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There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle

bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
1 Jul 2022 3:39PM
I've gone backwards along the Sony route with the very first DSLR they produced under their own name. The Sony A100 picked up very cheaply. I can't get my head around these new fangled mirrorless jobs such as the A6000 series,
With a nice sturdy Vanguard alto pro tripod to keep it steady, I'm having the time of my life creating what I consider 'artsy' looking images.
The camera is very solid with a comfortable feel to it although I don't fancy hand holding for too long. There are not too many menu buttons to fight with, plus it sports the most satisfying clunk from the mirror I've ever heard.
Unfortunately, in my old unsteady hands, the camera suffered from a non rectifiable user error. (I accidentally flipped the tab that released the focusing screen, it fell to the floor amongst the debris) I did find a donor for a few pennies but the transplant was not as easy as I'd hoped. Although a little better, I now have a scratched, dusty view to play with.
In spite of this setback, I still manage to create some very nice closeup and macro shots with it so I'm happy enough, (I'm still on the lookout for a replacement screen assembly to try again).
My lens of choice is even older, a Cosina 100mm f3.5 which produced this image of a Ladybird Larvae.

pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 450
2 Jul 2022 1:22AM
Excellent picture.
SteveAitch Avatar
SteveAitch 5 90 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2022 11:27AM
I have the A200, also 10MP (I collect 10MP cameras - don't ask!), which is basically an update of the A100. That, too, is capable of producing good pics - in the right hands. Some of the A lenses are pretty good too.
bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2022 1:29PM
I could be mistaken Steve, but I believe two functions on the A100 were discontinued on the A200, the Depth of Field preview and the Mirror Lock Up incorporated with the 2 sec timer.
I'm a fan of vintage glass using mainly the A mount Cosina 100mm, Minolta 50mm and adapted M42 mount Helios lenses.
SteveAitch Avatar
SteveAitch 5 90 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2022 3:35PM
According to Wikipedia , there were a couple of other removals, and a few improvements. Interestingly, it also shows (table at the bottom of the page) the 100 as an Upper-entry model and the 200 as a lower level Entry-level model. Which would explain the removals. And the lower price.

But they both use CCD sensors, which contribute a lot to the nice colour handling. IMHO. Wink
bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2022 4:11PM
Had another go at the screen today, popped it out, cleaned with cotton wool and distilled water.
It's a lot better but the scratches remain,
a test shot proved to be a success,


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