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Thumbnail photos

Mavis 19 143 2 England
26 Jul 2002 11:20AM
I am so enjoying all this chit-chat. I feel I have found a new circle of friends. I do wonder what you all look like except Pete. Does Sepia have brown eyes or skin or does she like working in sepia . What about flashman is he some thing to do with Tom Brown's school days or does he wear a Mac.Some of the signatures are almost unpronounceable . Would you all be willing and is it feasable to have thumb nail photos of your selves ? Maeve
Will 20 1.8k United Kingdom
26 Jul 2002 11:44AM
I've added this as a task in our queue of improvements for the site.

It will be an optional feature in the "My profile" section. The photo you choose will be viewable by others when they click on your profile.

I'll announce it in the news section when it is active.
janet 19 27 England
26 Jul 2002 12:21PM
Hi Mavis,
You made me smile with your comments. I know what you mean though about feeling as if you have found new friends and wondering what they look like. I am new to this site and I feel the same. It is great that everyone has the same hobby and we can share our hobby with each other.
P.S. I have wondered about Flashman also!
Digital1 19 93
26 Jul 2002 4:33PM

What we all look like Ummm? well imagine if you will; the cool of Billy Bob Thornton with the character of De Niro, the looks of Ed Harris crossed with Christopher Lambert. Put this with the voice of Olivier, you see it? now think of the total opposite and you come close!

Have you meet my cousin Homer Simpson?

Mavis 19 143 2 England
26 Jul 2002 6:10PM
Dear Baz,
I must be getting old or something . Of those characters you mentioned I only recognise De Nero , he's not bad but I wont be going ga-ga over him. No, more chance if you looked like Richard Gere !
Me? imagine the legs of Cyd Charise and the voice of Marylyne Monroe. Yes imagine . I wish .
Sepia 19 140
27 Jul 2002 12:25AM
Names are indeed a thing to think about. Mine is a copywrite name given to me by some US friends. I do book illustrations. It is because I also take photographs that they gave me this name. I have blue eyes and very white skin, or very red depending on winter or summer.
Mavis 19 143 2 England
27 Jul 2002 1:11AM
Dear Sepia,
I really didn't mean to offend anyone . It was just a bit of fun. Just that I am so curious what people do look like . I feel as we are reading each others thoughts we are all friends . Perhaps as Baz pointed out we can be anyone we care to be in other people's imagination . You sound very erudite with your book illustrations and photographs . regards Mavis
Sepia 19 140
27 Jul 2002 10:51AM
Oh, Heavens, I wasn't at least offended. I should have added a little smileSmile Sorry if I sounded a little cross. I was laughing when I replied.
Mavis 19 143 2 England
27 Jul 2002 1:58PM
Whew! Sepia,
Thank goodness for that. Don't like hurting people or their feelings . Unless there is just cause .
marianne 19 30
28 Jul 2002 10:39PM
I reckon you know how at least two of the members look on here
Will 20 1.8k United Kingdom
6 Aug 2002 2:57PM
We've added the option to upload your own photo, thanks for the suggestion Mavis.

You have to be logged into the site, then go to "My profile" in the centre of the top blue bar.

Click the browse button to find an image you want to use and update your profile to upload it.

Now I just need to find a half decent photo of myself...
RobMarriott 20 68
6 Aug 2002 4:02PM
and... you can view other contributors pictures, if they have uploaded one, by clicking on their name to the left of the posted reply in the forums area.
Flashman 19 156
7 Aug 2002 9:16PM
Mavis, you and I have the same surname, I know we're not related, as I have an"E" on the end of that is,as for the name Flashman, I don't know, when I registered on the site I was asked for a name, I entered one then changed it as I didn't like it, but as for my nickname now, It was early hours of the morning and I thought it was a good idea at the time, will try to put a piccy on profile.
bettyloo35 19 8
7 Aug 2002 9:42PM
I'm new to this site too. I enjoy it very much. Everyone seems very friendly and are wonderful at helping each other out. I don't have a scanner yet but as soon as I get one I will add a picture to my profile. Meanwhile.. I have blue eyes, long reddish-brown hair, tanned skin. I'm 37 years old I have a husband and 17 and 13 year old sons. I hope this helps with the imaginary picture. Nice to know everyone.
Sepia 19 140
7 Aug 2002 10:27PM
Welcome to this list Bettyloo.

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