever notice that people who promote tolerance etc are so rarely tolerant of those who disagree with their opinions? Inevitably they resort to slander, lies and childish namecalling.

*Waits on the tired old Daily Mail reader comments*
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2006 2:49PM
Thats just what you'd expect from a Daily Mail reader.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Sep 2006 2:55PM
If you're going to paraphrase me at least have the decency to read what I've written first.

u08mcb 17 5.8k
27 Sep 2006 2:57PM

Quote:By View Portfolioc_evans99 At 15:55:10 - 27th Sep 06


Oh honestly Ceri...
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Sep 2006 3:12PM
I'm no longer left wing enough to hate America, or right-wing enough as it seems to be these days Smile

Digivangelists beware I've energy going unused.

keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2006 3:13PM
actually if you google for anti pc you deo get lots of sites which are either pure maniacal giberish or blatantly neo nazi, so Ceri has a point there.
Which doesn't change my ideas about PC and the desirability of being non PC. A lot of PC stuff reminds me of Bowdlerism.

My employers once issued a language code. Among other things, it said you couldn't use words like 'lady' or 'girl' when referring to women because it was patronising. It caused great hilarity, had no effect, and was quietly withdrawn. I would call that a PC policy.

I suppose I'd say a policy forcing everyone to call disabled people 'differently abled' would be simply urine extraction, and therefore PC, (and we do have a good laugh about it) whereas one which sought to improve access to buildings and jobs for people with disabilities would be actually useful and would not therefore be PC.

That american idea of calling suicide bombs murder bombs might also be called PC.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Sep 2006 3:25PM
PC has been with us for decades but it was only given the name 'political correctness' when particular groups in the US tried to codify it.

You can find examples going back to the sixties and even fifties in the UK. 'Spastic' was originally intended as a replacement for 'cripple' tho it became debased and used a offensive term itself; when I was in school in the seventies using the 'n word' or its variations earned you a clip round the ear or worse. Now these words have come full circle and are used by the people who were the original targets for abuse showing how you can't control language. Maybe 'PC' will too some day.

macroman 18 15.3k England
27 Sep 2006 4:30PM
Tepot, ITV is mainly supported via advertising which is paid for by almost everything you purchase.
Even the taxman advertises on TV so your taxes go towards supporting ITV.
Flashman 19 156
27 Sep 2006 6:11PM
I suppose next we'll see him on I'm a celeb..get me out of here

Celeb BB

Celeb master chef
celeb wife swap
I'm a celeb and on tv, up yours
when will it end?
tirnanog 15 49 Tuvalu
28 Sep 2006 4:47PM
I have always considered those who throw around terms such as "PC" (as with other Daily Mail terminology, e.g. "nanny state", etc.)instead of employing rational arguments, as being intellectually lazy.
Anyway, not being a petrol head, if Top Gear is taken off the air I wouldn't even notice.
Westers 16 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
28 Sep 2006 5:00PM
Are you a Guardian reader too?
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
28 Sep 2006 5:12PM
Nah, way below the standards of condescension we Guardos would apply as anyone who read a decent newspaper would know.

andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2006 5:15PM
Top Gear has been shelved until Richard Hammond has recovered.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
28 Sep 2006 5:17PM
Hope it's not the top shelf or he'll never get back in...
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2006 5:49PM

Quote:a decent newspaper

Has to be either the Financial Times or Racing Post.

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