too many pies....

mohikan22 Plus
16 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 10:30AM
Do you think its possible to have too may fingers in too many pies? I like to take photographs by all means but i try my hand at MANY different subjects from macro,faces,wildife,landscape,long exp work,water drops etc etc. is it better or not do you think to concentrate on one subject rather than many? what are your thoughts on this?

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ripleysalien 13 1.2k 11 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 10:44AM
For me I would say no, I shoot landscapes, seascapes, lots of motorsport too, like you I try macro people etc, Its nice to move away from a comfort zone and try something else.
it will help find out what you and your camera can do.
Photography is photography to me, any subject anytime.
John_Frid 14 514 57 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 10:50AM
I guess it depends on what you want to achieve and why you indulge in photography in the first place.

If you concentrate on a relatively limited range of subjects and styles, the chances are that you will become much more competent at dealing with that subject much quicker than if it was just one aspect of a wide range of subjects and styles.

However, if the joy you get from photography comes from the diversity of things you shoot then just sticking to a limited range of may be a quick way to losing the fun.
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
7 Apr 2011 11:16AM
Itís easy to lose interest in certain pies because itís not what you really wanted & it could even put you off that particular pie for many years before trying it again (especially if youíve seen the various fingers that have been in the pie)

Within any pie genre there is still variety though. I find it more enjoyable to try the various pies from the variety I like i.e apple can have so many combos, flavours & finishes but theyíre all still apple pies so you can get variety from your pie

Expanding into other fruit based pies gives more variety while retaining an interest in your chosen pie area without you having to totally jump ship to meat or vegetable (fyi veg pies are the equivalent of street photography)

This doesnít mean I wonít have a meat pie now & again (I did last night) & Iíd still get a certain satisfaction from it but you know deep down its not apple but who wants the same apple pie every day which brings us back to the variety available within this one particular pie type

It does however leave the question of who actually eats all the pies?
John_Frid 14 514 57 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 11:27AM
Hmmm - so many pies to chose from. Is it lunch time yetTongue
gingerdelight 14 298 11 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 11:30AM
I like to take portraits and I do this for friends, family and at work, however, I get most pleasure from taking a wide variety of shots, especially whilst out and about visiting different places. I also get a good deal of satisfaction in enhancing them with Photoshop afterwards to see what I can "make" of certain pictures.

I have often wondered if I should just concentrate on one particular subject, but I'm sure I'd get bored very quickly. To me, the joy of photography is capturing anything and everything!

ChrisTom 12 72 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 11:31AM
I think this is the advantage, amateur photographers have over professionals.
We do not have to excel in any type of photography, unless of course, we want to, we are free to choose, and enjoy.

If you are a professional, you have to be the best at your game, to earn a living.

This is my view, but I am a scatter brain amateur.

Chris R.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 11:33AM
I think personally that as you try to get closer to a perfect pie you get frustrated and then tempted to bake a another kind and then another. But each time you learn how to use the new ingredients more subtly and then you can return to prior pies and improve them still further.

However if you sell pies and start producing a new range of as yet unperfected pies then your business will suffer.
And if you sell both vegitarian and meat pies in the same shop you may also be seen as less than ideal by some who dislike the other.
mohikan22 Plus
16 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 11:37AM
some insightful stuff. Grin loving the "pies" literally LOL .
its nice to see divers photographers Grin
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2011 11:47AM
For me if you concentrate on a single variety of pie you end up finding a recipe you really like and never make any variations. Even the best pies get boring if you produce them too often.

Far better to try a variety even if each one is not quite perfect.

davey_griffo 11 213 165 England
7 Apr 2011 12:29PM
Variety is, as they say, the spice of life. Trying different pies can lead to new variations in the pies you already bake. You may find a new technique or ingredient that you wouldn't have thought of, had you stuck to, say, apple. Nothing wrong with a little mix and match either. Pork & apple, or cheese & apple work well together, for instance.

I'm running out of pie metaphores here, but you see what I mean. If you only shot portraits, you'd find a way that works & likely stick with it, producing competant but similar images, & possibly becoming jaded if not bored. Try a little sport, for instance, & you get the idea to have your subject running, leaping, etc-ing about, adding a new dimension to your portraits. Add in a little landscape, & instead of using a full bore fast lens all the time, you find yourself incorporating your model into the broader picture.

It all adds to the experience, & if you don't have to, as was pointed out above, there's no need for you, as an amateur, to specialise.

Above all, who cares what you shoot as long as you enjoy photography?
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
7 Apr 2011 12:42PM
Consider the lily..........................ok not the lily..................consider a cappuccino

I really like cappuccino, canít get enough of them but itís not often I get a really good cappuccino. One that makes you really appreciate the skills & techniques used to produce that special final result, rarer still if I've made it myself

I admire other peoples ability to make that cracking cappuccino & aspire to do so myself, some of my efforts Iím happy with, others are poor. Iíll accept and content myself with a self made successful latte, espresso or even a good olí down & dirty mug of granulated....because theyíre all coffee which hits the spot.

Thereís a whole lot of coffee I hate (often the sort made by people on self catering holidays with cheap kettles & dodgy milk) & so Ok I know Iím not the best or most accomplished coffee maker but that doesnít mean I have to turn into a tea drinker!

Put tea in front of me & Iíll pour it into the lily pot (fyi tea is the equivalent of street photography & I mentioned earlier that we didnt need to consider the lily Wink frankly Iíd rather stick my finger in a pie!
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Apr 2011 12:48PM
If you can have all the pies and eat them, then why not? Smile
roxpix 16 2.2k 11 Scotland
7 Apr 2011 12:53PM

Quote:If you can have all the pies and eat them, then why not?

Because you might as well machine gun all the pies put them into a big pot and all you have is stew!! (the vegetable equivalent for this analogy is..............youíve guessed it Coleslaw) TongueWinkTongue
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Apr 2011 12:55PM
But then you can also eat them all, one by one, bit by bit, enjoying all the different tastes, rather than just shove them in? Tongue

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