Time for upgrade

Willpower 8 494 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2019 11:05PM
Well the time has come for me to upgrade to my final ultimate camera.

So my question to you all is which would be your choice 5D Mark IV or EOS 5DSR.
I don't specialise in any specific genre of photography, but cover everything to the best of my ability. I have been at it a good number of years, but this will be my last and final camera.
So I started reading through the specs of both cameras and am struck by the similarities between the two. But can find very little when it comes to differences.
Of course the stand out difference is 30.4 megapixels for the 5DMkIV as opposed to 50.6 megapixels for the 5DSR
There are other small items but on the whole there seems very little between them.

So are there any users out there that can give an opinion on which to go for. I've had a 7D for the past 5 years, have 3 L series lenses
100mm macro, 24-70 and 70-300 plus a 10-20mm (not L) and feel that before my time is up, I'd like to go full frame. The 7D can be somewhat noisy at times.

A serious question to help out, I'm interested to see the opinions so that I can make an informed choice.
Thanks in advance.

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Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 12:05AM
I think this comparison nails the differences for me. Based on what you shoot I'd go for the higher res machine.
pink Plus
16 6.1k 7 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 7:24AM
I was in the same position a couple of years ago, I went for the 5D4, I really like the touch screen it is superb and very useful, I also think the autofocus is slightly better on the 5D4 over the 5DR.
I have a friend who has the 5DRS and he mainly shoots landscapes, it found it had serious shortcomings on bird photography and purchased a 7D2 which I believe betters both cameras for focussing options and ability.
I think the 5D4 is more of an 'all-rounder' than the 5DSR.
Good luck with your choice and enjoy
Jasper87 Plus
9 2.3k 158 England
18 Jul 2019 9:56AM
Your p/f shows a varied selection of work suggesting the 5d4 would be more suitable. I prefer landscape photographer and was seriously considering the 5dRS but I do a lot of low light work so the 5d4 was my choice. The clincher was the connector for the remote which is on the front of the 5d4 and I can therefore leave my L bracket (tripod) fixed on the camera.
Dave_Canon 13 1.6k United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 10:04AM
I also had to make the choice just over a year ago. I recommend you look at DX0 Mark for performance information. The choice for me was the 5D4 and it was an easy choice which I do not regret. Firstly the extra resolution is of no value to me as I never print Larger than A3 and even allowing for significant cropping the most I would need is about 24Mp but the 5D4 is just over 30 Mp. I am also an all round photographer so I need good dynamic range for landscapes and good low noise performance for low light and night photography. The 5D4 is over 1 stop better for dynamic range than the 5DS which I consider to be a key performance criteria. I was aware that my previous 5D2 struggled a little with focussing compared to the 7D but the 5D4 has all the focussing speed and features of the 7D so is now a huge improvement particularly for subject like birds in flight. The touch screen was not something I particularly craved but, now I have it, I find it easy to use. I was very keen to have the GPS feature though it is not essential. I used to used remote control for many macro/nature shots using Helicon remote. I was really pleased to find that after contacting Helicon, I was able to install Helicon Remote to my new iPad and control my 5D4 by WiFi (no cable). With the 5D2, used to take multiple exposures for possible HDR for most landscape shots as the DR of the 5D2 was only 11 stops and a sunny landscape may be 12 stops or more. With the 5D4 having a DR of almost 14 stops, I no longer need multiple exposures for landscapes.

You must decide for yourself but best of luck whatever you choose.

Willpower 8 494 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 3:45PM
Thank you all very much for your input which I have found very interesting and informative. There are many comments which are of particular use to me.I shall be doing some more research.
Just a very minor question. My 7D produces a CR2 Raw file. I always shoot RAW. But I cannot find anywhere what type of file either the 5D4 or the 5Dsr creates. Can some one help ?
bainsybike 10 333 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 4:54PM
I can't find it anywhere either! But I do know that the new CR3 format was first introduced with the M50 which was announced in February 2018, whereas the 5D4 arrived in Aug 2016 and the 5DSR in Feb 2015, so I think they must create CR2 files.
Dave_Canon 13 1.6k United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 5:03PM
The 5D4 has several Raw choices. The standard Raw is 30 Mp but you can also choose M Raw 17 Mp or S Raw 7.5. Mp. These smaller versions would use less memory and be captured faster etc. There is also Dual Pixel Raw which is double the size of standard Raw but allows for a degree of re-focusing in post processing but only with Canons DPP software. Personally, I have never used anything but the standard Raw. You need to check but I do think the 5DS also has a Raw, Raw M and Raw S as well but not duel pixel. I notice that the 5DS does not have GPS or Wi Fi.

P.s. The 5D2 produces CR2 files.

Willpower 8 494 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 6:29PM
@ Dave Canon
Thanks Dave Is the 5d4 CR2 also do you know ?

@ bainsybike Thank you

I've been doing some research that suggests that both the 5D mkIv AND the 5DSR both produce CR2 files BUT ! ! ! there seems to be a lot of trouble getting various software to both download and read the files from these cameras.
The only suggestion that I have seen to combat this is to use a DNG conversion workaround.

Anybody any ideas ? ? Please
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
18 Jul 2019 7:57PM
Those are flagship cameras that are two or three years old and Adobe must surely be supporting them natively by now? I think Canon's own raw software is great and though I would miss a lot of Lightroom stuff I'd manage fine with DPP.

The 5D4 produces 14 bit CRW files and the 5DSr produces 14 bit CR2 files.

Either machine is going to be very capable, I would be happy with either. I like shooting video and the 5D4 seems to do a better job of that, I would prefer the extra megapixels of the 5DSr for the stills.

Not sure on the price difference but if it was enough to upgrade one of your lenses or would go towards the purchase of a new prime I would choose glass over body in any event.
Jasper87 Plus
9 2.3k 158 England
18 Jul 2019 9:14PM
Just had a look at the raw files I shot today and they are CR2 (on 5D4). I have the LR classic and photoshop cc2019 (subsription) and they both handle the files with no problems.

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