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Thoughts of a (still) newbie

OverthehillPhil Avatar
21 Nov 2018 2:44PM
These are my thoughts on my photography at the moment.
I have a camera. I take pictures. Anybody can take a picture. Anybody is capable of getting all the aspects of a good photograph correct. Even perfect.
But is there any need for the latest technological photography equipment?
Post processing and digital manipulation would indicate no.
Now, before people mistake this for an attack on digital software, it isn't. It's an observation. I still post process but I'm aware that the image is just that, an image. Some instant in time that happened, just not like the image is portraying.
So, with that in mind, I've gone back to film for a short while. Mind blowing. So many things to consider without the help of anything digital. I am taking ok pictures but not great pictures. And I love the challenge. So much so I have acquired several 35mm vintage cameras, ranging in age. The mechanical aspect, simplicity and tactility of old cameras are, for me, almost ethereal.
Do I miss taking pictures with my Canon 750D? Yes. A lot. Do I embrace all forms of photography? Yes. Do I have the utmost respect for photographers of yesteryear that had no digital help?
Tianshi_angie Avatar
21 Nov 2018 8:28PM
Are you also developing them yourself? I ask as I think that for those photographers that did (or do) then the digital age only cracked open further doors that they had already gone through, such as 'dodge and burn', 'Orton', solarisation and many other little tricks and know-hows which created wonderful images. The history of Photography, but more importantly, photographers is a vast and very interesting subject. Have fun with your film.
JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2018 8:34AM
Yes and No, it depends on what you want.
Yes If your photos are accurate depictions of instants in time taken with sufficient anbient light, and you only need the few 24 images before changing film and waiting /paying for processing. Isn't it about a quid for every photo ( film cost and processing)?
Or No if you need to take lots of fast sequences of photos, e.g. 10 frames per second for action events. No if you want to selectively recolour images later. No if you want to correct for lens distortion.
No if you need really high ISOs and noise cancellation afterwards.

'My thoughts on photography at the moment' is the right tools for the right job. And with my camera I think I can do most of what I want to.

Thanks, I do like hearing about how you are doing with film.
Nike55 Avatar
Nike55 17 968 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2018 10:51AM
I can only echo those comments above. Moved late into digital, after 40 years of film, as I thought in the early days it was a bit 'faddish'.

The OP asked 'Is there any need for the latest technological photography equipment?'

It depends on the user / use.

I always wanted to get the best airshow shots I could so I ditched my OM2 and 500mm Tamron for a Canon 7D and a 400mm L lens and lo and behold my airshow shots improved, however without an airside or trackside pass there are still physical limitations and frustrations (and jealousies).

To data cleanse my mind, when I get the chance, I like to use my OM2 with 35mmm lens and Ilford B+W film and walk through the city. It's not the same with my digital, I can 'see' the exposure and set the OM2 by feel. I have 'lost' a lot of shots trying this with digital (even shooting in RAW) as digital doesn't seem to have the leeway.

The biggest difference is that I now sit for hours agonising over which level of filtration I am going to use to post process digital using PS / Photomatix and to be honest I get a bit lost. It's still difficult to 'save' a bad shot (even though it may be 'special') by using digital technology but there are a few more options that can help.

I think modern equipment (camera / lens / software / multi-tilt head tripod) is useful but not essential - but shouldn't there be some fun in there somewhere?.

Maybe it's the fault of cynical professionals / semi-professionals / gifted amateurs that post their 'just-dashed-this-off' award-winning-style shots in the galleries that depress the silent majority.
keith selmes Avatar
keith selmes 19 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2018 10:39PM

Quote: is there any need for the latest technological photography equipment?
My newest cameras are 10 years old.
My oldest over 100 years old.
I use my smartphone sometimes, that may only be 4 or 5 years old.

When DSLR, and M43, were new, I badly wanted something better, and paid a lot for them, but then they reached a point where I had what I wanted. Some day I expect I'll upgrade, but there doesn't seem to be an urgent need.
OverthehillPhil Avatar
28 Nov 2018 9:42AM
Unfortunately I dont process my films due to lack of time and space at the moment. I've read, and watched videos about developing and maybe one day I will. But for now I'm happy with the results.
Photography, whichever camera or equipment I use, is a way of me expressing myself that I find both challenging and rewarding. People on this website are truly amazing and I thank you all for your comments and advice.
thewilliam2 Avatar
thewilliam2 6 1.7k United Kingdom
28 Nov 2018 2:43PM
Monochrome film developing can easily be done at the kitchen sink but we need to be careful to clean up every trace of fixer, which leaves rust marks on stainless-steel sinks. As a teenager in the mid 1960s, I processed the old Ferraniacolor tran film on a regular basis.


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