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The Viking

NickParry 15 1.0k 79 Wales
7 Oct 2008 1:42AM
What a fantastic photographer, and winner of this week's POW, yet I believe he is giving up creative photography perminently.

Having met the guy over a few beers, I share many of his thoughts about photography, yet I don't have the guts to make them as public as he has. His humour and disregard for convention is commendable. His concepts, ideas and unconventionality are fantastic. Above all, not taking photography so seriously make his images seriously good.

On Matt's About:

Quote:I'm giving up creative photography ... four years is way too long to drag a joke out ... don't get me wrong it has been massive fun but I have been left a bit jaded by the experiance ... time to find a new hobby while im still behind.

I still have a huge archive so there may still be a few uploads for your amusement but for the time being its unlikly there will be anything new in store.

Thought I might try my hand at archetectural photography for a laugh.

This will be a real shame.

davereet 16 446 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2008 8:10AM
I have just looked at his portfolio and I agree he will be missed, very irreverent.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
7 Oct 2008 8:26AM
matt please dont give up your creative genius, thers far too much mundanity of images every where, keep going you will triumph
Geraint 14 715 34 Wales
7 Oct 2008 8:54AM
Another plea not to give up Matt! I echo the above comment.
miptog 15 3.6k 65 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2008 9:16AM

Quote:I'm giving up creative photography ...

Park it for a while, and do other things, but do not give it up. Much too much talent there. But understand the need for inspiration, different perspectives and new horizons.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
7 Oct 2008 9:47AM
Echo what others are saying.........Don't abandon it Matt.....!

I think photography as a whole needs your kinda input, Or we are doomed to the rut of the conventional, Jeeez how bad is that..Sad

I can see where your coming from though, Sometimes one needs a change in direction, Or get stuck in the groove.....Old stylus like..!

Why not just take some time out, Do your architectural thing " Whatever " , Then come back with avengance......Smile

That aside where the hell am I going to get ( A ) Inspiration ( B ) A Big grin, If you vanish........!
Simon_Palmer 14 759 11 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2008 10:17AM
Bah! What are you all on about, let him pack it in I say. The less good photographers around the better all the mere mortals become. Wink
Thehammer 13 61
7 Oct 2008 10:42AM
Think his website sums up photography perfectly
"Photography is a shallow, vapid and pointless pursuit"
Even more so now that anyone can do it and do it well, nothing special about it whatsoever to those who do it and never was to those who dont.....
MattGrayson 14 622 3 England
7 Oct 2008 10:55AM
I think it shows a constantly changing and open mind. Change your style Matt, at least you know where you're going. I just look at other photographs bitterly muttering "wish I could do that" under my breath. I think your unique view on architectural photography will be better than anyone can forsee. Smile
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
7 Oct 2008 11:08AM
What!!!! That would be like me hearing in 1973 that David Bowie, after creating Ziggy Stardust, was going to pack in music. You should keep going, like he did to become the man who created the awesome ambient album Low and then on to the legendary classic Heroes and the sell out/highly successful (delete as appropriate) China Girl etc . Only if you ever go down the Tin Machine road would it be time to consider giving up Wink
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
7 Oct 2008 12:18PM
yeah agree with petes seniments there, just why didnt i like that music in it era, in the 80s i loved Bowies music from the 70s right through to pre tin machine
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2008 12:20PM
I think it all went down hill after his seminal work...

The laughing Gnome Grin
joolsb 16 27.1k 38 Switzerland
7 Oct 2008 12:31PM
I say, if he wants to give up and do something else than that's his perogative and who are we to say he shouldn't? There are far too few instances of artists quitting at the top rather than keeping on churning out the same old, same old because that's what people expect despite their hearts not being in it anymore.

So, I applaud TheViking for making such a bold move. Good on ya, mate!
sherlob Plus
15 3.2k 130 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2008 12:34PM
Matts an inspiration to any photographer to think out of the box. If he's serious - I hope he reads these comments and re-thinks his plans.

cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
7 Oct 2008 1:56PM

Quote:The laughing Gnome

Oh Er ! I thought that was awesome.....Sad But not as good as " Please Mr Gravedigger " Now that was really awesome.......Smile

Quote:Matts an inspiration to any photographer to think out of the box

That is exactly what I meant by inspiration.......! But I do love the grin factor too.........Smile

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