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Three choices - D90, D5100, D7000

30 Oct 2012 11:01AM
Ohhh I'm so confused. I had a Nikon D80 for three years - my first DSLR. I loved it. I'm not a pro photographer or anything, I just take travel pictures, but I do shoot in manual all the time, I have spent some time reading some good books about photography and I am an 'enthusiast'. I backpack a lot, all over the world, so lots of heavy gear has never been an option.

About 3 months ago my camera was stolen, along with my 35mm lens. I still have a Sigma 18-200mm, which I rarely used but always kept just in case. So, obviously, I need to replace it. My immediate thought was a Nikon D90 - I always wanted one, I'd be used to it. But when I tried to go and buy one, the salesman made out like it had been completely obsoleted (even though they had one in stock), told me I'd be MUCH better off with a newer model, either a D5100 or a D700. I know its just a salesman, but he really seemed convinced so I thought I'd get other opinions. My thoughts are that I still want a D90.

The D5100 is missing the control wheel on the front, which really annoyed me when I picked it up and tried to use it. I also felt like the viewfinder was a bit smaller (is it? salesman said it was the same as the D80/90, but I'm not convinced). The D7000 feels much better, but frankly its out of my price range. I have been saving up, long term, for an 18-70mm 2.8 lens, which I've always wanted, buying the D7000 would blow those savings. I've read some reviews of both cameras, they all seem to be ranting and raving about how much better they are than the D90.

Any experiences / advice?
gaelldew 14 377 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 11:16AM
I fairly recently changed from a D80 to a D90 which personally suited me, controls the same plus the larger screen/live view etc not bothered about video, menus easy to navigate, I would do the same if in that position again.
GarethRobinson 14 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 11:21AM
D5200 is to be announced shortly if that may be of interest.
Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 2:44PM
I don't think I would advise going down the D5100/5200 route for the reason you mentioned. The controls on the D90 are preferable and you will find it a marked improvement on the D80. Having said that, the D7000 is even better Smile
timbo 18 596 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 2:45PM
The D90 is all but obsolete, i love mine to bits and will use it till it falls apart in my hands. If i had to replace it today then the D7000 would be my choice. The D5100 would not feel so easy to get used to as it will feel more amateur after your D80. I briefly owned a D3000 and the missing control wheel was really annoying.
Carrera_c 11 273 3 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 3:00PM
The D5100 would feel like a downgrade to me, and the D90 isn't much of a step up on the D80 and it's on its way out the door.

If I were you I would go for the D7000, and you'll notice a huge difference from the D80. You won't regret it.
widtink 8 406 2 Scotland
30 Oct 2012 6:45PM
I bought a D7000 3months ago my first DSLR and absolutely love it Smile save yer pennies and go for it

M22s 9 36 1
30 Oct 2012 6:55PM
I have a d90 and d7000 and the biggest improvement the d7000 has over the d90 is the autofocus system, but if your using a 35mm I can't imagine it's that important.

I can't give an accurate report on d7000 as a few suffered with back focus issues and I unfortunately got one such example and had two outings before I was positive this was the case so it went back to nikon, got it back and it appears to be spot on, bit of a pain but if I had just taken it back to the shop I may have got another with the same problem. Not had a chance to use it in anger as yet.

However I digress, if it wasn't for the fact I enjoy sport and wildlife tog'rafy so much, wanted a better AF system and was missing shots due to having the wrong lens on, I would not have bought the d7000 as the d90 is a super camera!

To conclude, if the d90 broke and I didn't have the cash for another d7000, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another d90 Smile
tezquirk 9 27 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 7:29PM
I have a D5100 , Its a good all round D-SLR , The D90 is rated as a better camera but i think the image quality is about the same , The D7000 is a better camera than the other 2 but MUCH more expensive , But like GarethRobinson said the D5200 is about to be launched soon , So it may be worth waiting for a while .. Smile
31 Oct 2012 5:45AM
Thanks for the Advice everyone. I went back in to a store today and ruled out the 5100, also based on sine of the comments here. I'm sure the 5100 is excellent, but it's just too small and the controls are fiddly. I had felt that the whole world was advising me to not to get the d90, which was what made me think twice.

As for the 7000, it's to great, feels nice and seems to track moving subjects in away that the d80 never really could (I tried it out in the street today with an 18-70mm). But, as my Partner pointed out to me, it's considerably over my budget. Second hand d90 it is: the eBay bidding begins! Thanks again everyone!
Gaucho 19 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2012 7:40AM
You will be more than happy with the D90. It's way better than the D80 and you can think about lenses further down the line with the money you have saved.
31 Oct 2012 11:13AM

Quote:You will be more than happy with the D90

I better be - surprisingly I won my first ebay auction: used but good condition D90, 12,000 shutter count for 350 AUD (225gbp), which was my maximum bid. Normally takes me a few goes as I try not to bid over the going rate. Arrives next week: finally I can take some photos again.
seahawk 14 1.4k United Kingdom
31 Oct 2012 6:02PM
I use a D90 and think it's great - easy to use and very good IQ. Enjoy using it!
Have fun.
wasper 15 533 1 Ireland
1 Nov 2012 3:57PM
I bought D7000 after selling the D80. The camera is brilliant & I did get a special price with one of the UK companies were doing a deal at the time. But the new consumer D3200 is supposed to be one of the top ten camera at the moment & at an affordable price.
KNS 11 106 2 United Kingdom
25 Nov 2012 1:33AM
Probably too late noticing this but never mind Smile

We own a lot of Nikon Dslr's including D7000 and D300s - a second hand D300s would not cost the earth and, in my experience, is a much better camera than any mentioned above - D7000 included.

Anyway, hope you found somethng that makes you happy, if not then consider the 300....

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